Julian + Emma Feels!!!! Review: Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare


Title: Lady Midnight
Series: The Dark Artifices
Author: Cassandra Clare
Release Date: March 2016
Retail Price: $30.00
Overall Rating:  8.75/10
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama, Angels and Growing-up

Okay before we start, let me establish this. If you haven’t read Lady Midnight, you need to stop what you are doing right now and pick up Lady Midnight. I feel like a balloon that is about to pop because I have so many emotions and thoughts about Lady Midnight! I loved it so much!

Thank you so much to Simon and Schuster publishing. I received  Cassandra Clare’s novel, Lady Midnight from Simon and Schuster, in exchange for a review.  Please note that this does not alter, influence or change my opinions on the novel, in the following review.

When I heard Cassandra Clare was writing The Dark Artifices, I literally had a little heart attack because the Cassandra Clare was writing another book in the Shadow. Hunter. World! I couldn’t believe it but then it wasn’t long before I became disheartened. Many people would come up to me and say, “Cassandra Clare is just milking off her series. You probably shouldn’t get your hopes up,” However, I was determined to get an all out amazing debut novel for The Dark Artifices. March 9th came in a blink of an eye and soon, I was standing in the middle of the bookshelf holding Lady Midnight in my hands, extremely fangirling with some of my closest book friends. Lady Midnight had arrived and it sure did not disappoint. If there is one gif to describe how I felt when reading Lady Midnight this would be it:

Cassandra Clare’s Lady Midnight follows the story of Emma and Julian who have been best friends and Parabatai from when they were young. Nothing could ever get in their way of their friendship. Emma has lived her whole life with the Blackthorns since the death of her parents who she is determined to avenge. When Julian returns back from his trip to Idris, new problems arise. Mark, Julian’s brother, has come back after several years of being held by the Faerie court and the Blackthorns will do anything to get their brother back from the Faeries. The faeries create a deal with Julian if he can solve the murders which have been mysteriously taking place, his brother will get the chance to choose to stay. However, problems arise and secrets are being kept. Emma and Julian are being torn apart and pulled together by the events and that doesn’t even begin to cover the story.

spoilers ahead!

I literally have an irrecoverable book hangover for this book! I have so many thoughts and emotions for this book. Reading Lady Midnight, made DSC_0207_Fotorme realise how much I truly loved The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices. There is something about these books that remind me of a fairytale. In my opinion, Cassandra Clare’s novels are really unique every story, every book, every paragraph and every sentence have woven this sense of fairytale, fantasy and magic into it, which is what I absolutely love about these novels. I love how every story is interlocking, the only way to truly enjoy this series is to read it from the very start to the very end and don’t forget, you have to read every series in the chronicles. One of my main reasons for why I love reading books is the fact that whenever you read a good story it will drag you into this world where layers upon layers of imaginary characters, storylines and settings are built up in your head and every single thing you read is being played in your head. It pulls you from the real world and act like an anchor to this imaginary world where you can forget about everything that is worrying you and its just you and the characters. (Okay, that sounded really intense but I truly mean it) Undoubtedly, Cassandra Clare’s novel always have that affect on me and Lady Midnight really did.

Lady Midnight’s plot blew me away. Like I mentioned in the beginning, I was kind of skeptical and I was really scared that Lady Midnight was going to bring my whole perfect perspective of the Shadowhunter chronicles, crashing down. I was nervous that Lady Midnight was going to have a really cliche, overused, “Cassandra Clare” plot but I was proven wrong. Just like all of her other perfect novels, Clare devised a plotline that contained the perfect balance of romance, contemporary, coming of age, fantasy, action and adventure! I do not know how she does it but it was literally the pinnacle of perfection. Okay, well maybe I’m exaggerating that a bit because it wasn’t a perfect novel but it was pretty good! I loved the idea of having a forbidden love with Parabatais. It’s so rare to see authors take the “forbidden love” plot device and twist it in their own way to make it so much more enjoyable and personal for the reader. I love it because it may sound weird but I love expanding my knowledge in the whole Shadowhunter world and I loved finding out about the Parabatais. When Cassandra Clare left the whole Parabatai falling in love thing ambiguously, I was like, “Oh no,” something big is going to happen.

