5 Books, 5 Songs!


I am a huge music fan and my favorite genre is the hit music they always play on the radio. I don’t really mind what type of music it is, as long as it is the hit music stuff on the radio. Artists, such as Taylor Swift, Tove Lo and Ed Sheeran are all artists I love and constantly listen to. I thought it would be a fun idea to mash-up some of my favorite songs and pair them with a book that reminds me of that song! Don’t deny it, you have definitely heard a song and gone OMG that is my book in three minutes. List a song and book paring! I would love to see your mash-ups!

Cool For The Summer by Demi Lovato ❤ Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

Cool For The Summer has definitely been a summer hit and there are heaps of books that remind me of the summer (THE BEST SEASON 🙂 ). However, Open Road Summer really reminds me of this song because the book has this amazing summer vibe! Not only that but the song is about keeping a secret and isn’t that pretty much what Open Road Summer is about keeping their relationship secret? If you haven’t read this book I totally recommend it! Open Road Summer is a perfect summer read for the holidays!

I Don’t Like It I Love It by Florida, Robin Thicke ❤ The Dark Elements by Jennifer L. Armentrout
FotorCreated1This song has this super fun vibe that always makes me happy whenever I am sad. Since the song came out, every time someone has hit the play button on this song I will immediately get up and jam out! For this song, I decided to choose a fun book I have recently read and that was Every Last Breath, the last book in the Dark Elements Trilogy. Any Jennifer L. Armentrout book even though they are fantasy, the character always have a happy and fun mood and they are a great joy ride to read! Just like this song, every time someone mentions a Jennifer L. Armentrout book I will immediately smile with the memories of reading the book!

Bad Blood by Taylor Swift ❤ L.A Candy Series by Lauren Conrad


Another recent read, I just finished the last two books of this series after looking for them everywhere. If you have read this book there’s a lot of backstabbing and bad-blood between the main characters and because the song is about bad-blood between friends this series certainly suits the song’s story. The whole song is about trusting someone and then losing their trust which is pretty much the L.A Candy series in a bubble. Even though, the book is “childlishly gossip-girl” it was pretty addicting! #guiltypleasure

Powerful by Ellie Goulding ❤ Lux Series

This song is pretty much the relationship of every book ship in every novel but Katy and Daemon definitely remind me of this song! Katy and Daemon’s relationship was developed so well throughout the novel, that every single time Katy and Daemon saw each other you could see the “powerful” electricity between them!

You Know You Like It by Aluna George ❤ Vampire Academy

Or pretty much any novel that has forbidden love but Vampire Academy’s forbidden love with Rose and Dimitri pretty much is this song. Dimitri “is scared of the shame” because of his social hierarchy but his love for Rose is driving him “insane”. I love this song and I love this book! What a great pairing!



Frostfire and Ice Kissed by Amanda Hocking: Double Review

Title: Frostfire and Ice Kissed
Series: Kanin Trilogy
Author: Amanda Hocking
Release Date: January 2015
Retail Price: $16.99
Overall Rating: 8/10
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Drama

The Kanin Trilogy is a spin-off series of Amanda Hocking’s Trylle series. The first two books have been an absolute joyride to read. I loved being submerged into a fantasy drama that still has romance and typical young-adult relationship complications. I was surprised to find out that Amanda Hocking’s novels are actually better than I expected and she really deserves more credit for her stories. I haven’t read a series like this in a long time and there were definitely very nostalgic moments to the times I read series like Vampire Academy and The Mortal Instruments. I highly recommend it if you loved series with big adventure, romance, plot-twists and fantasy.

Frostfire and Ice-Kissed are in the perspective of Bryn Avern who lives as a guardian in her kingdom but she is considered an outcast in her society and all she wants is to dedicate her life to the king and queen so she can earn the respect she deserves. After being traumatised by the near killing of her father, all she wants is to be the best guardian and to hunt down Konstantine for revenge but along the way she is torn through love, family and friends. Throughout the journey she discovers that people can’t be trusted and games in life will be played.


I can’t tell you how much I seriously enjoyed this book! There was a little bit of everything I love in a young-adult series and this book had the perfect recipe. It was a short series but it really packed a whole punch. We were immersed in such an intricate, yet easy to remember world. Throughout the novel, I noticed parallels to Vampire Academy and it really made me feel nostalgic to the whole series, which is one of the reasons why I loved the novel so much. However, it was still vastly different to the series and had its own unique distinctions.

