Book News- 12/04/15

Hey Guys!

There have been quite a few exciting things! Just as a blog update I’ll be writing two new reviews and as you may have noted there have been a new change to the layout of my blog- hope you guys like it.

Jennifer L. Armentrout’s novella to the Lux series, Oblivion, has a new snippet released:

Also, Every Last Breathe received a cover reveal and plot synopsis! The whole Dark Elements series’ covers are being revamped, which I am so grateful for because I hated the previous covers. There will most likely be a #mythoughts on that soon! Check out the cover and synopsis here at:

A new scene of the Paper Towns movie will be released tomorrow at the MTV awards! Cara, Nat and John Green will be there to release it! The trailer for Theo James’ new movie with Dakota Fanning, Franny, was released.

That’s all this week on book news!


“My Thoughts On” The New Insurgent Trailer

So this week a teaser trailer of the upcoming Insurgent movie came out and I am disappointed to say that it was kind of a let down. Happy Birthday to Shai today!!

Teaser trailer are meant to give light insight to what will be in the movie. The effects looked the fake and very computerised and not only that but it was hard to judge what exactly that scene was meant to be conveying.

The scene showed Tris in something similar to a fear landscape where her mother is trapped in a building which is burning down. I do not recall this fear being in the book and it is somewhat confusing. I hope it is not a fear they are adding or manipulating to the fears she has in the books. The effects look computerised and is not even close to the effects used in the fear landscape of The Divergent Movie. The slow motion shots where Tris is jumping from building to building are very cliche which degrades the movie. Maybe its because of the change in the director who is now Robert Schwentke.

Shailene Woodley’s hairstyle is now a choppy kind of bob. I honestly do not like it- it was completely different in my mind. I was also expecting Theo James to make an appearance but unfortunately he wasn’t.

After watching the trailer I am getting more and more nervous about the movie adaptation. I hope that the effects of the following trailers get better. But I am definitely excited for the upcoming movie.

Share your thoughts of the new teaser trailer of the Insurgent Movie in the comments below!