When I discovered that they had solved the murder it ended on a really happy note and I’m excited to see what they’ll do in the next book! I loved how most of the characters from the other book got one or multiple cameos because that meant that we all got a chance to see our favourite characters come together again. That’s what I love about these books. You don’t have to miss characters from her other series because she always finds a way to incorporate them. Oh, I almost forgot can we mention the fact that Mark and Emma made that deal! In my mind, I was like, “NOOOOO!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING???” I could feel my heart breaking in its chest. I actually can’t even. It’s like Simon,  Clary and Jace all over again. It’s going to be really intense.

Now onto the characters, I really liked Emma’s character and I think she is my favourite out of the three main protagonists in her three series. I love how strong Emma is and she really is one of those characters you can look up too. She is only a little bit older than me so that adds an extra bonus! But seriously, I loved Emma’s character she is so strong and I absolutely love how relatable she is. One of my favourite scenes is the one where she is talking with Christina about the fact that she feels like she has nothing special to give because she is just a normal shadow hunter with no special powers and in a metaphorical way, I could relate to that. Sometimes we all feel like we have nothing special to us but realistically we all  do. However, I didn’t really like the way Emma was presented in the first few chapters. The whole time she was swooning over Julian. “Julian this, Julian that.” I kind of got sick of it and I was worried that she would be like that throughout the book but it definitely got better.

When Julian came into the story, I was like yes! Like all of Cassandra Clare’s boys, Julian was perfect in his own unique way! He kind of reminded me of a mix between a less-clumsy Percy and a really hot California boy! 🙂 No seriously, I really liked Julian. However, I have to admit his character was so over talked by Emma that it kind of influenced Julian’s perspective. His personality got lost within the story and I found that his character was really two dimensional and hopefully we get to see more of who he is in the later stories. I love his relationship with Emma, whenever I saw them together I was literally like:

I can’t wait to see their relationship grow! I’m so excited for the next book! I also really liked Christina! I’m so glad Cassandra Clare introduced her because I absolutely love her character! I’m excited to see her story and who she relly is. She wasn’t presented in much detail and so I really want to see more of her character! Despite the many characters, I actually found myself remembering their names! (I’m very proud of myself because I always get mixed up with names!) Anyway, I also really liked Mark’s character. However, I didn’t really see much of a proper personality in his character but that makes sense considering he lived a lot of his life as a faerie! I really like his relationship with Kieren and I hope to see more of that in the later books! I’m so excited for this new Herondale because Herondales are always the definition of perfection (*cough* Will and Jace *cough*)! Hopefully, Kit or Christopher (whatever you want to call him) will just be as lovable as the other Herondales!

I love the way Cassandra Clare include Edgar Allen Poe’s poem Annabel Lee! It’s actually one of my favourite poems and the fact that she represented the poem in the story really surprised me! I remember doing a project on him in Grade 6 or 7 and I absolutely loved this poem because in my head it was like a dark, edgy Little Mermaid story! I’m so excited to see more of her stories because I know that they’ll always be based on some literary classic! I absolutely adored this book and I’m sure many of you guys did too!

what did you think of the novel? i loved it so much!!

buy the book from The Book Depository, free delivery


It’s Finally Here Lady Midnight: Teaser Tuesdays!


Hello,  Guys!

I actually can’t contain my EXCITEMENT because guess what came out yesterday? LADY MIDNIGHT!! So, here I am blogging about how my brain feels like mush because I have Lady Midnight, in my hands. Words can not actually describe my happiness. I may have homework I need to finish and tests I need to study for but I’m still happy because I can’t wait to jump into the Shadowhunter world and meet Emma and Julian in a world that I have become familiar with after three years of reading the Shadowhunter Chronicles! Who else has this novel and is super excited to read this?

currently reading:
lady midnight by cassandra clare

CdAs3CkW4AAhDjmYes, this is the hands-down amazing Lady Midnight, which I am currently reading. I have literally no time to read it, I’m a hundred pages in which is pretty good considering I got it yesterday and have barely had any time. After tomorrow, I’ll be over with one of my tests and I hope I’ll find some time to sit down and read this! I’m loving it so far and I already ship Emma and Julian.

This is me at the moment with the Emma and Julian ship .(I mean, what is their ship name?)