The main character, Bryn definitely was a strong, three-dimensional character; one that I definitely look up to. She had a really interesting background that was unveiled as the story goes and I didn’t notice how much I learnt about her until I got to the end. Her personality was really strong and you could see how her decisions and actions were all based on her personality. After her encounters with Konstantine, you notice how much strong she is, when she fights she fights with passion and mentally you could also read how strong she was with the way she tried to act calm and the way she tried not to let past events haunt her. Whenever she had a fighting scene, I was silently cheering “You go! Glen Coco!” because she was a star during those scenes.

However, she still was flawed and I really like that because it makes her character much more relatable, she was definitely reckless and stubborn. At times I was smacking my head against the wall. The way she wanted to keep jumping into the situation, even though she was forbidden from doing the task and also how she kept talking back to the king and queen even though she ranks very low in the social hierarchy. That is why I really liked that scene with Kasper where he points out her flaws and then she really notices her personality. I do really respect her strong-willed nature and how dedicated she was to her job- that is something I really idolised and that is why I love her character so much.

Ridley’s character and personality was not explored in depth enough but I definitely love the forbidden love between him and Bryn. I feel like he didn’t get many parts in the second book, the only major scene he was in was the first third of the book and the scene at Tilda’s wedding. He is really perfect, “his tan skin looked so smooth,” which kind of put me off because I would have loved to read more about his flaws. He did have a few flaws from time to time like with his father and his over-dedication to his work and I still like his character and how he is the love interest of Bryn. I ship them so hard and I seriously hope that they get together at the end. He really reminds me of Dimitri.

It was a seriously nail-biting plot and I can’t wait to see how Bryn and Konstantine’s relationship will turn out. I loved how in the first book they jumped straight into a flashback of an important time in Bryn’s life, it was really ambiguous but still suspenseful. I am itching to find out more about Konstantine’s character and I really like how Amanda Hocking deliberately tries to make Konstantine’s character and backstory really open-ended. I knew that Kenett was evil, right from the beginning and I don’t know what to think of the Skojare queen now. I hope that there will be a major plot twist about their characters. I am excited to find out what will happen to Bryn now that she has to be on the run.

Overall, the Kanin trilogy is a beautiful written trilogy with likable and relatable characters that everyone will love. I can’t wait to read the next book, Crystal Kingdom,and I will definitely be reading the Trylle trilogy soon!

Have you read this book? Comment below your thoughts:




Top 5: Fictional Worlds

As book-lovers, do you know what we all want the most? (other than marrying your favorite fictional character *cough* Daemon *cough* ) Yes, that’s right to jump into our favorite fictional, book worlds. Today I have a list of my top 5 book worlds, I want to be part of! These won’t be in order because it is just to hard to choose! 🙂
Sorry about the previous upload of this post, an error occurred and it posted the first half of this post! 🙂
I would love to hear what your favorite book worlds down in the comments below:

1) Vampire Academy
You don’t understand how badly I want to be dhampir! 🙂 I think it would be the coolest thing knowing that you go to a high-class academy where you are training to be a vampire guardian. The facilities would be so cool and it would be just like living in this world but with vampires.

2) Shadowhunter World
I would love to be Shadowhunter, grow up in the Shadowhunter Academy and to kill demons. Cassandra Clare has done an amazing job building this world up that it actually seems real and she has gotten all her facts out of encyclopedias. I know so much about it that I wish I was in there

3) Camp-Half Blood
Who wouldn’t want to be a daughter/son of a Greek God? Like Vampire Academy, I would love to train and learn skills in a camp knowing that I am a half-blood. I would love to go on quests, play capture the flag, jump into the lake and most importantly meet Percy and Annabeth :). I would love to be a daughter of Athena or Poseidon 🙂

4) Luxen
Not a surprise but how cool would it be to be a hybrid alien? I wouldn’t want to be a normal Luxen but like Kat- I want to fall in love with one, almost die, resurrect and become bonded with my Luxen. 🙂

5) Gargoyles
From Jennifer L. Armentrout’s The Dark Elements, I think it would be pretty cool to be dragged into the world of angels and demons. Similar to Shadowhunters, I would love to kill demons and have this whole legendary story about our kind come about.

These are my top 5 fictional worlds! What are some of yours?




