“Flaws + Dystopians” Book Review: Flawed by Cecelia Ahern


Title: Flawed
Author: Cecelia Ahern
Release Date: April 2016
Rating: 8/10
Genre: Dystopian, Romance, Drama

DSC_0044_FotorWhen I first saw that Flawed was Cecelia Ahern’s new novel, I admit, I was skeptical because I had only ever heard of Cecelia Ahern’s contemporary such as Love, Rosie. Hearing that she was writing a dystopian seemed very foreign to me but I was pretty excited to dive into it because the cover was gorgeous and the summary dragged me in. Flawed pulled me out of my reading slump and I honestly couldn’t put it down. If I were to recommend a good contemporary, this would be it. It’s perfect for fans of Delirium and Matched.

Cecelia Ahern’s Flawed follows the story of Celestine who has lived her life unflawed. Every day she passes those who are flawed and in her society, doing a bad deed and being branded as flawed is the worse crime. However, often those who are labeled flawed have done trivial things but Celestine doesn’t question things because, at the moment, her life is perfect. She is a straight-a student, she is popular and she has the perfect boyfriend. One day, Celestine decides to help a Flawed man which causes her glamorous life to crash down.

Flawed definitely got me out of my reading slump, which I had at the time! After reading so many dystopian before, I had a looming thought at the back of mind which said that I probably would think that Flawed was just like any other Young-Adult Dystopian but I was proven wrong because Flawed has been one of the best dystopians I’ve read in a while. Okay, but enough with all the praise, I’ll actually get into the specifics.

For once, the main character is actually not annoying. (I know it’s a breakthrough 🙂 ) Seriously, though, if you know anything about me, you would know that I find many main characters get on my nerves easily. What I loved about Celestine, was how relatable she was. Although I have never been in a position like hers, I know that if I was ever in her shoes I would do the exact same thing. She wasn’t reckless, which definitely made the book less frustrating and I really enjoyed watching her character develop throughout the story, from what was a naive girl to a teenager who was more understanding of the politics and people in her society.

Now onto the boys: Art and Carrick. I honestly don’t know who to choose but at the moment, I am leaning more towards Art. From the start, Art seemed like such a perfect boyfriend, that it was pretty hard to hate him. Carrick on the other hand, is like the dark side we have still yet to see in the novel. I haven’t read much about his character to make my final thoughts about him but I have a feeling that I will really love his character!

The world building was really well thought out. It wasn’t hard to understand what was going on and I never found myself confused. Cecelia Ahern really did a good job of describing and developing the world in Flawed. For me, quality world building is a must in novels as the different worlds are what pulls my thoughts from the present world into an imaginary world. Flawed, did a good job of it but I would have loved to see a more in-depth description of the society. However, I think Cecelia will explain more about the Flawed world in the second book, which I am pretty excited about.

I feel like this book zoomed by so quickly, I can’t wait for Perfect to come out. Flawed shows what it means to have a society which is too perfect, a society with too many boundaries and a society dictated by useless rules. I’ve always imagined what it’s like to have a perfect society and I think Cecelia perfectly encapsulate in this series that being perfect isn’t always correct. The consequences of a perfect society are clearly apparent in this novel and I have loved reading every flaw in the world.

Cecelia Ahern’s Flawed is definitely not flawed. It has a sprinkle of everything I enjoy inside a dystopian. For any dystopian lover out there: you will fall in love with this novel!


Thank you so much to Harper Collins Publishing. I received Cecelia Ahern’s Flawed from Harper Collins, in exchange for a review.  Please note that this does not alter, influence or change my opinions on the novel, in this post.

“Flaws + Signed Books” Teaser Tuesdays: April 12th


When people say that time goes by quickly, I would definitely agree with them. I can’t believe it’s already April! APRIL! Times flies! I am back with another Teaser Tuesdays and it will be the first one this month. (Confession: I didn’t do one last week! Sorry! 🙂 ) I am so excited to share with you the book I am currently reading.

currently reading: flawed by cecelia ahern

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I recently got this sent to me by Harper Collins and I was extremely elated to find out that it was signed by the author. (I honestly feel so special, I never have signed books!) If you’re thinking, “Cecelia Ahern sounds awfully familliar,” it’s because she wrote Love, Rosie! Flawed is her first young-adult novel and I am loving it so much!

She really did a good job with the whole young adult dystopian thing. Flawed is set a dystopian world, in which every immoral act is criticised and results in being branded as Flawed. Those who are Flawed are looked down upon in this society. Celestine has lived her whole life as the perfect model: she has fallen in love, gets straight As, never commited anything wrong and has a perfect family. However, one day her life goes crashing after second-guessing the government’s system and now she must faced the world as she is about to be branded, Flawed.

