The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon

Title: The Mime Order
Author: Samantha Shannon
Series: The Bone Season
Release Date: September 2015
Retail Price: $16.99
Overall Rating: 7.5/10
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama, Adventure, Dystopian

Hey guys! So, I just finished The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon and if you didn’t see my first post about The Bone Season, I have been reading this thrilling series by Samantha Shannon. It is filled to the brim with twists and turns and has the perfect little recipe for a really good high-fantasy novel. Reminiscent to novels, such as Sarah J Maas’ stories, The Mime Order had a respectable female heroine, romance and a huge adventure. It sure won’t disappoint fantasy enthusiasts.

The Mime Order picked up right where The Bone Season left off, Paige is getting pulled into another adventure back in her world of Scion, London. She must deal with her Mime Lord but along the way she encounters an opportunity to expose a dark secret about their world and she will do anything to save London from going slowly backwards. Torn by her heart Paige much make decisions that will decide the fate of her and London.

If you haven’t already (even though you probably should), you must grab this book and series the next time you visit your local bookstore or library. It is the perfect concoction for a fantasy novel that will keep you up for nights reading it.


The Mime Order had me hooked for the whole roller-coaster ride. The Bone Season was so good and so was The Mime Order. There is something about the complexity of this novel that just gets to me. Yes, the writing is absolutely poetic but the development of the world and it’s faults just seems unreal. Samantha Shannon’s writing style makes it sound like the world of Scion truly exists; she has it all planned out in her head and isn’t afraid to translate all that into a book that literally grabs the reader from their chair and immerses them into this fantasy, black-market world of scion. That is only one of the reasons for why I like this book.

Not only that but the main character, is so much more mature than your average 19 year old who hosts a rebellion against their criminal world. Paige Mahoney doesn’t get on my nerves, which is a great thing because if you have seen my previous reviews you will find that I find characters extremely annoying. Yes, Paige has her faults but they do not annoy me and they are so much more unique to your average “too reckless” and “too rude” flaws. Her flaws, such as  not being able to harness her power, is so much more interesting to read about as it gives the reader more insight to this complex world.

Ahhh…now let’s talk about the romance. My feelings are torn about the relationship development of Warden and Paige. I am glad that Paige got over Nick in the first quarter of the novel as it gives us less to worry about and more focus on the plot. However, throughout the novel I felt that Paige and Warden’s relationship began to weaken as Samantha never mentioned it. When Paige began to question her love for Warden it seemed slightly shallow and their relationship never really strengthened for the rest of the book. Hopefully, it will begin to tighten again in the third book, which I am super excited for.

The plot for The Mime Order was one big roller coaster. It was similar to Divergent and The Hunger Games, yet totally different in its own ways. The world is built on a dystopian with a heroine who wants a rebellion against the government but this novel took a sense of maturity as she made decisions based on the opinions of the people. I really enjoyed reading about her plotting her ways and weaving through the society. I loved when they had the showdown of the lords at the end of the book and that for me was definitely a highlight. I am super excited to find out more about the Grey Market and how she copes with Jaxon. Overall, the novel was a great read and I am itching to get my hands on the second book. I can tell the books will keep getting better and better and the series will be one that will be left embedded in my head.