The Ruby Circle- Review

Ahhhhhhhhh! I am so excited to share with you my review for The Ruby Circle because it was amazing and I loved nearly every single thing about it. I will start putting my reviews on Good Reads, which means this review will be available on Good Reads.

Title: The Ruby Circle
Series: Bloodlines
Author: Richelle Mead
Release Date: February 12th, 2015
Rating: 8.75/10
Genre: Supernatural, Romance, Drama and Fantasy

This book was, by far, the best in the series. I have so much to say about it, it was so, so, so good. Richelle Mead yet again wrote an amazing novel. The Ruby Circle was the last book in the Bloodlines series, which means that this is the final chapter in the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines saga. It was written in dual perspectives of Sydney and Adrian. Basically, in this book we continue off from the previous book, Silver Shadows, *SPOILERS FOR BLOODLINES* Adrian and Sydney are searching for Jill and we get cameos from Vampire Academy characters. If you just finished Vampire Academy and looking for a series to fill the void you have to definitely read this series.


I can’t believe it is finally over, I will miss the characters so much. I loved this book so much. I was excited to find out that Rose and Dimitri will be in this book, the amount of Romitri moments that were in the book was just the right amount. This book had so many twists and turns- once you find out something mind-blowing the next chapter something big will happen again. Reading the book was like a rapid roller-coaster, it was so much fun to read.

I never would’ve expected Alicia to come back into the story but in the first 10 chapters there she appears and then we discover that Olive is pregnant. Nina really annoyed me she was latching on to Adrian way to much and she was going crazy about Olive, but I guess that is the after math of having to lose a sister when you are mentally unstable.

Then after that, we find out Adrian and Dimitri are cousins. Oh my god, when I found out that they were related I was mind-blown and it took me a while to comprehend. I mean Adrian and Dimitri, are two totally different people but they are blood related. Dimitri kept his father so secret, that I was honestly so surprised to find out that his father was Adrian’s uncle. I loved how Rose was so shocked, her reaction was so perfect.

Later on in the story, we then discover that because Nina and Neil, both Dhampirs, had a child, that would mean Rose and Dimitri could have a child. I was honestly so excited because I ship them so hard. I would never guess that they could actually have a child. I would have love to seen their reactions when Adrian told them. However, Richelle Mead didn’t put that in. In the epilogue, we also discover that Dimitri and Rose are engaged. When I read about both of these bombshells, I was literally screaming inside and outside. I am just so excited and I am still fangirling really hard. I really, really hope that Richelle Mead will release short stories about their future life.

I was kind of upset about Neil’s reaction to Declan, I was hoping he would take him in and raise him but he gave Declan away to Sydney and Adrian. I loved how the epilogue showed them raising Declan like their own child, it was really cute to see them being parents, especially Adrian. The epilogue was so perfect.

I loved every single part and like I said before, I really hope Richelle Mead writes more short stories about Romitri and Sydrian. This book was quality and gold and I am still in shock that it has finally ended. It was truly a stunning conclusion to an amazing saga.


5 “OMG” Moments in Vampire Academy

Hello Book-boys and Fangirls,

If you have read Vampire Academy before you would know that the book is exactly like a roller-coaster- the feels just go up and down. It’s so much fun to read and I totally recommend it. The characters are witty, brave and lovable and the romance between the two main characters is so much fun to read.


I will be rating the top five most OMG moments in the Vampire Academy series, from least “OMG” to “OMG!OMG!OMG!”. So let’s start with:
5) Mason’s Death
Mason was a character that was introduced as one of Rose’s close friends and it is not long after that, where we learn that Mason loves Rose. Towards the end of Frostbite, Mason dies saving Rose from a Strigoi. It was so sad because Mason was a very likable character and I enjoyed his witty lines. We do see him again in Shadow Kiss as a ghost, which is very exciting.

4) Rose’s Escape from Dimitri
This scene is towards the end of Blood Promise where Dimitri captures Rose and forces her to turn Strigoi. She then tries to escape and Dimitri catches up but she stabs Dimitri. I honestly thought that this would be the end of Dimitri and my heart was racing.

3) Tasha and Dimitri
When Tasha entered the picture, I knew something bad was going to happen. Little did I know, it was Tasha’s feelings towards Dimitri. I ship Dimitri and Rose so hard, so it wasn’t a surprised when I gasped out loud when I discovered Tasha asked Dimitri to be her guardian. Thank god, Dimitri refused the offer. I was also very shocked to find out that it was Tasha who killed the Queen, in revenge and jealousy. I hated Tasha so much. This was definitely “OMG” worthy.

