“Flaws + Signed Books” Teaser Tuesdays: April 12th


When people say that time goes by quickly, I would definitely agree with them. I can’t believe it’s already April! APRIL! Times flies! I am back with another Teaser Tuesdays and it will be the first one this month. (Confession: I didn’t do one last week! Sorry! 🙂 ) I am so excited to share with you the book I am currently reading.

currently reading: flawed by cecelia ahern

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I recently got this sent to me by Harper Collins and I was extremely elated to find out that it was signed by the author. (I honestly feel so special, I never have signed books!) If you’re thinking, “Cecelia Ahern sounds awfully familliar,” it’s because she wrote Love, Rosie! Flawed is her first young-adult novel and I am loving it so much!

She really did a good job with the whole young adult dystopian thing. Flawed is set a dystopian world, in which every immoral act is criticised and results in being branded as Flawed. Those who are Flawed are looked down upon in this society. Celestine has lived her whole life as the perfect model: she has fallen in love, gets straight As, never commited anything wrong and has a perfect family. However, one day her life goes crashing after second-guessing the government’s system and now she must faced the world as she is about to be branded, Flawed.

I love it so far and I can’t wait to put up the review! Also, I just wanted to add that my blog will be a bit jam packed this week! I have a lifestyle post coming up, which I hope you guys might enjoy and I also have a book review and interview for When We Collided up tomorrow!

“When you hear something, it can never be unheard. I know deep down, that this evening I have learned something that can never be unlearned,”
– Cecelia Ahern, Flawed


what are you guys reading this week?


It’s Finally Here Lady Midnight: Teaser Tuesdays!


Hello,  Guys!

I actually can’t contain my EXCITEMENT because guess what came out yesterday? LADY MIDNIGHT!! So, here I am blogging about how my brain feels like mush because I have Lady Midnight, in my hands. Words can not actually describe my happiness. I may have homework I need to finish and tests I need to study for but I’m still happy because I can’t wait to jump into the Shadowhunter world and meet Emma and Julian in a world that I have become familiar with after three years of reading the Shadowhunter Chronicles! Who else has this novel and is super excited to read this?

currently reading:
lady midnight by cassandra clare

CdAs3CkW4AAhDjmYes, this is the hands-down amazing Lady Midnight, which I am currently reading. I have literally no time to read it, I’m a hundred pages in which is pretty good considering I got it yesterday and have barely had any time. After tomorrow, I’ll be over with one of my tests and I hope I’ll find some time to sit down and read this! I’m loving it so far and I already ship Emma and Julian.

This is me at the moment with the Emma and Julian ship .(I mean, what is their ship name?)

Personally, I hate how Emma doesn’t notice that Julian is her true love and I am so excited to dig deeper into this part of the Shadowhunter world. Before this novel was released many would tell me how Cassandra Clare is milking off of her series but honestly, I love how many books she is writing in this series. The Mortal Instruments is a series which will always stay with me. Having multiple stories with multiple facets and features of the whole world makes me so happy. I know every year I can look forward to a new Shadowhunter book. I truly think, that I’ll end up growing up with this book and when she stops writing about the Shadow world it’ll signify the end of my childhood. I really want to savour this book but at the same time I want to devour it whole! Anyway, I am sure I’ll love this book.

“Julian felt his heart wrench inside his chest. He had no words for the feeling of upheaval Malcom’s words caused. It was too much like being tumbled by a wave, solide footing giving way in the silde of sand.’Stop.’ ”
-Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight

have you guys read lady midnight yet? what are you guys currently reading?



The Sisterhood of The World Bloggers’ Award

Hey guys!

I have been nominated by Beatrice from Beatrice Learns To Read to do the Sisterhood of The World Bloggers’ Award! Her blog is honestly amazing; it looks professional 🙂 and it is all about books! I have been nominate a few times for this award but I decided to do Beatrice’s set of questions! For The Sisterhood of The World Bloggers’ Award, you first have to answer a set of ten questions from the person who nominated you, nominate ten other bloggers and give them a set of ten questions.