I love it so far and I can’t wait to put up the review! Also, I just wanted to add that my blog will be a bit jam packed this week! I have a lifestyle post coming up, which I hope you guys might enjoy and I also have a book review and interview for When We Collided up tomorrow!

“When you hear something, it can never be unheard. I know deep down, that this evening I have learned something that can never be unlearned,”
– Cecelia Ahern, Flawed


what are you guys reading this week?


Finally, an all out amazing fantasy read! Young Elites and Rose Society by Marie Lu- Review

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Title: The Young Elites & The Rose Society
Author: Marie Lu
Release Date: 2014 & 2015
Retail Price: $16.00
Overall Rating: 8 /10
Genre: Dystopian, Dark, Adventure, Fantasy

“Be true to yourself. But that’s something everyone says and no one means. No one wants you to be yourself. They want you to be the version of yourself that they like.”
– Marie Lu, The Young Elites

After, my major book-hangover of Marie Lu’s debut series, Legend Trilogy, I knew that I had to read The Young Elites. However, when the release did come, it slipped out of my reach and I never ended up reading it. I picked it up straightaway when I saw it on display at my local library, I dived straight into it! I was hooked til the end, I think I can crown this one of my top five favourite reads this year! (Well, it’s only February- oh well!) There is just something so magically unique that is woven in to her storyline that kept me intrigued. Have you ever read a book so dark and so well-written that you just have to stop and step back to say that this feels too real? This is exactly what happened to me on multiple occasion whilst reading this. In my opinion, this could be one of the darkest fantasy series I have ever read. I highly recommend it, if you haven’t checked it out because trust me, it won’t disappoint your tingle for a fantasy.

The Young Elites and Rose Society, follows the story of Adelina Amouteru who has been hit with the plague at a young age. However, that is not the only horrifying time of her life- her father treats her inhumanely and her sister is always doted by her father. Adelina, is forced to please her father but then she discovers that her plague has cause something deep inside her. After being called a malfetto are her life because of her plague which has scarred her both physically and mentally, Adelina figures our that she has a super power due to the plague but unlike other malfettos her super-ability is much darker and more powerful.

Spoiler Review!- Spoilers For The Young Elites and The Rose Society Ahead!

Do you ever just read something- a line, a quote or a paragraph; in a book that makes you have this great epiphany and relisation that makes you go- What just happened? I absolutely had such a joy reading this book! I loved so many different elements in the story which all were interlocked together to create this great read!

When I first jumped into the novel, I was captivated by Adelina’s story, which very much reminded me of Cinderella.  She has such a devastating child-hood that it made me understand every thought she had. What I loved about this book are the unique characters- never have I ever read a character quite like Adelina. It was backward (in a good way), Adelina’s character development turned from what was a somewhat positively characterisation to a negative, power-thirsty character. Every thought she had was so carefully thought out by Marie Lu and each line and thought in her perspective was dripping with a slight darkness. I love how complex her character is, as a reader it was hard for me to descern whether she was a protagonist or an antagonist, that it was blowing my mind. She has both the ying and the yang in her personality that is hard to find in other characters from other novels I’ve read.

In the Young Elites, I was trying my hardest to click with her character but at times she would annoy me. For example, when she was desparate to be a part of the Young Elites, I was cringing (There is nothing more I hate than cringing). Until I disocovered by the second book, The Rose Society, that the reader, rather than relating to the character, is influenced to see her character from a witness’ point of view. Marie Lu’s writing is honestly too good, the fact that she portrayed Adelina’s character through such a manipulative light, was so different. I never would have related to Adelina in any way, whatsoever yet, I felt like I was in her shoes. Her dark personality felt so realistic. At the end of the book, you can clearly see her character development, when she casts out her sister. I was literally stunned- it felt so much like I was her and that to me felt like magic.

Teren, is the antagonist in the first novel but to be honest, I don’t think his character was developed as well. I mean yeah we got to discover his hatred for the malfettos, as well as discovering his deep passion for the queen. However, his character was very shallow- how could you possibly love the queen like a blood-thirsty fan? It wasn’t really making much sense in my brain. Notonly that but his personality differed so much from when he was talking to Adelina vs. talking to the queen. You can clearly see this in the ending scenes of The Rose Society when Adelina changed from herself to the queen and Teren instantly changed from a soldier to a lost puppy. Enzo, was a bit like Teren’s it wasn’t developed as well but I think we’ll see more of his character and personality in the next book. A lot of his life history and backstory was very mysterious and he was portrayed a bit more stereotypically, he was a dark character, who was the ringmaster of the group. Oh and of course, Adelina falls in love with him (#predictable) but I hope to discover more about him in the next book.

