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I’m so excited today because I’m doing a bookish collaboration with Tiffany @ !! You all should definitely check out her blog and her Instagram: @fixtionolgy ! Tiffany is super nice and I had so much fun working with her. Let’s also not forget that her photography and posts are amazing! (Seriously, though, you have to go to her blog! It won’t hurt!)!

The Life Of A Bookaholic is a new little feature, which we will both be posting weekly! We will be answering two bookish Q&A questions (Don’t forget to comment below some questions) and we’ll show you three of our bookish essentials! I hope you enjoy The Life Of A Bookaholic and come back every week to see some new posts! Also, thank you for the great response I had with the Q&A questions on my Instagram (@hashtaglovebooks.alicia) we appreciate every question commented and we look forward to answering them!



Here are our answers to two of your Q&A questions! This week we decided to answer a few basic questions first!

question 1

Tiffany:There a literally SOOOO many beautiful quotes out there. I have a small collection of them and although I get most of them from books, I have some from movies, tv shows, even my mum! The quotes that catch my eyes are the small short ones that if you unpacked it, it could mean so many different things and not just relate to the book.One of them is from The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh, which is one of my favourite books because it’s so beautifully written; ‘Make it story worthy of you’ – it’s so simple yet it means so much. This one is always playing in my mind because everyone is unique and beautiful and deserves to have a life worthy of themselves, but no one can control what happens in your story but yourself.

Alicia: I have too many favourite quotes! Some of my favourite quotes come from The Infernal Devices and Looking For Alaska. I literally have memorised so many quotes from these books! One of the quotes that really hit me from Looking For Alaska was, “The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive,” I actually love this quote so much because I’m one of those people that constantly hold grudges and whenever I think of this quote, I always try to forgive what others have done to me!


Tiffany: I’m currently reading The Infinite Sea (The 5th Wave #2) by Rick Yancey and it’s pretty good so far. I’ve been in a half reading slump… But my aim is to finish it by next week. I really enjoyed the 5th Wave and you can check out my review of it on my blog. The next book I plan to read is really interesting because it’s my first time reading a novel based on a true story. It’s called the Lovers and the storyline is like a real life Romeo and Juliet story based in Middle East Asia so I’m really excited to start that.

Alicia: School has literally sent me overboard and I haven’t actually read as much this month! I only just finished Cinder and I really liked it but for now, I’m going to take a break from the series. I’m currently Love Letters To The Dead by Ava Dellaria! I love the way this book is set out and I think I’m going to end up loving it!


Picture2Here are three of your bookish essentials which we always need whilst we are reading or while we are living our Bookaholic life!

I have so many reading essentials but today I’m going to focus on more of the atmospheric side of reading.

First of all, I need good lighting. Lighting is really important for me because I have horrible eyesight and my parents are constantly telling me to not read in the dark so I always have to make sure that I have a really bright light. My bedroom window points in direction of the rising sun so lots of light comes in during the morning and it light just shines on my bed and it just glows so it just makes me want to read!
Speaking of my bed…for some reason, I can’t really concentrate if I’m in a weird reading position because I’m not comfortable and usually its my neck that I seriously can’t get in a comfortable position so I definitely need heaps and heaps of pillows on my bed or I have a special chair in my living room and its just perfect for my whole body. I’ve sort of claimed it. Comment below of you can relate to needing a good reading position/spot.
Another must-have is music. I don’t listen to music with words usually unless I’m just really feeling it that day, but music (especially piano music) really gets me into the mood of reading and usually I get neutral sounding instrumental music so that it can sort of fit the feeling of the book and it makes the experience way more intense and emotional. I listened to a whole album by this artist during the time when I was reading the first 3 Throne of Glass books and arghh it just got so freaking emotional. Whenever I hear those songs, I just feel like bursting into tears because I can relate specific songs to when I read certain parts of the book.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI always need my notebook! I only just started to understand how much a notebook can be a blogger’s best friend because I constantly right notes and other bookish thoughts in my notebook. It makes it so much easier to write posts and reviews when I have all my thoughts in one notebook!

I also always need my drink bottle next to me. Yes, I am one of those people that are always thirsty and constantly drink water. I can literally sip through one drink bottle whilst I’m reading, I actually find it really satisfying! (Ahaha, call me weird!)

Another bookish essential I have is my phone because it literally has all my favourite book-tography photos from other bookstagrammers, it has screenshots of funny bookish text posts and has my Goodreads in it! This is starting to sound so superficial but seriously, my phone is always by my side! (My background is one of my favourite Looking For Alaska quotes in it!)


I hope you enjoyed this post: Life Of A Bookaholic with Tiffany @ ! Before you leave don’t forget to check out and follow her blog and leave a bookish Q&A question down below! Also, we would love to hear some of your bookish essentials or answers to our Q&A questions!

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