  1. Which 2 characters from 2 different books would you would like to see in one book?
    This is a hard one… I recently finished Ten Thousand Skies Above You by Claudia Gray and I would love to see Marguerite meet someone like June from the Legend Trilogy. Their characters are fairly similar and I would love to read about an adventure where their worlds and characters clash together.
  2. What is your bookish pet peeve?
    Bending the spine, even though at times I can be guilty of this (Only By Accident ! 🙂 ), there is nothing more I hate than seeing the spine of the book cracked. It’s like watching a perfectly polished windowpane get cracked straight through the middle!
  3. Which book would you want to have a different ending? Why?
    I am guessing the universal answer to this question would be Allegiant because *SPOILER* why would you ever kill the main character of the book when the whole story was practically based on her life and how she was meant to survive through this dystopian world. However, if I was to chose to change the ending of another book it would have to be Blood of Olympus. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good ending but I needed more. I wanted to know what happened next and some characters didn’t get a proper ending. I was really disappointed.
  4. If you were to write a book based on your life, in what genre would it be?
    Can it please be fantasy romance? I just want an amazing and thrilling story like Katy’s (Lux Series) or Rose’s (Vampire Academy). It can come complete with an adventure of a lifetime, true love and a myriad of experiences.
  5. Shortest time you’ve finished a book.
    Well, it kind of depends because I’ve read heaps of books in a day but they all have different lengths. I guess the shortest time I’ve finished a book is a day!
  6. Longest time you’ve finished a book.
    One month. *Cringe* That is because I was getting really bored of the story and it was *cough* Harry Potter *cough*. Lately, I have been taking a longer time to read books because I guess I haven’t really had the chance to sit down and read for continuous hours.
  7. Describe your blog in 5 words.
    Bright, Fun, Exciting, Bookalicious and Bubbly ( Well, at least I hope its all these things :))
  8. Who’s your spirit animal in the fictional world?
    I’m guessing this means a fictional animal. For this I would have to go with an angel. I know angels aren’t exactly an animal but they are a super natural creature right? Close enough! Who wouldn’t want to be an angel?
  9. What is something you’ve learned from blogging?
    I have actually learnt so much from blogging. I have learnt a lot about targeting articles to an online audience, how to use an online website-building platform and how to write blog posts. I believe my writing had improved because of blog writing and I have met many people along the way. It has given me opportunities I would never have been able to receive.
  10. Is there anything you want to change in the blogging community?
    No, absolutely not. Other than the fact that I wish all websites were free and the fact that I wish that I had more time to upload things, I actually wouldn’t change anything. I love how diverse book-blogging can be. No two blogs are the same and every blogger is unique.

Sunshine Craver
Josie’s Book Corner
Socially Awkward Bookworm
The Boss Book Club
Life Of This City Girl
Dreamy Addictions
Book Snacks Blog
Book Delights
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Ten-Questions For My Nominees:
1) What are you currently reading and out of ten, how good is the book so far?
2) As the year is almost coming to a close (TWO MORE MONTHS!!!), what has been one of the biggest achievements this year?
3) How many books have you read so far this year?
4) Create a book acrostic poem for your name (Think of a title of a book for every letter of your name?
5) If you could chose three books, (not series 🙂 ) to take on a stranded island, which books would you chose?
6) What is your most favourite under-hyped series or novel?
7) If you had to lock yourself up in an empty room for a whole day, which book character would you lock yourself up with?
8) What are you most excited about for Christmas (I know its early :))?
9) If you could be an illustrator, author, editor or book reviewer- which one out of the four would you chose?
10) List the first song you think of and pair it with a book that reminds you of the song!

That’s all! Once again thank you so much to Beatrice for nominating me and if you still haven’t checked out her blog, go check it out right now!



My Life In Books Tag!

Hey guys!