Personally, I hate how Emma doesn’t notice that Julian is her true love and I am so excited to dig deeper into this part of the Shadowhunter world. Before this novel was released many would tell me how Cassandra Clare is milking off of her series but honestly, I love how many books she is writing in this series. The Mortal Instruments is a series which will always stay with me. Having multiple stories with multiple facets and features of the whole world makes me so happy. I know every year I can look forward to a new Shadowhunter book. I truly think, that I’ll end up growing up with this book and when she stops writing about the Shadow world it’ll signify the end of my childhood. I really want to savour this book but at the same time I want to devour it whole! Anyway, I am sure I’ll love this book.

“Julian felt his heart wrench inside his chest. He had no words for the feeling of upheaval Malcom’s words caused. It was too much like being tumbled by a wave, solide footing giving way in the silde of sand.’Stop.’ ”
-Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight

have you guys read lady midnight yet? what are you guys currently reading?



Re-reading: Yay or Nay ❤ Bookish Talks


Hello, Lovelies!! Re-reading. It’s something we all love to do but it’s something that we can all find a little tiresome. Don’t get me wrong re-reading a book a thousand times just expresses how much you love that series or novel but sometimes, I just can’t stand it when I have to put myself through the process of re-reading a ten book long series just to relieve the joy that will never be as joyful as the first time you read that novel. Does anyone understand what I mean??


Why Re-Reading And I Have A Little Bit Of A Love-Hate Relationship!

Re-reading is something I rarely do and if I do re-read a novel it’s usual backed up by a strong motivation and itch to re-read the series. When I was a lot younger, I would re-read the Percy Jackson series all the time. (Yes, I have actually re-read Mark of Athena five times and I’ve read Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief so much, I’ve memorised the order and names of the chapter titles) Everyone has re-read a novel before, whether it be a childhood one or a series you still love to this day. Re-reading is one of those things which tells someone else exactly how much you loved that book.

 However, noProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetw that I barely have any time and the fact that there are, “So many books but so little time,” just pulls me away from re-reading. Not only that but I hate putting myself through a book when I can already anticipate what’s going to happen next. What is the point of re-reading a book if you already know what’s going to happen next? Nevertheless, I still love my favourite books and it pains me that I can never read them again without going through the same emotional rollercoaster I rode on the first time I read the series.

There are so many books I wish I could re-read- The Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments, All The Bright Places and many more but knowing that I’ll never witness the same excitement and joy I felt when I first read the book is such a disappointment, which is one of the reasons why I don’t really re-read books. I’m also slightly afraid of not loving a novel anymore. When you reread something, sometimes you’ll discover that the book wasn’t even that amazing or it was actually a horribly written novel. I would hate to feel that dread in my stomach. There are so many negative reviews out there, of some of my favourite books and I don’t want to re-read a novel to discover that it was actually a novel with a shallow and cliche plotline with shallow characters.

Until recently, I discovered I was re-reading so much more than I would normally. I reread The Infinite Sea after watching The Fifth Wave and I also recently reread Lux. It was crazy, who would have thought, that someone like me, who isn’t a re-reader, was reading some of her favourite novels again. Maybe it isn’t actually too bad? However, to be fair, I did have a lot of motivation to read these books.

I read the books, fell in love with them again and I was completely amazed that re-reading a book you haven’t read could pretty much match the excitement you felt when you first read the book.

Okay so maybe I’m still slightly on the nay side for re-reading but I think if I find some motivation around the book community, I can finally find some time to sit down and re-read The Infernal Devices. I mean, I love flicking through a book and re-reading little moments but re-reading a  book could just be taking a bit far! I haven’t read Jenny Han’s The Summer I Turned Pretty since I was like 13 and I plan on re-reading it soon!  I’m still a little conflicted… should I really spend some time re-reading books or should I read some newer books and discover some amazing new ones?

Do you like re-reading books? Or are you like me, a person who would rather spend their time reading and discovering newer novels to add to their favourites list? Share your thoughts below!

Also, I have some super exciting news! I’ve just joined an awesome book club called The Reading Rebels, up on good reads! I’m so excited because I’ve met some other amazing book bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammers! I’m the new moderator for this club and you guys can join us in reading our Book Of The Month for March!! I’ve had so much fun with this group and I hope you’ll join us!





#bookhacks: How To Fit In More Reading, This Year!


