Habits and Changes I’ve Made To Kickstart A Good 2017


Hello! Hello! Hello!

I haven’t talked to you guys in what feels like ages and I am so very sorry! I had exams and the school year was overwhelming filled with back to back activities and I couldn’t find the time to sit down and blog about my life.

Anyway because I have only just gotten back into reading because of a busy few months, I decided to post something a bit more “lifestyle” like. I was thinking about things I have done lately and there are a few things changes and habits I’ve begun to hopefully make me a happier, healthier and more motivated person. I felt like there were just somethings this year that have left me with a lot of negativity and bad vibes. However I want to change that before 2017 years so I can make 2017 the best year. I thought I would just shre these things with you in this post!

What are somethings you do to make you a healthier, happier and more motivated person?

screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-05-34-10bullet journalling

Never in a million years would I have imagined myself spending the time every week to bullet journal but I do not regret starting this habit. I love bullet journal- it is not only calming but gives you a sense of achievement. There is just something about sitting down and planning what is coming up, what you have done in the past week and organising your daily habits and goals. I love how bullet journalling is not just like a diary you can personalise it to suit you and it also is a way to shine your personality. The satisfaction you get from flicking through your journal is indescribable. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this habit until next year!

we heart itscreen-shot-2016-11-09-at-05-34-10-2

I know you must be thinking:How is We Heart It supposed to make you a more motivated person? but hear me out. I love hearting photos that just make me happy. There are so many photos out there on we heart it that leave you with a since of wanderlust, excitement, adventure and pleasure. Keeping the photos you like on a canvas makes it easier for you to look back on them and realise the goals you want in your life. The photos I all heart are things and ideas I want to be able to tick off my bucket list and taking the time to heart these photos every day makes me a more motivated person.

motivational videos

I recently found this youtube channel called Motivation Grid and I am addicted to their videos. Usually I hate cheesy videos and articles but these videos are magic they leave you with this really great sense of determination that makes you feel like you can conquer anything. If I ever feel down or in need for motivation I will watch on of these videos! If you ever find the time to watch a good video you have to check out this youtube channel.

elevate brain training

Elevate brain training is basically this app that enables you to train your brain every day with three fun mini games. I love using this everday because not only does it leave you with a sense of satisfaction you also get to play a bunch of mini games whilst training your brain. I know the science behind daily brain training is controversial but I guess there is no harm in trying it out. Its free and easy to join as well!

There are just some of the little changes and habits I’ve added to my life to make me a more positive and motivated person! What are some good habits you have?


PS: Stayed tuned for my book reviews and other exciting posts I have up because I have just finished exams and school! 🙂


My Three Reading Habits❤

No matter who you are or what you are reading, I am sure we all have a habit. Whether it is commenting out loud, drumming your fingers or eating a light snack, we all have that one small little habit. Today, I decided to tell you my three reading habits! If like me, you do some of these things comment below- I would love to know that I’m not the only one!

1. Tapping My Fingers or Foot
I’m one of those people who constantly have to be moving a part of my body and usually when I read in a sitting position I will continuously tap or shake my leg. I do it subconsciously but it really annoys my family and friends because whilst I’m doing it I will be shaking the table. When I’m reading, I get really anxious at tentious points and my tapping will go through the roof. If I am in no position to shake my feet, I’ll drum my fingers.

2. Commenting Out Loud
If I am reading next a close family member or friend, I will comment whilst reading. For example, if a book character died (which actually happened to me today 🙁 ) I will literally start screaming and will start chanting, “NO! NO! NO!”. If a major plot-twists happens, I will also start screaming! If the character I am reading about is being frustratingly annoying, I will cry out in annoyance. This annoys some of my friends because sometimes I will break the silence and scare them! 🙂

3. Fiddling With Objects
Whenever I am reading, I will fiddle with the nearest object- twirling my hair, scrunching up paper or playing with a keychain. Similar to the reasons for why I tap my feet and fingers, I get really nervous whilst reading and so I will literally grab the nearest thing and start fidgeting with it. I am actually doing it right now. 🙂 Lots of my friends do this, so hopefully I’m not the only one!

These are my three reading habits! Don’t forget to comment below your reading habits:

I hope you liked this mini post!