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I am finally back with another post and I promise that I’ll be posting more soon. I’ve been so busy lately as it is the end of the term but when the holidays arrive (In less than three weeks! YAY!) I will be writing some pretty cool posts! It was my birthday recently and I have recently finished reading The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Reuter Goodman. Since Gottie and Thomas compiled a time capsule when they were younger, I decided why not dedicate a post to what I personally would put in my time capsule.

what would you put into your time capsule?

Before I get going with what I would post in my time capsule, I’ll tell you a bit about the novel. The Square Root of Summer revolves around Gottie, who has had her past summer ruined by a chain of events. This novel tells the story of how Gottie is coping this summer, which leads to the new but old boy coming back into town. I really enjoyed this novel although I found it hard to connect ith some of the characters, it was a cute and easy read. It wasn’t my personal favourite but I did enjoy the concept of the novel. Have you read The Square Root of Summer yet?

my time capsule:

Book. Books. BooksDSC_0265_Fotor

Let’s start with the most obvious thing I would put into my time capsule! A novel, most likely one of my favourites. As you can probably tell, books are one of the most significant things in my life and so it isn’t a surprise that I would obviously put books into my time capsule. I think I would either put What We Saw or one of Shadowhunter Chronicles into my time capsule because I love these novels so much and it’s only fitting to put them into my capsule!



I love photography and taking snapshots of my life. So, to remind my older self of my many memories from when I was younger, I decided that I would place some of my favourite photos into my time capsule! Photos are something that literally speaks a thousand words to me and I know that I would definitely put many photos into my time capsule, especially happy photos.


Something I love wearing with everything is bracelets. Putting bracelets into my time capsule is a definite must. I feel like bracelets can tell you a lot about someone’s personality. Not only that but bracelets are super cute and they add a nice touch to everything. Stacking bracelets is something I also love doing and so why not put in some bracelets into my time capsule!

A Letter To MyselfDSC_0263_Fotor

Although this is probably the most cliche thing to put inside a time capsule, I think it’s one of the most important. I want to be able to open this time capsule to be transported back to when I was younger. If I were to write a letter, I would write one which includes my current favourites and my daily life at the moment. I would love to read this letter late on and remind myself of where I am currently. Maybe I might write about some of my latest obsessions and little achievements, so I can look back on them.

Bucketlist and Goals

The last little things I would put into my time capsule would be little paper scrolls of my goals and bucket lists. I would write at least twenty and so when I’m older, I can open them all to see if I have completed anything off my bucket list. I would write goals, such as, live a happy life, travel the world and volunteer in a third-world country. I have so many things I have yet to check off my bucket list and so I think that it is fitting that I put a bunch off these little scrolls in my time capsule.

These are some of the things I would put into my time capsule! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and don’t forget to tell me what you would put into your time capsule and your thoughts on The Square Root of Summer!

I am so sorry for not posting at all lately for the past week, I’ve been so busy with school since the holidays are drawing near. 🙂 YAY! I am in a little bit of a slump but hopefully I can get out of it soon!








❤ Obsessed with Rafe, I’ve lost my memory and now, I’ve Time Travelled ❤ January Reads!!!

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This is a bit late. (Okay, I’m four days late with this post but it should be fine!) I have read so many exciting books this January and I think I’m pretty well on my way to finishing a hundred books this year. I mean as long as homework doesn’t devour me, social media doesn’t distract me and I don’t fall into a reading slump, I should be able to complete a hundred books! What is your reading challenge?

Anyway, I have read a total of twelve books this January!! (I know, I think it’s a record if I can say so myself! ) I am so excited to share with you my favourite books, my dislikes and a brief note of my thoughts on the books I’ve read this January! This year has been a fresh start for me and I have enjoyed every day of it! I hope your January was a great start to making 2016 your year! I would love to add some book to my TBR: What have you read this January?



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This was my favourite this month by far,  KISS OF DECEPTION! It was fortunately, one of my first reads, as well! I mean who couldn’t fall in love with this book! I absolutely loved it and the fact that it reminded me of the joy and heart-wrenching pain I felt whilst The Infernal Devices (If you didn’t feel heartbroken at any stage of this book, you aren’t human) So, for all you TID fans: You have to read this series!! The book hangover was actually unreal!!! I am definitely #teamrafe! I loved following the journey of Lia, Rafe and Kaden throughout the four-day period I read this book! I was submerged into this fantasy world and only just managed to pull myself out in one piece! I am desperate for the last book and I honestly need it now!



Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset   Aaron Hartzler’s What We Saw (Check out the review) was yet another highlight of the month! It’s one of those novels that shakes, racks and completely changes your view of society in just 400 pages! I absolutely love the cover (I know I’m superficial! Jks.) However, seriously though you need to get to this novel, it isn’t like any novel I’ve read before! If you loved Vanishing Girls, I think you’ll enjoy this. Seriously though, get to this book because you won’t regret it!



Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetTowards the end of January, I read the long-awaited novel, Passenger by Alexandra Bracken! I don’t want to spoil to much but I definitely had a lot of fun reading this novel! A review will be up in the upcoming days, so don’t miss it! It was a different novel to the books I normally read but I loved following this adventure! Both Nicholas and Etta are characters you’ll come to love! This book made me time-travel through so many different periods of time, which made this novel so much fun!