I haven’t done a tag in ages and I found this super fun tag on Analee’s blog; Book Snacks, which you should definitely go and check out! She tagged me in this tag and I decided to have a go at it! So, let’s get started:

1) Find A Book For Each Of Your Initials:
Well, my initials are A and L:
“A” for Anna and The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

“L” for Legend by Marie Lu

2) Count Your Age Along Your Book Shelf: What Book Is It?
If I count my age along my bookshelf we land right on:
Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick!!! Who doesn’t like the Hush Hush series?

3) Pick a book that represents a destination you would like to travel to?
If you have been following my other tags you would know that I desperately want to travel to London and what inspired me to choose London is The Infernal Devices, which is the exact book I am choosing for this question:

5) Pick A Book That Is Your Favourite Color
My favorite color is aqua blue and green. The book with the color that catches my eye is:

Isla and The Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins!

6) Which book do you have the fondest memory of?
That will be The Percy Jackson and The Olympians series! I practically grew up with this series and whenever I see it in the bookstore a wave of nostalgia and amazing memories all come rushing at me!

7) Which book did you have the most difficulty reading?
That would have to be Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas; I just couldn’t do it. Everytime I tried to pick up the book and read it, it would drag on for way too long and it was awfully boring. I never ended up finishing the first book, which I rarely do.

8) Which book in your TBR pile will you give you the biggest sense of achievement?
I am currently reading Pride and Prejudice, which will be a huge achievement for me when I am done with the novel. I also have two other classics on my tbr; A Tale of Two Cities and To Kill A Mockingbird. If I finish all three of these novels that are on my TBR I will definitely feel accomplished.

Here are 10 bloggers I nominate but feel free to do the tag, if you would like!
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❤Emoji Tag❤

Hey Guys!

This is another fun little tag, that seemed like a lot of fun and I decided to try it out! I was nominated by The Lit Mermaid to do this tag (Thank you so much!) and if you haven’t checked her blog out you are seriously missing out because it is a truly amazing blog, that you won’t regret checking out!

For this tag you have to choose five of your most used or recent emojis and pair them up with a book:

Heart = The Infernal Devices
   Finish 1
 If you have been on my blog a lot, you would know that I love the red heart emoji and so it mustn’t be a surprise that my most used emoji is a heart. I decided to pair up my favorite series to my favorite emoji and that series will have to be The Infernal Devices. I absolutely love this series and I swear I use this series for every tag, but that doesn’t matter because this series deserve lots of praise!

  Laughing Crying = Lux
This is another popular books in my tag posts but I can’t help that I love this book so much. This books always makes me laugh so hard that I could probably start crying and  so, it is a perfect fit for one of my favorite emojis! This book has so many jokes and witty lines that I guarantee will crack someone, even if they don’t laugh a lot!

Heart-Eyed Emoji = Angelfall 
finish 3
I recently finished the Angelfall series and it was so good! I really needed your typical cliche “angelic fantasy” and this book really delivered that to me! The heart-eyes really convey my feelings and emotions about this book. Raffe. Raffe deserves all the heart-eyed emojis I can give! I highly recommend this book, if you are hesitant to pick it up because it seriously won’t disappoint! A review will be coming soon!

Hysterically-Crying Emoji = Eleanor and Park
This book deserves a crying emoji because I cried an awful lot for this book. I am a sensitive person and have a list of books, which made me cry. This book really stood out to me because I vividly remember using tissue after tissue, once I finished this book. If you are looking for a book that will make you cry… a lot, you need to pick up this book because you will cry a river as big as the Nile!

Heart Kissy Face = Anna and The French Kiss
finish 4
Whenever someone mentions Anna and The French Kiss, the first thing I think of is romance and Paris. The heart-kissy face definitely has this young, parisian romance vibe, which is why I chose Anna and The French Kiss. All Stephanie Perkin’s novels are reminiscent and they leave you with this longing for a love-story as perfect as the ones she writes. Anna and The French Kiss, by far, is my favorite and if you haven’t read this, don’t be fooled by the name, it is a perfect read for contemporary enthusiasts!

That’s all for this Emoji Tag! I know I haven’t been posting a lot of reviews and I lot will be coming up in the future and a “currently-reading” post! What is your favorite emoji and what is a book that remind you of that emoji?