Now, onto the captivating storyline. I loved the plot line in the first book- there were so many different elements. Adelina was taken in by this new society and through it she developed her power. I loved the fact that, Marie Lu threw in this other problem that caused Adelina to be twisted and pulled. I love how she had to bargain with her sister with Teren. I was constantly reading and page-turning to find out what happends to her in the end. What surprised me was- I thought this would be a predictable book but the ending just surprised me. I couldn’t believe that everyone casted her out and Enzo DIES!! I couldn’t belive that Raffaelle was actually a backstaber to Adelina because I honestly didn’t notive since the start.  I was definitely not expecting that and I wasn’t really expecting Adelina to turn so cruel and heartless in the second book. There are so many parts in this book that I thought I would predict correctly but then it turns out I was wrong. That is why I had such a fun time reading this book!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I’m highly anticipating the next book! The characters are just sooo unique and the storyline blew me away!

Have You Read This Book Yet? Let Me Know What You Think In The Comments!

I’m Absolutely Loving Rose Society! Teaser Tuesdays! (16/02/16)



It’s Teaser Tuesdays again! Woohoo! Teaser Tuesdays is basically where I tell you guys what I’m currently reading and give you a short teaser of from the novel! It’s Tuesdays and you know what that means… Shadowhunters and Teen-Wolf!! Does anyone else watch theses shows? I love Teen Wolf but I haven’t watched the latest episodes of Shadowhunters. (blame school, ahaha jks. ) Anyway, let’s get onto my current read!

I’m Currently Reading:
The Rose Society

When I finished The Young Elites, I was left with a minor book hangover because the ending just left me gaping! I immediately jumped into The Rose Society and have literally been transported into this new world! I haven’t read a book this fast in February! Marie Lu is truly talented and I have so many thoughts about this novel. (I’ll definitely be putting a review soon) What I love about this novel is how complex her characters are, each one has a bit of good and a bit of bad, very much like a ying-yang. Often writers, create one-sided characters and it’s hard to find characters which are as complex as Adelina and Teren. I don’t want to give too much away, so, here is a little teaser:

” To bind us together,”
“I pledge myself to the Rose Society,” I begin, “Until the end of my days,”
One by one the others call out the same things, murmurs at first that turn into firm words.
– Marie Lu, The Rose Society

I hope you enjoyed this little teaser and I highly recommend it if you haven’t read it yet! What are you currently reading? I would love to know!!

#mythoughts on the new Allegiant trailer: “Tear Down The Wall”

Hey, guys!

Before I get into #mythoughts on the new Allegiant trailer, which was released yesterday, I just wanted to ask- Do you like my new layout of my blog? I’ve changed it so that most of the photos used are edited and taken by me. Also, don’t forget to check out the new trailer, before you get spoilt:

Before I start this #mythoughts, I just want to say that I fully respect the fact, that this is a movie that has been made with great effort. However, as a true Divergent fan, I may have a bit more than a few complaints about the new Allegiant movie. First of all, let’s talk about the fact that this movie is being made into two parts. No…just no. There isn’t much that happens in Allegiant: Tris and the rest of the other main characters jump over the wall, they discover the lost city of “Chicago”, they discover they were part of a grand scheme of a government experiment, David wants to wipe out the memory of the whole city and then Tris dies trying to save the innocent people living in the Divergent world. I don’t really understand how they are going to drag such a short plot into two movies. Not only that but instead of being called, “Allegiant: Part Two,”, It’s going to be called “Ascendant”. To be honest I rather, Allegiant: Part Two, I was so confused. Maybe it will work out and make sense after watching the movie but at the point in time, I’m not a big fan.

Now onto my thoughts on the latest trailer titled, “Tear Down The Wall”. Yes, it already sounds extremely cheesy. I was blown away by the effects, you can tell lots of effort was put into the editing and filming. It looks so stunning and amazing, yet, it seems to be poorly adapted. I have a feeling, based on what I saw in the trailer, that the beginning of the film will be a little slow. What I was confused about was the fact that they were running, yes, running up the walls. What I really enjoyed about the series, was the fact that it seemed realistic and it could possibly happen, in the future. However, the movies have taken it to a whole new level of fantasy. There is no way people could run up walls and to be honest, I was rolling my eyes. As they panned into what seemed to be beyond the wall (Chicago), it looked like intergalactic Mars. This is  a dystopian, not really a “sci-fi”. There were floating and flying pods, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I do not remember flying spaceships in the book. I remembered visualizing a place with barren and arid grounds filled with pollution, kind of like the Earth presented on Wall-E, not Mars or Jupiter.