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I also read Never, Never by Colleen Hoover and I am planning on reading the rest of the series this February! You can check out the full review here! What I loved about this book, was the fact that it is short, yet packs a major punch. You won’t be disappointed. Hopefully, the series will continue to get better but I’ve heard from a few bookstagrammers that it isn’t amazing (Yikes!) However, nothing can put aside the fact that this book is written beautifully well. It’s one of the best author collaborations that I have read! I loved reading about how these two main characters lost their memory, it was so well written that I felt like I had lost my own memory and it’s so r



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This January, I also read was Zoe Sugg’s Girl Online and Girl Online: On Tour! I’ll tell you the truth, at first, I was very sceptical. This book is written by a YouTuber, not a professional author, not an editor- a YouTuber, who also supposedly wrote this novel with a ghost writer. I wasn’t expecting much. However, when I read this I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, the writing isn’t amazing and parts of the novel were a tad cliche, but it was pretty good for a contemporary novel. I’ve read worse and I really liked how the main character, Penny, was a blogger. The romance was pretty cute, you have to admit!border-grey

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThis month, I have also read Trust Me, I’m Lying, Thirteen Reasons Why, Boy 23, How To Be Bad and Crown of Ptolemy! You guys can check out some of the reviews which I have linked. I absolutely loved Crown Of Ptolemy because Percabeth is life! To be honest, this novella had more percabeth moments than Blood Of Olympus, itself! So, if your craving some Percabeth! You have to check this novel out!


I hope you enjoyed my January Reads post! Did you read any of these books? Chat to me down below! I have also begun to settle down into a blog regime, which has made me extremely happy! I have updates my blog and have begun posting so much more! Do you like my new layout?


Review: What We Saw by Aaron Hartzler

Title: What We Saw
Author: Aaron Hartzler
Release Date: January 2016
Retail Price: $16.99
Overall Rating: 8.5/10
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Drama (Based on a true story)

Do you ever just stop at the end of a chapter and go, “This writing, this storyline and these characters have been put together in a way that literally just made my heart stop and my mind spinning in amazement.” Well, that is basically what happened whilst I read Aaron Hartzler’s What We Saw. After finishing this novel, I was left with a smile and a cold chill and I didn’t know a novel I could relate to so much, could throw such a starking reality on me. Each day we check out phone, check our Facebook, go to parties; it’s just what us teenagers do. Everyday we hear of the consequences but with each word spoken, just seem to slip past our ears: forgotten or casted deep down in our minds. As we grow older social media, our friends and the parties all become more and more energetic and intense. It’s books like What We Saw that redirect our minds to think of things in a new light- more cautiously and more in depth.

Aaron Hartzler’s What We Saw, will pull you and intrigue you. Questions will be left on your mind, the characters are relatable in more ways you could imagine and most importantly the ending is so thought-provoking that you begin to wonder: What happens if that really and truly happened to me? I seriously recommend What We Saw, if you are looking for a thought-provoking, serious and dramatic contemporary. Don’t stray away just because it says, “Based on a true story” because that just makes the book more striking than it already is.

What We Saw is a new release based on a true story. Kate wakes up one night to realise she’s hungover, she is unable to piece many of the things that happened at the party last night but she does remember her childhood best friend, Ben who helped her drive her home last night. When she wakes up she thanks Ben and as they grow closer into something more, she discovers that something big happened at that party last night. As Kate dives deeper and deeper into the details, something about Ben and her school throws her off in a completely different direction and she doesn’t know is she could ever come back. It’s best to not know anything about the novel before you read it. 🙂


No words can honestly encapsulate what I felt whilst I read and when I finished the novel. It kind of felt like a calming but cold wave that just laps on you when your swimming by the sea. (Yeah… I think I’m going to miss summer 🙂 ) It was dark, yet light novel that reminded me in some ways of Lauren Oliver’s Vanishing Girls. Aaron Hartzlers’s writing is so beautiful. His writing throughout the story is careful, yet it reflects the thoughts of Kate so well and if I were in her shoes, Aaron Hartzler’s thoughts would match mine. I remember reading about the “sea of phones” and I love how he always talks about “Iowa being an ocean,” and “Seismic shifts,” and then links them back together as metaphors with events in Kate’s life. It is so rare to read a novel where the author does this really well but it seems like Aaron Hartzler’s really did that. Every paragraph in the story was carefully thought-out to manipulate the reader’s feelings and no word was wasted, which goes to show how well this novel is written.

Now onto the plot: honestly, I have never read a plot like this one. A plot that deals with the darker side of teenage reality. I know this novel is based on a true story but the story was executed to well. Through the story there are happier parts which contrast with the darker parts, such as, the cute Ben and Kate moments and the fun prom moments and every once in awhile there will be a pun that makes you smile. However, when it gets dark it’s not unbearable its intriguing like, “Curiosity killed the cat,” You just want to know more and when you continue reading it gets so thought provoking and you wonder, “That could happen to me,” The whole case with the party and how it got uncontrollable due to the increase in social media, really goes to show that as teenagers with this huge social platform in front of us, things and cases like the Coral Sands case could really happen to you. This book is like a warning to all of us and I will definitely be recommending this to people who are not into reading but do like social media. The chain of reactions that happen in the novel will make you question, “Would I have done the same?”

Kate’s character was relatable. More often than not, we are witnesses to these things: small hashtags or long videos, which all can impact in the most sensitive ways to everyone. Kate was the witness and even though I probably wouldn’t haven done the same things as her in response to what happened at the party. Reading about how she felt and how she dealt with it, really shows you how to respond in times such a the events in the novel. I loved Kate and Ben together but I knew Ben had something going on and I wasn’t surprised when I discovered that he witnessed the crime but didn’t speak up. I was a little stunned that Kate just broke up with him in a few minutes but then again, I couldn’t imagine what she would be going through.

Overall the book is beautifully written and I honestly enjoyed it so much. There are quotes and lessons learnt in this novel that will always be engraved into my head. It’s a great eye-opener and I definitely will be recommending this title as time passes.

Have you read this novel? Did you like it- comment below?

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That’s all! Thanks so much! Also I would like to thank Harper Teen for sending me this novel.