June Obsessions and July Excitement

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Yes, I am writing this on the fifteenth of July even though this post should have been scheduled on the first of July. Sorry 🙂

sayonara june

June has been a very ordinary, yet exciting month. I was greatly disappointed due to the fact that I hadn’t read much at all in the month of June but I was also super excited for the holidays. Despite the fact that school was dragging along slowly when the holidays finally arrived I couldn’t contain my excitement, especially because we were going away. I visited many different places and it felt like such a relief to have the pressure of school lifted off of my shoulders. However, school has started again and I am so not ready but nevertheless, I am going to try to make this term a good one. Also, last month I took a few breaks with blogging and it felt nice to take a break but that still doesn’t excuse the fact that I love blogging and instagraming, which is why I’ll be posting lots more soon! Here are some of my favourites from last month:


Here are some of my recent obsessions!

Music :

I have been obsessed with Often by Kygo and of course, Shawn Mendes’ new song Treat You Better! I have literally been playing them on repeat and I can not get enough! I have been really loving I Heart Radio recently. Instead of playing my spotify playlist, sometimes I’ll put on a hit music station from the website. I’ve been loving the LA I Heart Radio Hits Station the most.


Gossip Girl:

I only just started this show, so no spoilers, please! I watch TV shows awfully slow and although I started this show two months ago I’m only on season two. I try to watch it when I have spare time but the drama and gossip in this TV show is so so good. It may sound weird that I enjoy watching people gossip about others but this TV show is honestly one big web of interlocking events that has kept me so entertained!


Well…I’ve always had an obsession with shopping but because I have been shopping a lot lately, I thought why not add it to my obsessions list? I’m more of a summer girl and so lately I have been lots buying of summer dresses, some sweatshirts and bags. I recently visited this mall, which was huge! I spent nearly two days there shopping and I still haven’t visited every store in the mall. I bought heaps of stuff there and I can’t wait to wear and use them .

june reads + book hauls

As I mentioned earlier June was a disappointing reading month. I only read a few books, which include Rebel Of The Sands, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Last Star and The Leaving. Hopefully, July will be much more exciting in terms of books and I can’t wait to dive into some good books. Here are some of the books I got this month:

DSC_0313_FotorThe Last Star by Rick Yancey (The 5th Wave #3)
Blood In The Beginning by Kim Falconer (Ava Sykes Series)
When Michael Met Mina by Randa Abdel-Fattah
The Girl From Everywhere by Heide Heilig
Rebel Of The Sands by Alwyn Hamilton
To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Caramel Hearts by E. R. Murray

july goals

Here are some of goals for this month:
– To workout more intensively and for more periods of time, as well as eating a proper healthy diet.
– To actually work on my blog and Instagram more seriously and with a proper effort and attitude. (*cough* as you can see that didn’t really happen for the first half of the month but there are still 16 more days)
– Write some more lifestyle posts!
– To balance most things in my life, especially the reading facet of my life. This brings me to my next point my July TBR.

july tbr:

Caramel Hearts by E.R. Murray
The Blood In The Beginning by Kim Falconer
The Girl From Everywhere by Heide Heilig
Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Yay! So this is my June + July wrap-up and TBR! List some books you want to read this month, so I can add it to my own TBR! What have been your recent obsessions?




🎄Christmas TBR List🎄

Happy Christmas, Everyone!!!!!

Since Christmas is coming soon, I compiled a short TBR list of books I’m going to try and read this holiday! I never end up following my TBR list (Does anyone else?) as I usually stray and somehow find another book that I want to read but here are some books I am going to try a read this holiday!

  1. Mistletoe & Mr Right by Lyla Payne
    A cute Christmas contemporary to put me in the perfect Christmas mood! Mistletoe & Mr Right is a compilation of two short Christmas romances written by Lyla Payne! The first one is called Mistletoe and Mr Right and the second one is called Sleighbells and Second Chances. The minute this book arrived on my doorstep, I couldn’t help myself and I delved straight in because I was looking for a cute romance. I’m halfway through the first story and it is honestly so cute! It has definitely put me in the Christmas joy! I’ll save my thoughts for the review!
  2. How To Be Bad by E.Lockhart, Sarah Mylnowski & Lauren Myracle
    To be honest, I am not a big fan of co-written novels as they often are choppy and never flow through a smooth progression but I decided to give this novel a go! It is about three teenage girls who leave their mundane town for a temporary “break”. I loved We Were Liars by E. Lockhart and the summary of this novel definitely intrigued me. Hopefully, it will be unique and different but I am definitely excited to start this novel.
  3. Oblivion by Jennifer L. Armentrout
    Hello??? Daemon goodness in one book filled with over 1000 pages, I would probably be the first to sign up :)! I just downloaded the book, I know I’m 14 days late but I’ve been savouring and saving it for the perfect day! If you didn’t know already, Oblivion is a novella to the Lux series and its pretty much a compiled story of the whole Lux series written in Daemon’s point of view!
  4. The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley
    I recently got this series sent to me and I am pretty excited to start it! It’s based around seven sisters who are all adopted. One day their father dies and Maia, the oldest one, finds clues which will lead her to her past. I’ll definitely write a review on this novel! I’ve already started the first few chapters and its really enjoyable! If you have read this novel tell me your thoughts below!
  5. None Of The Above by I.W. Gregorio
    None Of The Above is a powerful contemporary novel which recently came out. It’s unique storyline has captured readers. I’ve heard lots of little chit chat about this novel and when it turned up displayed in the library with it’s eye-catching title, I decided to pick it up!

