I’m Part Of The Yearbook Committee! The Yearbook Committee Review


Title: The Yearbook Committee
Author: Sarah Ayoub
Release Date: February 2016
Retail Price: $16.00
Overall Rating:  7/10
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Drama and Growing-up

I received  Sarah Ayoub’s The Yearbook Committee from Harper Collins Publishing Press, in exchange for a review.  Please note that this does not alter, influence or change my opinions on the novel, in the following review.

“Everything seemed uncertain, different, damaged. Just like the promise of our youth, now irreversibly changed due to a night whose sinister warning had been brewing steadily beneath the surface of our teenage dreams,”
– The Yearbook Committee by Sarah Ayoub

I don’t really know how to label this book- The Yearbook Committee. It definitely was a different book to what I normally read and I foundmyself liking many parts but I didn’t like other parts, as well. However, I have to admit, the book was well written for a contemporary and I couldn’t help loving all of the characters in the book. There is just something so cute when five teenagers with five completely different lives come together to create a yearbook, in their final year of school. There is a little bit of romance, great characters and a lot of drama and I found myself enjoying the book. I recommend this book if you are looking for a not-so-cliche, cute and a drama-filled contemporary.

The Yearbook Committee follows the story of five completely different teenagers who all get dragged and pulled together to form- The Yearbook Committee. As they continue to catch up to complete the yearbook, new romances and friendships begin to form. As the five teenagers try to survive the last year of highschool, problems arises, friendships are broken and irreversable mistakes are made.

spoiler review:

What I really enjoyed about the book was the concept behind it. I love the start of each chapter and how we get this Facebook Status for each DSC_0105character, it was so cute and it’s a very contemporary way to write the novel. I also love how throughout the story there are multiple dilemas with each character, due to the many perspectives. At times when I felt bored or didn’t really enjoy what was happening I knew I could look forward to reading the lives of other characters in their own perspectives. Normally, I would hate multiple points of views because I hate trying to workout which chapter is which character’s but Sarah Ayoub made it really clear which character was which and each individual character had their own distinct voices. For this novel, multiple points of views seemed to work really well, it felt like I was getting insight to the lives of each and every character. I also really enjoyed the prologue, I wanted to know what happened. The prologue was kind of a view of the future and it really keeped me questioning throughout the novel.

As for the characters, I loved the cliché nature of each of the five characters. However, each character as you dug deeper you discover that they are actually totally difficult to their labels as- “the new girl,”; “the popular girl” and “the loner”. I loved how she took the stereotypical characters and gave them each a new found depth. The only issue I had was the fact that I found it difficult to relate to the characters. Charlie was a girl I really wanted to like, I tried yet I kind of failed, she grew on me by the end of the novel but whilst reading the book, I didn’t really like her personality. I understand how she was the type of girl who fought for rights of many minorities. However, there was this edge to her that got on my nerves. I didn’t like how she acted as if the world owed her this huge favour and then she fell in love with the school captain. I couldn’t really stand it. Matty was a character that added a sense of darkness and reality to the story because his story was one of the more sorrowful stories. Anyway, I did love Tammi’s story because I enjoyed reading about how she was starting to drift away from being the cruel popular person she was. Her character developed so well and I found myself relating to Tammi the most. What really annoyed me was the fact that she took the drugs from Mike. I wanted to see how their relationship would develop, yet it backfired. This brings me to my next point- the ending.

The ending threw me off, because I never expected the book to end like it did. It was abrupt and I was in a few ways disappointed. I wanted to see what would happen to all of the characters. I felt like we never really get to see how the characters dealt with the after math. I can’t believe Gillian dies- I was literally like, “What is happening?” I couldn’t belive Tammi took the drugs because you would think that by the time they were in the last year of high school they would know what to do when a stranger gives you unknown pills. (#areyoukidingme) I wanted to see the Yearbook, I thought that there was so much talk about the Yearbook yet we never really get to see glipses of the finish product. The yearbook idea kind of was lost within the plot.

Overall the book was definitely really enjoying to read and I found myself cracking a smile once or twice. I really enjoyed the storyline and I loved reading about the lives of each characters! I highly recommend it if you are looking for a unique and special contemporary.

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