“Time Traveling + Hyped Releases” Teaser Tuesdays



I have not done a single Teaser Tuesdays in a hundred years and so today I decided to due a Teaser Tuesday!!! It is the second week of school and everything is actually going great. Well…except for a few things here and there but overall everything has been pretty cruisy! What have you guys been up to recently? I’m currently reading:

the girl from everywhere by heidi heilig

I recently got this novel and although I am not that far into the book, I have been loving it! The main character is so likeable and I love the concept of the novel. I haven’t read many time travel novels and I am sure this book will be a time-travel that I will be recommending. However, I can not jump to conclusions yet! I do know that this novel has been hyped up since its release and so far I think it has been living up to my expectations. Here is a little teaser of the novel:

“My thoughts scattered like chipped ice, and my vision blackened at the edges, as though I was staring through a spyglass,”
– The Girl From Everywhere, Heidi Heilig

what are you reading this week? have you read the girl from everywhere?


Reading Slumps…Teaser Tuesdays 22/06/16


Hello Guys!!

I AM FINALLY BACK. I know, I know. I have taken a very long break from this blog because I’ve been lacking a bit of motivation due to a reading slump. I guess I really had an overdrive of motivation at the start of the year, which has now died down. However, I am determined to find that motivation again. I will definitely have some exciting posts coming up in the near future because it’s the holidays and I can’t wait to write some exciting posts. Anyway, let’s get back to the subject…Teaser Tuesdays. I have a very exciting current read:

rebel of the sands by alwyn hamilton

DSC_0287_FotorWords can not express how excited I am to read this novel. I’ve heard so many good things about this book and I can’t wait to jump straight into it. I have heard many comparisons of this novel to The Wraith and The Dawn, which is one of my favourites. Have any of you guys read this novel? I only just started so I’m on chapter five. I love it already! Here is a little teaser:

“I looked and a bullet was embedded  in the wall a hair to the left of my skull. Only then did I start to shake,”

what are you reading this week?


“Courts + Faeries” Teaser Tuesdays 11/05/16


Hello! Hello! Hello!!!

I am back to tell you guys what I am currently reading and I am probably guessing that you already know what I am currently reading just by reading this title! If you didn’t know what Teaser Tuesdays is, it is basically a little feature where I give you my current thoughts and a little snippet from my current read! Anyway…here is the final reveal for what I am reading:

a court of mist and fury by sarah j. maasDSC_0130_Fotor

Did you guess it correct? 🙂 Yes…I am currently reading A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas and IT IS AMAZING! This book could actually be better than the first and I honestly can’t believe it is already here! Who else is reading this? I am torn between Tamlin and Rhys, but at the moment, Tamlin is getting on my nerves. So, despite what I have mentioned several times on social media, I think I am on #teamrhys. One of my friends has been pushing me and persuading me to ship Rhys and Feyre and I guess she has converted me. I am trying to read this whenever I get the chance to but school assignments and tests are getting in the way. I am trying to finish it by the end of this week! Here is a little teaser:

“My fingers loosened on the dagger, and it clattered to the ground, splattering the spreading pool of blood. Flecks splashed onto my worn boots- remants of a mortal life…”
– A Court Of Mist and Fury, Sarah J. Maas

what are you guys reading this week?


exciting releases + mysteries Teaser Tuesdays

jij'Hello guys,

I just realised that this week as vanished before my eyes and I completely forgot that today is Thursday! I actually thought it was Tuesday, which is why I have an overdue Teaser Tuesdays! I hope everyone’s week is going well! I am actually kind of reading two books. (Yes, it’s pretty disastrous because I never read two books at once) I am currently reading The Leaving and The Rose and The Dagger. However, since I really want a real copy of The Rose and The Dagger rather than an ebook, I’m also reading The Leaving. I’ve only read a few chapters of The Rose and The Dagger, as well as The Leaving!

the leaving by tara altebrando

As I mentioned earlier, I only just started reading The Leaving by Tara Altebrando and so I can’t give you my conclusive thoughts on the novel sfd43urj2o
far. However, I can tell you a little bit about what, The Leaving is about. Basically, The Leaving is about six children who were taken away at the age of five. Now at the age of sixteen, only five have been released back into the world without having any recollection of who they were and who their family is. They must now learn about the real world as well as discover what really happened when they were taken and where is the sixth child.

I really like the concept of this! I haven’t read a thriller/mystery in a while and this new release has got me super excited! I also really like the layout of this book which kind of reminds me Illuminae, although I have not read it yet. This novel has cool layouts, fonts and pictures throughout the story. So far, I’m really enjoying it! Anyway, here is a little teaser:

“Like being ripped open, midnightmare. Breathless, in the centre of a scream. Her hands went to the knot on the blindfold at the back of her neck,”
– Tara Altebrando, The Leaving

what are you guys reading this week?

