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Hello guys!! Today I decided to do another tag! What I love about tags, is the fact that I can express a little bit more about my opinions on certain books and I can introduce myself and my personality through my answers! I have never actually done the “Get To Know Me Tag” but I decided to do it today, as I love the concept of the tag! Thank you to Denise over at The Bibliolater ¬†for tagging me! Everyone should definitely go check them out! They are some of the nicest bloggers out their and their blogs will definitely not disappoint you!

basics about alicia

IMG_2245Name: Alicia
Nicknames: A lot of people call me leesh, leeshy or a leesh! ūüôā A know quite a lot of Alicias and they all tend to hate the name Leesh but I’ve grown accustomed to it.
Birthday:¬†May! ūüôā IT’S SO CLOSE!!!!
Star Sign: Gemini. Yes, the twins star sign. When I was younger, I used to be obsessed with horoscopes and birth gems but nowadays, I never read them and when, I do I never take them seriously.
Occupation: Student. I am a high school student and homework is basically my current occupation. When I’m older I would love to be doctor or a dentist but being a blogger or a vlogger would be an amazing job as well!


Hair color:¬†Black! It’s such a boring color. I do get brown streaks in the sun and some people think my hair is a really dark brown, but no, my hair is black.
Hair length: Long. I only ever have my hair long as I think it suits me a lot better than short hair.
Eye colour:¬†Dark Brown. Yes, another boring color! ūüôā
Best feature:¬†I don’t know!! I love my hair and I guess I love the looks and skin color of my ethnicity! ūüôā
Braces:¬†No. I don’t need braces and I don’t think I’ll be needing them any time soon!
Piercings:¬†I only have my ears pierced. I don’t think I would want other piercings!
Tattoos:¬†No. I’m not old enough!
Right or left handed: Right Handed! I used to be obsessed with being ambidextrous but I have come to the realization that I am only right handed!


Best friend:¬†My first best friend was one of my friends, Kaitlyn. However, sadly I moved and we have been apart for nearly five years. We still keep in touch and hopefully, I’ll see her again soon!
Award: I don’t actually remember! I do remember getting a writing award when I was younger and so I’ll have to say a writing award!
Real holiday: When I was about two years old, I went on a real holiday to Paris. Unfortunately, I do not really remember it, I only have one memory from the actual trip!
Concert:¬†Sadly, I have never been to a real concert because I have never been a true fan for many artists. Except for Selena Gomez and Shawn Mendes!!! However, I have never been to any of their concerts before. I plan on ticking off “going to a concert” on my bucketlist soon!


Film: I guess, I don’t really watch many movies because I am a restless person and I can’t make myself sit down for two whole hours to watch a moving image on a screen. However, I love any chic flic!¬†Especially, Mean Girls! I love it and it’s one of my favorites!
TV Show: Teen Wolf!! Is anyone a Teen Wolf fan? I absolutely love it and I love the characters and action throughout the series.
Color:¬†Mint Green! I have loved this color for such a long time and I don’t think I’ll be changing anytime soon!

Song:¬†I couldn’t just choose one song! I love so many at the moment. UGH! I CAN’T CHOOSE!! I’m loving Ariana Grande’s latest songs, such as Dangerous Women, Let Me Love You and Be Alright! Her latest songs are definitely under-hyped and I definitely recommend them! Of course, I am absolutely loving Shawn Mendes’ and Selena Gomez’s songs but I think that’s pretty obvious! I am also loving Justin Beiber’s Company! Just like Denise, here is a spotify playlist you guys can click play on:

Restaurant: I love healthy cafes and restaurants! I am loving a shop called Top Juice which has some amazing salads! I also love a health cafe called Combi, which has some of the most amazing raw deserts.
Shop: I am going to give you some of the most typical answers but I love H&M, Nike and Forever 21! They are the best!
Books:¬†You can’t ask a book lover what her favourite book is, because you are literally pulling me apart by asking this question. I think my top two series are The Infernal Devices and Lux!
Shoes: This is going to sound superficial but SHOES ARE MY LIFE! I just love buying shoes but I am very picky with my shoes! I love my Nike Roshes and I love some suede ankle boots from Windsor Smith that I adore!


Feeling: A little bit frazzled and mostly happy! I don’t really have anything to be upset about at the moment and I try to keep a positive mindset to most things. I am feeling a little frazzled because I have quite a lot of homework and upcoming tests!
Single or Taken: Single as a pringle!
Eating: Well I’m not really eating anything but I might have a smoothie later on tonight! I had a pretty light dinner.
Watching: I‚Äôm not watching anything¬†because just like movies, I don’t really watch many TV shows! I’m waiting for Teen Wolf to come back! I have had a lot of people who have told me to watch Gossip Girl so I might try to squeeze in an episode this weekend!
Wearing:¬†Pyjamas, which are just a pair of yoga pants, a NY T-shirt and a hoodie! I know…an interesting choice but I’m going to sleep in a few hours anyway!


r3ji2peChildren:¬†This is an interesting question…because I love the concept of raising a child until they grow up but I don’t know if I will ever be mentally prepared to carry a child in my stomach and raise it for the next 20 years of my life! Does anyone else understand me?
Marriage:¬†Hopefully one day! I think it’s a life goal, I definitely have! However, I am very choosy when it comes to boys but it’s still ages away until I’ll be able to marry and so I rather not dwell on it at the moment!
Careers:¬†Like I said earlier, I would love to do something in the field of medicine and science because I’ve always had that passion. I would love to be a blogger or vlogger too! Who knows what I’ll become?
Where you want to live:¬†Toronto or LA! I’ve loved both of these cities from when I was young! I’ve visited LA a few times and I love how it’s the centre of everything but the only problem is, LA is a very crowded city! I love Toronto as well and I think I would love to live in the city
of Toronto one day!


d32ed23God: No! I guess, I have never really believed in the concept of there being an upper person in our world. I have grown up with the knowledge of many religions but I have never really believed in one.
Miracles: Not really but sometimes it’s nice to think that their are miracles in our world. However, I don’t really believe in it from a religious point of view.
Love at first sight:¬†I don’t really know! I think I’m still too young to make a proper judgement but I don’t really believe in it. How can you love someone when you first see them? It’s kind of similar to judging a book by it’s cover. Just because they look amazing doesn’t mean you’ll fall in love with them.
Ghosts: No! I read ghost stories but I think it’s childish to believe in ghosts.
Aliens:¬†You never know! I think that it’s kind of egocentric if we think we are the only beings in our universe! The possibilities are endless in this vast universe and for all we know there could be aliens out there!
Soul mates: I’ve always loved the idea that love is fate and since I’m too young to really fall in love, I would like to think that we have soul mates!
Heaven/hell:¬†No. I don’t really think we have a heaven or a hell. My point of view is that, “Afterlife is just something we made up to ease the pain of loss,” (Any Looking For Alaska Fans?) I think that afterlife and heaven/hell is just something we have made up to ease the pain of death and loss. Who knows though?
Kissing on the first date:¬†Sure…I guess! I mean, if you have known your boyfriend/girlfriend for all a very long time before you were officially together, ¬†then if you want to kiss on your first date then go ahead.
Yourself:¬†I think this is something we all struggle with. I believe that all humans are born with the same clear slate and capabilities, and as we grow older we experience different things which causes all of us to be individual. Therefore, if someone else can do something, you can do it yourself. That’s the kind of motivation I give myself. So, if someone else asks if I believe that I can do anything, I like to prove it to them and say that I can do anything!

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