The Ruby Circle- Review

Ahhhhhhhhh! I am so excited to share with you my review for The Ruby Circle because it was amazing and I loved nearly every single thing about it. I will start putting my reviews on Good Reads, which means this review will be available on Good Reads.

Title: The Ruby Circle
Series: Bloodlines
Author: Richelle Mead
Release Date: February 12th, 2015
Rating: 8.75/10
Genre: Supernatural, Romance, Drama and Fantasy

This book was, by far, the best in the series. I have so much to say about it, it was so, so, so good. Richelle Mead yet again wrote an amazing novel. The Ruby Circle was the last book in the Bloodlines series, which means that this is the final chapter in the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines saga. It was written in dual perspectives of Sydney and Adrian. Basically, in this book we continue off from the previous book, Silver Shadows, *SPOILERS FOR BLOODLINES* Adrian and Sydney are searching for Jill and we get cameos from Vampire Academy characters. If you just finished Vampire Academy and looking for a series to fill the void you have to definitely read this series.


I can’t believe it is finally over, I will miss the characters so much. I loved this book so much. I was excited to find out that Rose and Dimitri will be in this book, the amount of Romitri moments that were in the book was just the right amount. This book had so many twists and turns- once you find out something mind-blowing the next chapter something big will happen again. Reading the book was like a rapid roller-coaster, it was so much fun to read.

I never would’ve expected Alicia to come back into the story but in the first 10 chapters there she appears and then we discover that Olive is pregnant. Nina really annoyed me she was latching on to Adrian way to much and she was going crazy about Olive, but I guess that is the after math of having to lose a sister when you are mentally unstable.

Then after that, we find out Adrian and Dimitri are cousins. Oh my god, when I found out that they were related I was mind-blown and it took me a while to comprehend. I mean Adrian and Dimitri, are two totally different people but they are blood related. Dimitri kept his father so secret, that I was honestly so surprised to find out that his father was Adrian’s uncle. I loved how Rose was so shocked, her reaction was so perfect.

Later on in the story, we then discover that because Nina and Neil, both Dhampirs, had a child, that would mean Rose and Dimitri could have a child. I was honestly so excited because I ship them so hard. I would never guess that they could actually have a child. I would have love to seen their reactions when Adrian told them. However, Richelle Mead didn’t put that in. In the epilogue, we also discover that Dimitri and Rose are engaged. When I read about both of these bombshells, I was literally screaming inside and outside. I am just so excited and I am still fangirling really hard. I really, really hope that Richelle Mead will release short stories about their future life.

I was kind of upset about Neil’s reaction to Declan, I was hoping he would take him in and raise him but he gave Declan away to Sydney and Adrian. I loved how the epilogue showed them raising Declan like their own child, it was really cute to see them being parents, especially Adrian. The epilogue was so perfect.

I loved every single part and like I said before, I really hope Richelle Mead writes more short stories about Romitri and Sydrian. This book was quality and gold and I am still in shock that it has finally ended. It was truly a stunning conclusion to an amazing saga.


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