Taking On The New Year- 2017



I know this post is long overdue but I still wanted to write about the new year of 2017! You know that feeling you get when its the new year but you still don’t feel put together- that’s kind of how I feel at the moment. Hopefully, this post will let me clear things up and allow me to start afresh.

2016: a  reflection

When 2016 was beginning to draw to an end I felt slightly disappointed. In terms of world events, I was not too happy about the events that went down last year. However, in terms of my own personal achievements and life, I’m pretty content with where I am. 2016 was the year I began my Bookstagram (20th of January to be exact) and in less than a year I already have more than 4.2K followers which I am so happy with! Thank you to everyone who has supported and followed me because I would never have imagined surpassing 1000 yet alone 4000! In addition, 2016 was the year I completely changed my blog and I have gotten so much positive feedback from you guys and I feel like my blog has grown so much this year!

2017 goals:

There are so many things I want to achieve this year! Often my mind wanders and I end up setting unrealistic goals but this year I’m trying to avoid that. Here are some of the goals I want to achieve this year:

♡ Create and use a 2017 bullet journal
♡ Stop rushing things and take the time to step back and enjoy the moment
♡ Create timeless memories
♡ Branch out to other topics with my blog
♡ Organise school books and notes
♡ Meet new people and get closer to them
♡ Take the time to do the things you love
♡ Read at least 50 books
♡ Love everyone with all of your heart
♡ Take more photos

2017: Exciting Releases

There are so many exciting book releases this year that I can’t wait to get my hands on! Here are three of my most anticipated releases:

Hopefully, 2017 will be filled with happiness and excitement! I’m wishing you all a happy 2017! I just came back from a trip and (fingers crossed) I’ll be able to get my travel diary up soon! Thank you all for the amazing support I’ve received in 2016- it means the world to me!

Lots of love,


March Obsessions and April Excitement!


Hello, Guys!!

Sorry for not posting much this week, it’s the last week of school (Yes!!) and I have finally gotten the chance to sit down to write this blog post. Since it’s the holidays, I am planning on getting lots of reading done and crossing off lots of books on my TBR! I can’t wait to sit down on my bed and binge read lots of these novels!

what’s going on in my life

March has been an eventful and chill month for me! (I know it’s weird) The first half of my month was quite ordinary: I was following my daily routine, completing assignments and school work and working out. However, the second half was quite hectic: tests were flying, I had a sports injury and my stress levels were soaring. Holidays just started! (Yay!!!) Hopefully, this holidays I’ll be very productive in terms of completing holiday homework, managing my blog and reading lots! The holidays will be ending mid April and after the holidays, I’ll be having school exams happening. I can’t believe this year has already gone by so quickly, which is both good and bad. I’ve been keeping a diary, and being the kind of person that never sticks to a schedule, I’m pretty happy because I have actually managed to keep a calendar filled with dates and it’s been sooo helpful!

favourites: music

I’ve been listening to a lot of new music lately that is a bit different to what is played on the radio. You can listen to my songs on the left! As you can see there is still Shawn Mendes on my favourites, and this is only a snapshot of my playlist. I still have many of his other songs on my playlist but I’m loving Strings at the moment. XO by Beyonce is a bit old but I rediscovered it again and I am loving it! If I were to recommend three songs you should listen to it would be:

  • Undress Rehearsal by Timeflies
  • Borderline (Vanic Remix) by Tove Styrke
  • Wild Things by Alessia Cara

favourite books this month

DSC_0236_Fotorhu9oiI’m so ashamed to say that I actually haven’t been reading much this month but I did read Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare, which took me longer than I intended but I did manage to finish it and I absolutely loved it! I linked the review but if you haven’t read this yet, you must because it is my favourite read of the month! I also read Emery Lord’s When We Collided which I really enjoyed! I’m part of the blog tour for this novel and I’ll have a review up soon! It was a great book and it kind of reminded me of the Museum of Intangible Things! I also just finished This Is Where The World Ends by Amy Zhang and it was a unique and fresh read that I needed. It was different to what I normally read and it had lots of John Green vibes! A review for this book will be up too! I’m reading Me Before You and I’m nearly done with it. I really liked Jojo Moyes’ discussion for the themes in this book, hopefully, I’ll love it as much as everyone else did by the end of it.  I got lots of books this month but I want to make a video on it and so I won’t be putting a book haul in this month!

blogging life!

For my blog, I have been uploading quite a bit (except for this week hehe!) and hopefully, I can still continue to write more and more posts, especially since it’s the holidays. I think I’ll also start putting out some lifestyle posts too because I have lots of lifestyle post ideas swimming around in my head and who knows maybe it’ll become both a book and lifestyle blog by the end of the month, but I’m still working it out! I’ve been planning on starting a youtube channel for ages and I think I might film a video in the next few days and try it out! It’s just the whole filming, putting your face and voice out to the world, that freaks me out. I love talking and chatting, though and hopefully, it’ll turn out okay! For my channel, I think I’ll make it both lifestyle and book for sure. It may have a different name to my blog but who knows? I might not even follow through with the idea!