I definitely need to start my reading pace back up again, as I have had a chugging reading slump. The novel I’m reading now, Mistletoe and Mr. Right has definitely kick-started my reading back again! I can’t wait to get around to Oblivion and hopefully I’ll end up ticking these books and more on my TBR list! Christmas is coming (has anyone noticed the falling snow on my blog 🙂 ) and I can’t wait to do some comforting holiday reading!

Merry Christmas🎅

Mini TBR List!

Hey guys!

Here are three books that are really high on my to-be-read list! I have been dying to read these books and I seriously need to get my hands on them!

  1. Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella I have been eyeing this book since it’s release date! Based on the many reviews I have read, this book sound like a really good contemporary. I haven’t read any Sophie Kinsella novels but since she has read so many her latest novel, Finding Audrey must be a really good one, writen by an experienced author!
  2. A Sarah Dessen novel
    After reading Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen, I have been itching to get a Sarah Dessen novel that will hopefully be as good as Saint Anything! I have only ever heard amazing things about her books and I hope the next one I read will live up to my high expectations! I already have a stack of Sarah Dessen books I borrowed from the library and I am just about to dive right into them, with one long marathon!
  3. The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

    You may not have heard of this one, because I neither had I until I did some deep searching in Good Reads! It looks amazing and there are so many good reviews! The covers look amazing and it came up as a recommendations, since I loved Angelfall, the current series I am reading! I am definitely going to try out this series and I hope it won’t disappoint!

As you can see I will be having a seriously long contemporary marathon but I am super excited! I also can’t wait to read The Immortal Rules! Are any of these books on your TBR list?


To Be Read List! #2

Hey❤ I just want to say thank you so much for one hundred followers, it means the world to me. I decided to another To Be Read list. I still haven’t finished all the books on the previous one but I decided to write another one because I have a lot on my list. The following books are books that have been waiting on my list for quite a while. They are not written in order.

1. My Life Next Door: By- Huntley Fitzpatrick
My Life Next Door is a Young-Adult Romance story which I have heard a lot of buzz about. It’s about a girl named, Samantha Reed, and next door lies a family that Samantha longs to be in. Then one evening, Jase, the boy who lives next door climbs over to see her and they both fall madly in love. Jase introduces her to his family but Samantha keeps her family secret. Suddenly, her whole world is torn in two.

2. The Second and Third Books in The Darkest Minds Trilogy: By- Alexandra Bracken
The next book series I have on my list is Never Fade and In The Afterlight, which are the second and third books in The Darkest Minds Trilogy. I read the first book but I still need the last two books. The Darkest Minds, is a series following a girl named Ruby who has a special power and in the first book we follow her, Liam and a few others onto a journey to fight back against the government. It is written beautifully and hopefully, I can get my hands on the next two books.

3. I Was Here: By- Gayle Forman
This is the latest Gayle Forman book which came out on the 29th of January. It is a stand-alone contemporary novel about best friends, Cody and Meg. One day, Meg commits suicide and Cody is thrown into a world a drama. Cody packs Megs belongings and finds fragments about her life she never told him. Then he finds an encrypted computer file and when figures out a way to open the file he discovers Meg’s death isn’t what it seems like.

4. Maybe Someday: By- Colleen Hoover
Colleen Hoover is known for her famous romance novels and Maybe Someday seemed like a great read. It is about a girl named, Sydney who believes she has a perfect life, except one day she discovers her boyfriend, Hunter is cheating on her. After that encounter, she is left wondering what to do next. She meets Ridge, her neighbour, and she is mesmerised by the music he plays everyday. Ridge is also mesmerised by her. The story follows their love story.

5. Everyday: By- David Leviathan
This book has been around for quite a while and I have been eyeing for quite some time, as well. It’s about a guy named, A and everyday he is in a different body and everyday he lives a different lover. However, he always loves this one girl. This book is about his romance.

6. 13 Reasons Why: By- Jay Asher
This book is a very popular Young-Adult Contemporary. It is about Clay and one day he returns home to find a box with his name on it. He finds out that inside the box are 13 recording tapes from Hannah, who is his classmate and crush but recently, committed suicide. On each of the tapes there is one reason for why Hannah committed suicide and Jay is one of the reasons.

7. I’ll Give You The Sun: By- Jandy Nelson
This is a new novel that is another contemporary. It is about a pair of twins, Noah and Jude. When they are thirteen, Noah falls in love with the boy next door and outgoing Jude does the talking for Noah. Three years later, they are both barely speaking. This novel goes through the touching story of the twins.

8. Since You’ve Been Gone: By- Morgan Matson
I love the cover for this book and I love the storyline. It’s about two friends, Emily and Sloane. Sloane is the crazy one and makes Emily step out of her comfort zone, without her Emily wouldn’t be who she is today. Then one summer Sloane mysteriously disappears and Emily is left with a bucket list of things Sloane wants her to do. She makes it her goal to finish all the things on the list by the end of summer and with help from Frank Porter she sets out to finish the list.

9. Precious Stone Trilogy: By- Kersten Gier (Translator: Anthea Bell)
This book is also really popular but you may know it as Ruby Red. It was originally German but was then translated by Anthea Bell to English. It seems like a really good book. I do not know much about it but I do know it is about time travel and is set in historical and contemporary London.

10. A Thousand Pieces of You: By- Claudia Gray
This book is sooooo pretty. The cover is amazing, if you haven’t seen it go search it up because it is truly amazing. It is part of a series called Firebird. It is about Marguerite and her parents created a portal to jump into parallel universes. The invention is called Firebird. Her father is suddenly murdered and Marguerite discovers he was killed by Paul, her parents assistant, but Paul jumps into the portal to escape from the law. Marguerite jumps in after Paul and the chase continues and their life slowly twists together.

That is my updated To Be Read List. I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you!