“Flaws + Signed Books” Teaser Tuesdays: April 12th


When people say that time goes by quickly, I would definitely agree with them. I can’t believe it’s already April! APRIL! Times flies! I am back with another Teaser Tuesdays and it will be the first one this month. (Confession: I didn’t do one last week! Sorry! 🙂 ) I am so excited to share with you the book I am currently reading.

currently reading: flawed by cecelia ahern

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

I recently got this sent to me by Harper Collins and I was extremely elated to find out that it was signed by the author. (I honestly feel so special, I never have signed books!) If you’re thinking, “Cecelia Ahern sounds awfully familliar,” it’s because she wrote Love, Rosie! Flawed is her first young-adult novel and I am loving it so much!

She really did a good job with the whole young adult dystopian thing. Flawed is set a dystopian world, in which every immoral act is criticised and results in being branded as Flawed. Those who are Flawed are looked down upon in this society. Celestine has lived her whole life as the perfect model: she has fallen in love, gets straight As, never commited anything wrong and has a perfect family. However, one day her life goes crashing after second-guessing the government’s system and now she must faced the world as she is about to be branded, Flawed.

I love it so far and I can’t wait to put up the review! Also, I just wanted to add that my blog will be a bit jam packed this week! I have a lifestyle post coming up, which I hope you guys might enjoy and I also have a book review and interview for When We Collided up tomorrow!

“When you hear something, it can never be unheard. I know deep down, that this evening I have learned something that can never be unlearned,”
– Cecelia Ahern, Flawed


what are you guys reading this week?


Romances, Contemporaries and Devils Teaser Tuesdays April 5th


It’s Teaser Tuesdays again! Today, I’m reading Trish Doller’s The Devil You Know. I started this novel yesterday and I am officially hooked. The Devil You Know is a contemporary which follows the story of a girl named Arcadia and since the death of her mother, she has been trapped in a whirlwind of taking care of her family and going to school. One day she decides to break the chains and goes to a party. There she meets two boys, Noah and Matt and together they go on a road trip along with another girl. However, as they get deeper into their journey she discovers one of the boys is not who they claim to be.

current read: the devil you know by trish doller

If you aren’t interested in the plot you must be lying. Both the title and blurb dragged me into this book! I loved Trish Doller’s other novel, Where The Stars Still Shine and I am already loving this book! Trish Doller’s novels always have funny edgy characters and her writing is just right. The only complaint I have is the character development. Her character development isn’t always the best but the other factors, such as the plot definitely shine through. I’m loving it so far and I just want to devour the book! Here is the teaser for the week:

“He smells like someone real, and his heart travels through bone and blood, skin and cotton, to beat against my cheek. ‘Maybe,’ he says, ‘you should.'”
– The Devil You Know by Trish Doller

have you read the devil you know? what are you reading this week?


“Love Letters + Pretty Covers” Teaser Tuesdays & Exciting News


Hello guys,

This is a very late Teaser Tuesdays  but I am back again to share with you my latest read! If you didn’t know teaser Tuesdays is where I share with you a teaser from a current read and my current thoughts on the novel. Lately, I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump (it sucks 🙁 ) but I’ve been reading:

whisper to me by nick lake!


Recently, Bloomsbury sent me a copy of Nick Lake’s Whisper To Me and I just started it a few days ago but because I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump, I’m only on page 25. Whisper To Me is a long love letter from a girl called Cassie who has messed up her relationship with her boyfriend. She hears voices everyday and she doesn’t know who they are from but she just wants her boyfriend to come back. I like to go into novels without knowing much. Hence, I’m predicting that this novel will be a mix of a cute contemporary that deals with mental illness. Whisper To Me is unlike any novel I’ve read before. It really is a love letter and it feels like I’m reading someone else’s journal. I’m really enjoying it so far!

exciting news:

I’m working with Unidays to give you guys something really exciting. If you sign up below by clicking the picture, you get some awesome perks,if you are a student. I wouldn’t be sharing this with you guys if I didn’t think it was useful but I’m being honest, Unidays has some awesome offers to really good shops like Apple or Asos. It’s a great way to save money on expensive brands. It’s Free to sign up (Yes, I know it’s free! How awesome?) and if you sign up through the link below, you’ll really be helping me! *inserts winking emoji* 🙂

what are you guys currently reading? i would love to know!

More Contemporaries!! Teaser Tuesdays! March 15th


Hello, guys!