2) Dimitri Rejecting Rose
“OMG” this is definitely one of the most heart-wrenching plot twists, I’ve ever read. After Dimitri comes back from being Strigoi, he refuses to see Rose and asks for Lissa believing he is her saviour. I understand that Dimitri was ashamed of what he did to Rose, but he didn’t need to leave her hanging. My heart broke into a million shards when he said, “Love fades, mine has,”. I was so happy that they reconciled, in the end.

“OMG! OMG! OMG!” This is kind of a given but I came into Vampire Academy clueless of the plot and boy was this a major plot twist. Never in my life did I expect Dimitri to turn Strigoi. I’ve got to thank Richelle Mead, for keeping me up at night to read Blood Promise. He did it because he was trying to save everyone and that just broke my heart even more! This was definitely one of the most “OMG” moments in my whole reading life.

So these are my top 5 “OMG” moments from Vampire Academy and I acknowledge Penguin Teen for doing something similar. If you are a huge Vampire Academy fan, I recommend doing this topic because it’s so much fun to rant your feels about your “OMG” Moments.

What was your OMG moment? Comment bellow!

Liebster Award!

So, I have been nominated for the Liebster Award. This is the first time in my whole life and I want to thank Lulu’s Rants and Reads. It is a chain award where I answer eleven questions written by Lulu and then I make eleven more questions and nominated eleven others! However, I’ll only be nominating four others!

1.Do you have a favorite reading spot? If so, where at and why?
I love reading at my school library and I know it sounds kind of weird and cliche but I love it. Sometimes our English teacher gives us a period after a major exam or an assignment to read at the school library. It’s quiet and there is this really cool nook where my friends and I read a have small little chats!

2. If you had a chance to meet an author right now, who would it be?
If I had a chance to meet an author it right now it would probably be Cassandra Clare because I love her books so much especially The Infernal Devices!

3. Which book is the most worn out on your bookshelf?
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, this book is so worn out my mom had to make a dust cover for it. I got this book in grade two and it is one of the oldest book on my shelf. It brings me so many good memories so it sits on my favourite books shelf!

4. Hardback or paperback?
Hardback, because it is so much better quality and I love the feeling of the hard cover!

5. What is the worst book you’ve read in the past month?
My school book, Nanberry Black Brother White. It was so boring and it was historical fiction. The author, Jackie French put so many facts into every crack and crevice of the book. Typical school-assigned book

6. If you could be best friends with any fictional character, who would it be?
This is a pretty hard question but I would probably chose Katy Swartz from Lux or Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy. I chose Katy because I could fangirl with her over fictional boys and it would be so much fun. I chose Rose because I really admire her bravery and I love her attitude, besides who wouldn’t want Rose as a best friend.

7. About how many books do you currently own? How many have you actually read?
I have about 50 books and I have read all of them except for the Knife of Never Letting Go. I am in the middle of You are Not So Smart, Darkest Minds and Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods. I borrow a lot of the books from the library as well.

8. If you could be any character, who would it be?
Rose Hathaway because like I said before I really admire her bravery and her attitude.

9. What genre do you read the most?
This is hard but probably romance and action/thriller kind of genre. For example Lux which is a romance and action book series and The Infernal Devices. I really enjoy reading books from this genre and I have read a lot of these books.

10. What’s your favorite part of going to a bookstore?
My favorite part of going to the bookstore is buying books and watching others pick up and enjoy the books I’ve read before.

11. What are you currently reading?
I am currently reading The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken!

Now for my eleven questions:
1. What book, in your opinion, has the prettiest and most beautiful cover?
2. Would you rather only read books from your favorite genre or only read books from other genres than your favorite genre?
3. Which book has shaped and inspired you the most?
4. What is your favorite quote and from what book is it from?
5. If you could chose any fictional character to marry who would it be?
6. What is one piece of writing advice you would give someone?
7. Which faction do you think you belong to or do you think you are divergent?
8. Most anticipated book of next year?
9. Most anticipated Book to Movie adaptation?
10. Who is your favorite fanartist?
11. Who is your parabatai- book buddy?

Now for the nominations! I nominate:
Artemis Skadi

Call Me Percy

The Pages Turn

Brooke’s Bibliophilic Babblings

Thank you guys! So much!