3 Simple and Fun Fandom DIYs

Hello Bookboys and Fangirls,

In this post I’ll be showing you three simple DIYs, to “fandomfy” your room and phone, so your book-loving personality shows more! This is my first ever DIY post and I hope you enjoy! All the materials in these DIYs are really cheap and easy to find! So the first one is an Phone case DIY!

DIY Favorite Quote Phone Case
photo 1 (1)
So this tutorial is a really simple phone case that looks cute and personal and as you can see the one above is the one I made. I love it so much because its so easy to make and you can give it to your friends as a present. They spice up your normal boring phone case!
What You’ll Need:
1. Colored Sharpies- I used a Silver and Gold Sharpie as they contrast well against the black case
2. Phone Case- I used an Iphone5 black case, which I already had
3. Your Favorite Quote
4. Washi Tape

How To:
1. So first, find a copy of your favorite quote from your favorite book. In my case, I used the quote, “My big books bring all the boys to the yard and I’m like: No, shut up, I’m trying to read,”. You can use any quote, if you want you can even draw a fandom symbol, such as Runes, The Mockingjay Symbol or The Deathly Hallows Sign.
2. Then you grab your Washi-Tape and then tape underneath the camera line and then another line of tape at the bottom of the case. This way you can create a cute border and boundary for your quote or drawing.
3. Then you write your quote or drawing in the space created by the washi tape:
photo 2 (1)
4. Then you let it dry for at least ten minutes.

They are so easy to make and they turn out cute and personalized.

DIY Rune Bunting!
photo 2
So this DIY is a room decor one, where it is a bunting filled with runes. You don’t have to use runes, you can also put your favorite books on the flags or you can spell out the name of your favorite character. They are also really simple to make and they make your room really book-themed.
What You’ll Need: 
1. Colored Paper- The quantity depends on the amount of flags you need but I had seven flags which meant I used 4 pieces of paper, as you make two flags on one piece of paper.
2. Twine or String.
3. Tape
4. Color pencils, markers, Sharpies or photos of your favorite books.
5. Scissors

1. So cut each of your papers in half and create identical triangle on the half pages, suiting your style but you must create a little flap at the end (see photo below). The height of mine was 7 and a half inches and the base was 5 and three quarter inches. It was an isosceles triangle. I made 7 flags but you can make as many as you can. Once you make one you can use that as a tracing shape for the rest of your flags.
This is the template of one of the flags on the bunting.
2. Then draw your runes on the flags. I drew one rune on each flag but you can draw fandom symbols, photos of your favorite books or quotes. It’s all up to you.
3. Then set your flags aside and cut out about 2m of twine. Lay the twine out in a straight line.
4. Then place the flags on top of the string like shown:

photo 3 (1)
4. Then fold the flap back on the string and stick it down with tape.
5. Hang it up wherever you desire. I put mine in front of my quotes board.
They are really easy and you can hang them up anywhere!

DIY Magazine Quotes
photo 3
So this next DIY is practically free and they are easy but can be time consuming. They are a great addition to your room. I wake up to my quotes everyday and they really inspire me. They act as little reminders and you can put as many quotes as you want in your room. You can make it prettier by adding glitter around it or decorating it with fairy lights.
What You’ll Need:
1. Magazines
2. Scissors
3. Blu-tack

1. Find a copy of your favorite quotes and count out the number of letters in your quote. I had 22 letters in mine.
2. So tear out pages of your magazine and then using those pages cut out rectangles, that are 8cm x 9cm. If you had 22 letters then cut out 22 rectangles.
3. Then sketch out in bubble letters each letter in your favorite quote on each rectangle. Then cut it all out and lay the letters out in order on the floor.
photo 4
4. Then using blu-tack stick up your quote on your wall and Voila! your easy DIY Magazine Quote is up!
You can put any quote from any of your favorite books. My quote is from Looking for Alaska by John Green.

Those were the three easy, fun and cheap DIYs I have. I hope you liked them! Comment below your favorite ones and tell me how they turned out! Stay tuned for more DIY Fandom projects!


Book News- 21/11/14

Hey Guys! So the most exciting piece of book news this week would have to be, no doubt, that THE MOCKINGJAY PART ONE MOVIE CAME OUT on Thursday. I can’t wait to watch it!!! The soundtrack also came out and I have to say, the songs are amazing. The Mockingjay Premiere was also this week!

There has also been two new snippets from Cassandra Clare. One from The Dark Artifices:
Have I?” asked Mark. “Is this my home?” He looked over at Emma. “I can say this to you because you are not a Blackthorn. You do not have Blackthorn blood running through your veins. I have been in the land of Faerie for years and it is a place where mortal blood is turned to fire. It is a place of beauty and terror beyond what can be imagined here. I have ridden with the Wild Hunt. I have carved a clear path of freedom among the stars and outrun the wind. And now I am asked to walk upon the earth again.”
“You belong where you’re loved,” Emma said. It was something her father had said, something she had always believed. She belonged here because Jules loved her and the children loved her. “Were you loved in Faerie?”
A shadow seemed to come down over Mark’s eyes, like curtains closing in a dark room.
There was also one unidentified snippet:
There was nothing less sexy than an angry-looking cat on your bed.

The new book Maybe Not by Colleen Hoover, had a cover reveal earlier this week.

That’s all this week on book news

Book News- 20/9/2014

Hey! So this week! There has been a lot of exciting book news.

On Monday, the Mockingjay Trailer came out. So, exciting! The graphics were amazing. I seriously can’t wait for the movie. (Comes out on 19th November)

On Thursday, The Maze Runner movie came out. You should go check it out and watch Dylan O’Brien, who is Thomas.

Throughout the week Booktubers have been given clues to the new, highly anticipated, Blood of Olympus (comes out on Oct. 7) I’ll post the latest clues in a different post. Also, Rick Riodan’s “Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods” is currently number one best seller for the 7th week in a row.

Not only that, they have given the lead role of Margo, in Paper Towns, to Cara Delevingne. She apparently blew John Green away at her audition.

If you are in Canada, you are certainly lucky because Veronica Roth(Divergent) and Tahereh Mafi (Shatter Me) are going to Canada!
Tour Dates:
Toronto: Oct 14th
Oshawa: Oct 15th
Calgary: Oct 16th

Here is a little Clace (Clary and Jace) fact to cheer you up:
Cassandra Clare said that throughout the books they shared a toothbrush! So Cute!

I’ll keep you updated with the latest news and write some book reviews soon! I am currently reading Beautiful Redemption!