I’m so excited because this is my first proper post on the new blog! 🙂 I’m going to be doing a lot more memes, which I hope you guys enjoy or even try out on your own blogs! This post will be part of a more spontaneous meme called #bookhacks, where I’ll give little tips on books: where to find good bargains,  how to fit more time to read or how to get out of a book slump! I would love to hear what tips you guys have to squeeze in some reading, just mention me in your memes posts as well!

Now before the stress, homework or workload swallows us whole this year! Here’s a small guide on how to squeeze in some reading before we keep on falling into those reading slumps again! I know last year, my reading habit was a constant cycle of three weeks of intense reading and then a four week period of a reading slump. I can not tell you how much I hated it and one of the main reasons this happened was because I was not planning my time right and I had too many distractions! Has anybody else felt this way?

Anyway, here are some tips I’ve learnt throughout the years on how to squeeze in some reading time onto any tightly packed schedule.

  1. Make Reading A Habit!
    I’m going to sound like a teacher now, but seriously if you read every day, during a certain part of a day, it’s going to make it so much easier for you to find time to read. I only just started using this tip because I used to brush it off whenever an English teacher would lecture us about how you have to try and make it a habit of reading for an hour a day. Every morning I try to read one hundred pages and then I try to read one hundred pages at night. You’ll be amazed at how many more books you’ll zoom pass, throughout the week!
  2. Squeeze In Anytime To Read!
    Whether it’s on the train; whilst you are waiting for your Starbucks order or in the shower. Maybe, even while you’re walking to school or work. Once you have gotten past the first few chapters of your book, try to find any five to ten minute period to cut out everything and just read. Even if you don’t feel like it, if you slowly push yourself you might notice that reading was something that you actually enjoy.
  3. Cut Out All Distractions!
    Yes, I mean any type of social media you are engaged in. I know its hard but if you start to notice that there isn’t really anything that amazing about social media, then you’ll slowly learn to back away and cut it off. You’ll be amazed at how much more free time you get when slowly disengage from electronics. You’ll have so much more time to snuggle up and read a great book.
  4. Find A Good Book!
    Confession: Sometimes, I read and force myself through a book just to be able to say that I have read the book when someone asks me. Please tell me I’m not the only one 🙂 Don’t do that because that just worsens the problem. If you are reading a book you are not enjoying you tend to stray from the book. Eventually, you’ll fall into a reading slump. Trust me, I’ve been there and I’ve done that! It’s not pretty. Find a great book, which you are excited to read and then reading will become much more enjoyable rather than a chore. I recommend reading a series or a contemporary, which will really suck you in. What We Saw; Never, Never and The 5th Wave are all great series which will hook you in.
  5. Sleeping Earlier!
    It sounds weird I know but if you set an earlier time to go to bed, you have extra time to read before you go to sleep. It makes a huge difference. If you used to go to sleep at 11:30 pm, go to sleep at 10:30 because then you have an extra hour to  read!

What are some of your tips to squeeze in more time for reading? Tell me in the comments or do a post on your own blog and link it down below! I would love to hear your tricks!

Also, thank you so much for all your support in my new blog! I’ve gotten such great feedback and it means so much to me!!



Exciting News! ❤ New Website!

Hey guys,

So before I start this post, I just want to thank every single person who has been a supporter of my blog because honestly, without you guys I couldn’t have gotten as far as I am currently with my blog. My blog is so special to me and you guys: every reader, every commenter, every liker and every follower has made it so much more special and I honestly can’t thank you guys enough!

If you saw my Instagram post last night, you would know that I had some extremely exciting news to announce! Well, here it goes! Yesterday, I got a new website: hashtaglovebooks.com !!! ( I’M ACTUALLY INTERNALLY SCREAMING! 🙂 )

You may have noticed that my follower count has decreased a lot and that is because if you were previously following my blog through one of the following channels:

  1. WordPress.com
  2. E-mail

Your subscription has already been moved to my new website! So, don’t worry! I hope you guys love the website and thank you guys so much for this past year and a half- I’ve loved you guys and my blog right from the start and I only hope that it continues to grow! It’s not perfect at the moment but, hopefully, in the future, the blog will be a lot cleaner and neater.