On my bookstagram over @hashtaglovebooks.alicia, I’ll be doing the #alyssaandaliciaapril2016 challenge! I’m hosting it with @alyssaisreading (I’ve linked her blog!) and I’m super excited! If you are looking for a good April challenge, you should totally join our challenge! We would both love to see your photos! Another exciting piece of news is, we’re nearly at 2K, which is unreal because I just started my account at the end of last month! I don’t know how I feel about my feed at the moment *sigh* but hopefully, it’ll get better!



april tbr:

DSC_0239_FotorThis month I am planning on reading tons of books because it’s the holidays! Here are five books I am determined to read this month: (Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the cover for Whisper To Me!)

  • Whisper To Me By Nick Lake
  • A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E Schwan
  • November 9 by Colleen Hoover
  • Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
  • 99 Days by Katie Cotugno

If you are following my book group- @thereadingrebels You would know that our April Book Of The Month is Pride and Prejudice by Jae Austen!

goals for next month and what’s to come for april:

Hopefully, April will be one amazing month. As I have mentioned before, I’m trying to get lots of books read and I also want to write lots for my blog. I really want to get my study habits down because I’m still learning new tricks every day but with major exams and assignments coming out soon I want to establish and cement some good study tips and time management skills before the tests begin. I’ve been wanting to do a lot more sport lately because sport and running are somethings that relaxes my racing mind. I tried boxing this month and I absolutely loved it. I think I might find a gym I can sign up to and try some more boxing classes or circuit training.

how about you guys? how has your month been? what are your goals for april? link your monthly wrap-up below i would love to see it!


#goals: Literary Collection

Hey Guys!

Sorry, for not posting all weekend, I have been awfully busy but today I have a fun post about my dream literary collection! As a bookie, all I want is the #PERFECT #GOALS literary collection! Honestly, I would like every book possible to the world but that is impossible. I have an obsession with any books and vintage books definitely catch my eye. If you want a few vintage, extraordinary novels, check out Invaluable, an auction site for anything vintage to exciting! After an intense session of browsing through a thousand books on Invaluable, I’ve decided to choose five books I want in my #goals literary collection!

  1. Vintage Classic Children’s Books
    FotorCreated1 Children’s books, such as, Goldilocks and The Three Bears and The Story of Peter Pan always make me feel nostalgic and they always give me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Who remembers the bedtime stories we used to always tell when we were younger? I do not have any vintage Children’s books but I would love a copy for my perfect book library! My favorite children’s fairytale is Sleeping Beauty and it would be a true “dream come true” to own a vintage copy of my favorite princess. I also am a huge fan of Dr Seuss and his quirky storylines and characters! What was your favorite children’s books?
  2. English Charles Dickens’ Classics Set!
    FotorCreated2Ever since I’ve read The Infernal Devices, I have been wanting to read an English classic, such as Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. So this Charles Dickens’ classic set really caught my eye! The set would be a beautiful compliment on my bookshelves and these books will definitely be read and passed down from generation to generation! I am actually currently reading Pride and Prejudice and it is a pretty good book!
  3. Signed Young Adult Books
    FotorCreated3Unfortunately, they don’t have any young-adult books on the site but it would be a dream to collect signed young-adult books. I have no signed young adult books…nada! I really want at least one signed book in my life and I would love a young-adult novel! I have never come across a book-signing where I knew the author! I would love a trillion signed young-adult novels on my book-shelves!
  4. Vintage French Books
    FotorCreated4 France, is known as the literature, vintage and love city, the mix of everything France is known for sounds amazing! It would be extraordinary to have a vintage collection of French books, such as the famous “Les Miserables”. Even though, I do not speak French at all, except for a little here and there (Je m’apple Alicia 🙂 ) it would be awesome to flick through a beautiful language, such as, French and to embrace the culture!
  5. Poetry Collection
    FotorCreated5I have been a lover of poetry for a long time, they remind me of a puzzle that you slowly uncover to discover deeper and thought-provoking philosophy. They can be relatable, reminiscent and they can make you feel solitude and wanderlust! I would love a collection of anthologies that I can pick out of my shelf and read a poem, which will definitely light up my day!

These are just some of the books in my #GOALS library and you can get some of these books from Invaluable! Have a browse around because it will not disappoint and you will discover a new love for vintage items from books to dresses to decorations! Thank you to the lovely people at Invaluable for helping me set up this post! If I ever got these books I would be taking a million #shelfies! 🙂

What are some of the books in your #PERFECT literary collections?