Alicia’s back at it again with those contemporaries (Ahaha, you see what I did there❤)! It’s Teaser Tuesday again! If you didn’t know, every week I post a feature called Teaser Tuesdays which is where I tell you my current read and share with you a short teaser from the novel! I’m reading another contemporary and this time it is, This Is Where The World Ends by Amy Zhang.

currently reading:
this is where the world ends by amy zhang


I actually haven’t read an Amy Zhang before and I’m super excited to read this novel. This contemporary is not your typical cutesy romance kind of novel, it’s more of a coming of age novel about best friends! I don’t know much about this novel yet because I just started after reading Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You (*Ques the crying*)! I love the way this novel is written. There are many little excerpts from the main character’s journals and the way this novel is set out is very different to normal books. Each chapter has a date and is titled either Before or After! I’m so excited to get right into the novel. This Is Where The World Ends follows the story of two best friends: Janie and Micah. They have been best friends since they were young and they have always had a perfect friendship. One day Janie vanishes and Micah doesn’t remember why. I’m getting lots of Colleen Hoover’s Never, Never vibes! Here is a little teaser:

“Everything ends. This is obvious. This is the easy part. This is what I believe in: the inevitable, the catastrophe, the apocalypse,”
– Amy Zhang, This Is Where the World Ends

what are you guys currently reading this week? I would love to know in the comments below!





It’s Finally Here Lady Midnight: Teaser Tuesdays!


Hello,  Guys!

I actually can’t contain my EXCITEMENT because guess what came out yesterday? LADY MIDNIGHT!! So, here I am blogging about how my brain feels like mush because I have Lady Midnight, in my hands. Words can not actually describe my happiness. I may have homework I need to finish and tests I need to study for but I’m still happy because I can’t wait to jump into the Shadowhunter world and meet Emma and Julian in a world that I have become familiar with after three years of reading the Shadowhunter Chronicles! Who else has this novel and is super excited to read this?

currently reading:
lady midnight by cassandra clare

CdAs3CkW4AAhDjmYes, this is the hands-down amazing Lady Midnight, which I am currently reading. I have literally no time to read it, I’m a hundred pages in which is pretty good considering I got it yesterday and have barely had any time. After tomorrow, I’ll be over with one of my tests and I hope I’ll find some time to sit down and read this! I’m loving it so far and I already ship Emma and Julian.

This is me at the moment with the Emma and Julian ship .(I mean, what is their ship name?)

Personally, I hate how Emma doesn’t notice that Julian is her true love and I am so excited to dig deeper into this part of the Shadowhunter world. Before this novel was released many would tell me how Cassandra Clare is milking off of her series but honestly, I love how many books she is writing in this series. The Mortal Instruments is a series which will always stay with me. Having multiple stories with multiple facets and features of the whole world makes me so happy. I know every year I can look forward to a new Shadowhunter book. I truly think, that I’ll end up growing up with this book and when she stops writing about the Shadow world it’ll signify the end of my childhood. I really want to savour this book but at the same time I want to devour it whole! Anyway, I am sure I’ll love this book.

“Julian felt his heart wrench inside his chest. He had no words for the feeling of upheaval Malcom’s words caused. It was too much like being tumbled by a wave, solide footing giving way in the silde of sand.’Stop.’ ”
-Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight

have you guys read lady midnight yet? what are you guys currently reading?



Bring The Tissues Out- I’m Reading Me Before You ❤ Teaser Tuesdays: March 1st


Hiya, guys!

It’s Teaser Tuesdays again and I’m so excited to share with you the book, I’m currently reading (even though you can probably guess which book I’m reading based on the title)! Teaser Tuesdays is where I share with you, my current read, give you a little teaser and tell you my current thoughts on the novel!

What are you guys reading?

I’m currently reading:
Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

I’m actually so excited about reading Me Before You! I’m only on chapter one but I’m pretty intrigued! I’ve heard so much about this book and I’ve seen many five star reviews around the blogosphere! I have a packet of tissues on hold, just in case and I can’t wait to fully dive into the rest of the novel! Me Before You is a very different book to what I normally read but I think I need to expand my horizon a little bit! I’m loving it so far but I can’t really say much because I’ve only just started! I’m reading this as a part of The Reading Rebels! Anyway, here’s a little teaser for you guys:

” The last thing he sees is a leather glove, a face under a helmet, the shock in the man’s eyes mirroring his own. There is an explosion as everything fragments.
And then there is nothing.”
– Jojo Moyes, Me Before You


So, what do you guys think? Will you be picking up Me Before You, this month? Have you guys read this books before?
I would love to know- share your thoughts below!