Here are five people I nominate:
Book Delights
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The Ultimate Fangirl
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Blogger Recognition Award

Hey Guys!

This is a post for the Blogger Recognition Award, I haven’t done an award in ages and so I decided to do one today! I would like to give a big thank you to The Sparkly Reader and Giselle at Hardwork Boulevard! Definitely check out their blog because they post super awesome things and are the nicest bloggers around! The original blog award was created by the book blog, Edge of Night!

Here is what you need to do:
Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to!
Write a post to show off your award!
Give a brief story of how your blog got started, and give a piece or two of advice to new bloggers. Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog. List who you’ve nominated in the post and link your post to Edge of Night.

How Did My Blog Start?
I started my blog because I loved watching other people talk and write about books and if you know me personally, you would know how much I love talking about my books. I really wanted to spread the love of reading and how much reading has inspired me, which is why I decided to start a blog. My friend started a blog about half a year before me and it’s called Artemis Skadi. You might have seen her around on my blog! She kind of inspired me to write my own blog, as well, as she used to tell me how much fun it was. I certainly do not regret it and I love blogging. I can’t imagine myself not blogging! It has been a crazy adventure and it has only been less than year.

Two Pieces of Advice To New Bloggers
This may sound super cheesy but whatever you write just be yourself in your writing. Write like how you would talk because it’s your voice that makes you unique. It’s your writing, quirkiness and craziness that makes people want to follow you! Write about what you want because it’s your blog and you are entitled to your own opinion!

2) Meet other bloggers and have fun!!!
You aren’t the only one blogging, step out of your comfort zone and try to make an effort to meet and check out other blogs. HAVE FUN, is an important one because if you think blogging is homework then that isn’t blogging. You should be proud of your achievement no matter how small or how big the accomplishment is!

What is one piece of blogging advice you have? Comment below!

Here are 15 bloggers I nominate:
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Liebster Award X2 (#3 & #4)

Hi guys!! I hope you all are having a good weekend! A very big thank you goes to Ashley at The Bookish Obsession and to Danielle at Inked Words and Wrinkles, for nominating me for this fun award! They both have amazing book blogs and you should check them out! I love the Liebster Award because it is a really cool way to meet and find out more about the bloggers of the blog! For this award, I’m going to answer two sets of ‘eleven-questions’, then I’m going to tag 11 other bloggers and then I’m going to give them a set of ‘eleven-questions’ for them to answer! So lets get started:

The first set of questions come from The Bookish Obsession:

  1. Who is your favorite character from a book you have read? Why?
    I don’t have a favorite character because I love many characters but I do love Rose. My friend and I have been obsessing about Vampire Academy recently as she just finished it and the new book from Bloodlines is out! I love her because she has so much sass, she is really confident and she isn’t a weak character that is always in distress!
  2. What is your favorite food?
    Like a normal person, I have many favorite foods. I love anything cookies and cream flavoured, like cookies and cream milkshakes, ice cream, wafers, pancakes and yogurt. I like Nandos but it has to be Extra Hot with a side of Spicy Rice ! 🙂
  3. How many books did you read last year? How many books do you want to read this year?
    I actually don’t know (hehe), but I think I read over 100 but as my homework load is getting heavier and heavier I’m going to try to aim too read at least 85-100 books!
  4. What is/ or was your favorite subject in school?
    My favorite subject at school is sport and science because sport is literally like a free period of just fun and games, unless there is fitness testing then that sucks but usually we play dodgeball and play games! I like science as well because science is a fascinating subject that can solve pretty much all the questions in the universe.
  5. What is your favorite movie?
    I was recently asked this question but I don’t have an answer. Usually, I really love book to movie adaptations but they are never really true to the book. I really like Hachi: A Dog’s Tale!
  6. What is your ideal vacation spot? What will you do there?
    I dream of taking a trip around Europe to London, France, Greece, Rome and to other places in Italy! I have only ever been to Paris but I would love to visit again! I love to get lost in a totally different lifestyle with modern or ancient streets and building, that lead to a mystery with every step and I think these four places can give me that.
  7. Do you prefer physical books, e-books or audiobooks?
    Physical books all the way. I can’t really stand audio books because even with the voice intonation it sounds like a lecture given to me by one of the teachers and I can’t concentrate on the story line. I also am not a big fan of e-books as they strain your eyes.
  8. Do you have a favorite genre you like to read? Why?
    I don’t have one specific favorite genre I love to read but I love the books that incorporate many different genres and there has to be a dash of romance!
  9. Do you have any pets?
    No but I’ve been wanting a pet since I was young. I had a gold fish but I’ve wanted a dog. I might be getting a dog this year and I can’t wait!
  10. What is your favorite song right now?
    I have three favorite songs right now and they are Love Me Like you Do, by Ellie Goulding; Doing It by Charlie XCX Ft. Rita Ora and I Want You To Know by Zedd and Selena Gomez!!
  11. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
    Ice cream is the bomb.com! I love cookies and cream flavored Ice-Cream but I also like Caramel Ice Cream with honey-comb pieces.