Not much has changed but it is definitely easier to use a self-hosted website at wordpress.org! Please go and check it out because it would mean the world to me! Comment on my new blog about anything that isn’t working or anything that is working well, as your feedback helps me a lot! Click the photo below to visit my new website:


Also, here is some more exciting news: I am now a Book Depository affiliate! Trust me when I say this, I will not endorse products or websites to my follower if they are dodgy or useless. Book Depository is a website I have been using for such a long time. What I really like about Book Depository is the fact that Book Depository is pretty much a Barnes and Nobles warehouse right at your fingertips! It’s free shipping worldwide, so if you live in the US or in Madagascar, it’s free shipping! Also, they constantly have sales and their prices for books are comparatively cheaper than regular bookstores! So, click the button below to fill your shopping cart with books:

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What do you guys think of my blog? 🙂



#mythoughts on… Shadowhunters TV Show

Guess what was on last night???

The Shadowhunters TV show! I woke up in the morning and one of the things that were buzzing around in my head was the fact that we get to see one of my favourite series get put onto the TV screen! I had my hopes super high (I couldn’t help it 🙂 ), as I sat down in front of my computer with a smoothie in my hand to watch The Shadowhunters. Here are #mythoughts on this highly anticipated show: What did you think of it? (There will be spoilers for both the series and the TV Show in the post)

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about the show. I really enjoyed and I had so much fun watching it. However, it wasn’t really like the novel. As a booklover, one of the things we wish to see is our favourite series being turned into a TV show or movie, which stays true to the novel.

The Shadowhunter’s plot seems to be heading in the same way as the novel: Jocelyn is still taken by Valentine, Clary is disoriented after the events in Pandemonium and Valentine is still out to search for The Mortal Cup. Despite that, the events that take place in the TV show are in a different sequence to the order that they take place in the novel. For example, we discover early in the film that Clary’s memories of the Shadow world were taken by Magnus Bane and that Alec has a crush on Jace. This meant that some of the spoilers from City of Bones have already been relayed in the first episode. I didn’t really like that as it was one of the twists and turns which makes the novel enjoyable, but perhaps, they have to cater to an audience which has not read the series. I’m glad that they attempted to do that as it provides the show to target a wider audience. The plot differs to the one in the novel but its a fresh change which I hope to continue to appreciate. It’s a TV show based on a famous book series and it isn’t a surprise that they will be some major and little differences to the novel. The fact that its still quite similar to the novels is already an achievement.

Now onto the characters! Clary was played by Kat Mcnamara and I have to say I’m so excited to see what else she does with her character. I loved watching her play Clary as she is not too “damsel-in-distress” like not too “I’m the best heroine in the world” :). She played the character really well and its exactly like how I imagined her to be. She really showed the audience that she really cared for her mother and that she is truly disoriented. At the start of the film, we really get to know more about her personality which suited to book exactly. I also really enjoyed the “friendly” relationship with her and Simon. You could really tell that she only regarded him as a friend but Simon didn’t. I can’t wait to see what happens to their relationship further on in the show.

Jace was sadly not one of the main characters in the episode but I still love his character. However, I felt like some of his lines were a bit scripted but I still love this quote, “All the legends are true,” that was conveyed really well. Unfortunately, the relationship between him and Clary didn’t have as much chemistry as I liked but its only the first episode and I’m excited to see it futher develop. I love Dom Sherwood as Jace and I wasn’t very disappointed. Simon was played perfectly and he was portrayed the best out of the all the characters this episode, he was goofy but you could tell he still really like Clary. He was comfortable around Clary’s parents and it seemed like him and Clary have always been best friends.

At first I was skeptical about Luke being a “police” but it began to make sense and I actually like that. It helps to explain some parts of the novel a lot better, such as, being a werewolf. I was very surprised that I ended up liking his the way his character was portrayed. Isabelle was not as sassy as she was in the novel but I think Emeraude looks very much like an Isabelle. Maureen, at first confused me. When I first heard her name I thought, “Maureen? The crazy little girl in the novel? What is happening?”. As the episode continued I discovered that she was part of Simon’s band and to this moment I’m still skeptical about her character.

Overall I really enjoyed watching this episode. I was not disappointed and I can’t wait for episode two. The Mortal Instruments were one of the first Young-Adult novels I read and therefore, when I watched the show it made me feel a little nostalgic. When I finished the episode, it left me with that desire to reread the series without knowing anything about but mostly, it left me with the desire to jump into that fantasy world of Shadowhunters. Watching them wield Seraph blades and watching Clary discover the whole Shadow world, leaves me with that elated feeling in my heart knowing that I get to follow along the Mortal Instruments journey one more time.

What did you think of the show?


Taylor Swift Book Tag

Heya! I haven’t done a book tag in ages… so, I am doing one today. I recently got tagged by Famtaq to do the Taylor Swift tag, she has a great blog and you should definitely check it out! Lets get started on the tag:

  1. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together- pick a book series that you were pretty sure you were in love with, but then you wanted to break up This would have to be the Harry Potter series. Now before you all butcher me, I used to “try” to be obsessed with the Harry Potter series because everyone else used to be “OH MY GOD! It is the best!” but internally I used to despise it. I guess I don’t really like the layout of the plot where all the boring stuff, like going to school, would happen in the beginning making it really hard to get through and then in the last quarter of the book we would get this really big scene with Voldermont. It followed the same routine throughout the series and that is probably why I don’t really like it.
  2. Red- pick a book with a RED cover. The first book which popped into my head was… you guessed it, Vampire Academy but I also really like House of Hades!
  3. The Best Day- pick a book that makes you feel nostalgic. That would have to be the Percy Jackson series because I read it when I was quite young and I’ve pretty much grew up with the characters!
  4. Love Story- pick a book with forbidden love
    SOOOOOOO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM. I recently read Amanda Hocking’s Kanin trilogy and there is definitely forbidden love in there! Oh! The! Pain! A review will definitely be coming soon.
  5. Innocent- pick a book that someone ruin the ending for
    Allegiant, I learnt about the ending before because I had a friend who told me as I didn’t think I would read the book. I started the book a month after, but don’t worry I still cried so much! 🙁
  6. Everything Has Changed- pick a book character that has gone through extensive character development
    This is honestly one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs but anyway back to the point, Lara Jean from the Two All The Boys I’ve Loved Before duology goes through really extensive character development and you can clearly see that towards the end of the two books.
  7. I Knew You Were Trouble- pick a bad character you couldn’t help but love
    I really don’t know… I’m one of those people where if the bad guy is a bad guy, my view won’t change for the entire book. For example, I hated Warner (Shatter Me Series) from the start to the end and I was still on team Adam at the end of the book. Roth in the Dark Elements series was bad for about a book- does he count?
  8. You Belong With Me- pick a book you are highly anticipating
    7 MORE DAYS TIL EVERY LAST BREATH!!!! Wooooo!!! I am highly anticipating this series! I can’t wait! I am also waiting for the last book in the 5th Wave series to come out, as well!
  9. Forever and Always- pick your favorite book couple
    This is too hard!!! At the moment, since I just finished reading the series I am really shipping Ridley and Bryn but my favorite book couple of all time has got to be Will and Tessa.
  10. Come Back, Be Here- pick the book you would least likely let anyone borrow, in fear that it will be returned in a ruined state.
    I have a fair share of “book-borrowing” stories and they do not go down well. I still lend out my books, but my favorite copy of City of Bones was destroyed by one of my best friends and I have been much more careful, nowadays. I would probably never lend out my Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods book because it is too fragile and beautiful and also my Infernal Devices trilogy because of how much it means to me!

That’s all for the tag!!! I hope you enjoyed my answers and I will tag anyone else who wants to do this!   #lovebooks❤

Book News 8/07/15

Hey Guys!

This week on book news lots of exciting things have happened! Jennifer L. Armentrout has released a sneak peak of the first chapter of Every Last Breathe, which you can find on her website! I am super stoked for the last book and I am totally team Roth!

Paper Towns is coming out soon and recently Australia premiered Paper Towns, in Sydney! Cara Delevingne was there and apparently the movie was a huge hit! The Shadowhunter’s TV Show released its official website and has released photos of what the silent brothers will look like in the TV series! The next book in Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter Academy will be narrated by The Maze Runner’s Ki Hong Lee.

Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen series has gotten an eye-catching cover for the second novel- The Glass Sword:

The cover and first chapter of Rick Riodan’s Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer was also released:
Here is the first chapter of Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer:

Also, Mockingjay Part 2 has released a short clip promoting the upcoming movie:

That’s all this week on Book News!