That was the set of Questions from The Bookish Obsession! Now, for the set of questions from Inked Words and Wrinkles:

  1. A book you actually enjoyed but wanted to hate.
    The 5th Wave. I really hate Sci-FI, Apocalyptic stuff and I really wanted to hate the 5th Wave, because of that but I ended up really enjoying it!
  2. Watch the movie or read the book first?
    READ THE BOOK! I can’t stress this enough. If you want to watch a movie, read the book first and then watch it! Be a loyal fan!!!!
  3. Do you ever skip to the end to see what happens?
    I used to do that for like every book but I stopped after reading The Hunger Games because I spoiled it majorly for myself!
  4. What book have you re-read the most times?
    Lux and The Percy Jackson Series. I’ve read Mark of Athena five times and as for Lux I pretty much just pick up the book at choose random parts to re-read because it always cheers me up!
  5. Do you use bookmarks or dog ear the pages?
    BOOKMARKSSSSS!! Don’t dog ear the pages because that just tatters the book! I always tell my friend off for doing that to her books.
  6. What is the most disappointing ending to a series you read?
    Probably the Shatter Me series. I absolutely hated the ending.
  7. Is there any series you have read where the sequel was better than the first?
    I’ve read sooooo many series where the sequel is way better than the first one! The Clockwork Prince’s sequels are better than it, Vampire Academy’s sequels were better than it, City of Bone’s sequels were better than that one and Obsidian’s sequels were better than it.
  8. If you could have dinner with one fictional character from a book, who would it be and why?
    WILLLLLLLLLLLL! He is the nicest, hottest, most loving and kind hearted man ever and we pretty much share the same interests. We love reading and are a bit crazy and loud!
  9. What fictional world would you like to live in?
    Vampire Academy or Percy Jackson’s world because who wouldn’t want to be a half-blood or Dhampir!
  10. Is there any author whose work you refuse to read?
    No not really. I can’t really think of one off the top of my head!
  11. Best non fiction book you have ever read?
    Popular: A Vintage Guide For A Modern Geek and maybe some Psychology and Science books I’ve read!

These were all the questions! I was given and here are eleven questions for the bloggers I nominate:
1. Online book shopping or in-store book shopping?
2. Who is someone you look up to, in real-life or a fictional character?
3. What is your most anticipated book this year?
4. #Dearme What is one piece of advice you would give to your younger self?
5. What is an inspirational quote you live by?
6. What is the most thought-provoking book you have ever read?
7. What is the funniest book you have ever read?
8. If you had to go in a battle with one other fictional character, who would you choose?
9. “Most important life question” What are you watching on Netflix or on TV right now?
10. Which YA book is the most nostalgic for you?
11. What event or expo do you desperately want to go to?

Now for the eleven bloggers I nominate:
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Artemis Skadi
Written Word Worlds
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Thank you so much! If you weren’t tagged, you are definitely more than welcome to do this! Have a great afternoon and remember you are all amazing!