Book News- 11/05/15

Hey Guys,

It has been just a tid late but here is book news for the first half of this week and last week. First lets start of with the most exciting, THE MOCKINGJAY PART 2 TRAILER CAME OUT YESTERDAY!!!! Yes, I know how exciting!!! It was the first trailer of the extremely anticipated movie and it certainly caused a buzz between the young-adult community.

Of course, as expected, many behind the scenes stills of the upcoming Shadowhunter Tv Show and videos (Of Jace, Alec and Magnus) have been released. Lots of excitement is generating and I am super pumped for this TV Show! I want it to be out now!

The first look of Allegiant Part 1 was released, which shows Ansel, Shai and a few others on set!

That’s all this week on book news!


Mini Review: Nothing But Shadow by Cassandra Clare

Title: Nothing But Shadows
Author: Cassandra Clare
Release Date: May 2015
Series: Shadowhunter Academy Novella (Shadowhunter Chronicles)
Retail Price: $6.99 (Digital Copy Only)
Overall Rating: 8/10
Genre: Fantasy, Family and Drama

Nothing But Shadows is the highly anticipated fourth novella of the Shadowhunter Academy series. Fans of the Mortal Instruments have all missed reading about the Shadowhunter Academy and by reading Nothing But Shadows was like reuniting with an old friend. For fans of the Mortal Instruments who are unaware of this new series, Shadowhunter Academy is a series of short stories which have been released every month since February 2015 and follows the story of Simon Lewis’ Shadowhunter Academy life.

Nothing But Shadows was a short novel which is why I have a mini review on it! Nothing But Shadows continues with Simon’s story. Simon is confused about the Mundane and Shadowhunter classes and seeks Ragnor Fell for advice. Ragnor then explains James Herondale’s story of his Shadowhunter Academy experience to Simon. Most of the novel was in James Herondale’s third person perspective and I loved anything to do with the Herondales, which is why I loved this book! 🙂 If you are a major fan of The Shadowhunter Chronicles, you must purchase this book!


I really really missed the Shadowhunter family and it was so exciting and enjoying to read about the Shadowhunter world from a new perspective- Simon and James. Ever since the end of City Of Heavenly Fire, Simon Lewis had lost all his memories and has since began the journey to become a true Shadowhunter at the Shadowhunter Academy in Idris. Nothing But Shadows follows the story of Simon who fails to realise the effect he is making on the Mundane and Shadowhunter classes and Catarina Loss tells the story of the great, James Herondale to Simon.

Reading these Shadowhunter Chronicles feels like reading a story that no one would understand unless you know the original secrets- like a young girl who knew all the gossip on the school playground-which is one of the reasons why I enjoy it so much!

Cassandra Clare has done so much world building it actually feels unreal that this is purely fiction. It feels like her head is an Encyclopedia of this world that is so complex and twisting.I loved reading about James Herondale as it was new insight into the lives of the new Herondale bloodline. Since the release of Clockwork princess, there hasn’t been much resolution on the Herondale situation. Through Nothing But Shadows we got to read about James Herondale and how he lived his life. James Herondale was a really unique character, as expected of a son of Will Herondale and I found myself relating to him in more times than I expected.

In the story he was thirteen/fourteen which was really interesting as Cassandra Clare’s characters are usually sixteen but because of this I believe that James’ thoughts were over-mature for his age. Nevertheless, I still loved reading in James’ perspective which very much reflected a persona similar to his father’s. He loved reading classics which was super exciting to read because as we all know in the Infernal Devices Will had a major love for reading. James’ story felt like my story and Cassandra Clare’s beautiful writing displayed this. When I discovered that he was insecure about who he was, my heart broke alongside his. My favorite quote of his was “Maybe they were all praying he would become a shadow and simply slip away,” It was so beautifully written yet I found myself relating to this as we all carry so many duties that sometimes we all wish we could become a shadow and simply slip away.

I loved the story telling style of the story and how James’ story was like a fairytale you would tell a child at bedtime. I have heard thoughts that Cassandra Clare’s writing is well but I believe her writing is amazing It was unique yet magical and has a special meaning. I enjoyed getting more insight on the Herondale family history and I could highly relate to James Herondale- who is now my new favorite boy character. I can’t wait to read the next shadowhunter chronicle books! #lovebooks❤