However, you have got to like Theo James. I saw in a recent video that there will be a lot more Four/Tobias cameos due to the fact that his story has been painted a lot more since the second book and they will continue in the third movie. I honestly can’t wait. What I really enjoyed about these movies, are the characters. Tris and Four are portrayed really well and I’m excited to see the new characters, such as Nina and David. The whole “airplanes” scenes seem to be like to book and I’m excited to see how Four reacts in the film. The only problem is Tris and Four’s relationship has no chemistry and I do not know how that will turn out in the movie, based on the little chemistry I saw in the trailer.

Nevertheless, I’m still super excited to watch the film as it comes out in the cinema. What did you think of the trailer? Comment below❤

Also, I’m super excited and happy because I just watched 5th Wave and I’m taken aback! It was better than I expected, it stayed pretty true to the book and it has made me want to re-read the series! Have you watched The 5th Wave movie yet?

Thanks, guys!


Review: Boy 23 by Jim Carrington

Title: Boy 23
Author: Jim Carrington
Release Date: January 2016
Retail Price: $15.99
Overall Rating: 7.5/10
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Dystopian

When Boy 23, arrived on my doorstep. I gladly picked it up, after being dragged in by the mysterious cover and title. The storyline of Boy 23 kept me up, I’ve never really read a novel quite like this one. There were little flaws here and there but it was a light easy read. If you are looking for a little read after reading something that’s hardcore and intense, Boy 23 if a pretty good novel.

Boy 23 follows the story of a young boy, who has lived his whole life inside a room which provides him with all of his necessary amenities, called My Place. The voice, is Boy 23’s only interaction with a human. One day, he mysteriously wakes up in a dark place and is thrown outside into a new world with only a backpack filled with little supplies and a note from the voice, which tells him to run far far away. However, along the way he discovers that many want him dead and he can only learn to trust himself and the people that really know him well.


After finishing this novel, I was conflicted. On one side, I really liked the storyline and believed it could have great potential. However, on the other, the writing wasn’t amazing and some of the characters were slightly cliche. There were some good parts and some negatives but the novel wasn’t horrible and I enjoyed reading it.

Boy 23, also called Jesper, was the most three-dimensional character in the story. You could tell that Carrington put a lot of thought and effort into his personality. The fact that he didn’t really know much about the world, could easily be flawed in stories but based on Jesper’s actions and situations you could tell he didn’t have much prior knowledge. Not only that but Jesper’s young and immature personality slowly develops throughout the story and you can really see that at the end of the novel. At the start of the novel, Jesper was easily manipulated, especially by Father Frei but as the novel progresses Jesper begins to understand trust and he begins to put up barriers.

I also really enjoyed discovering that who he really is. Keeping this question unanswered from the start of the novel, really pushed me to continue reading the novel. Not only that but I love dystopias, where the world has been stricken by an epidemic. Jesper, unsurprisingly is the “special-one” who has mysteriously developed a cure from the Marsh Flu and I really wanted to find out more about his mysterious history. Towards the end of the novel, we discover he is a hybrid, which seemed slightly cliche and despite the major lead-up to this moment, I was disappointed.

The novel was written in three different point of views, which I found unnecessary. Both Blake and Carina’s chapters were written very similarly. Jim Carrington’s writing is very plain and simple: “I push and pull,” and unfortunately, this brought the book down. The simple writing made both Blake and Carina’s chapters very similar. Not only that but if it was purely in Jesper’s point of view, there would have been more unanswered questions which would have made the novel more mysterious and intriguing. Jesper’s perspective had more of a distinction due to the fact that he didn’t know much about the world and his thoughts really reflected that.

The ending was the best part of the novel, as many secrets were uncovered and there were little plot twists here and there. When I discovered that Blake was Boy 23’s father I wasn’t very surprised but I did enjoy discovering about the “aliens” as it added a new dimension to the story that I was excited about. I can’t wait to read about them in the next novel. Hopefully, he will get to meet his siblings one day. I also enjoyed reading Carina and Jesper’s friendship develop. I was surprised when Blake died and watching Jesper get upset was heart-breaking.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this light read and I’ll definitely have my eyes open for the next novel. Jesper’s character was intriguing and I’m excited to see how his story plays out.


The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon

Title: The Mime Order
Author: Samantha Shannon
Series: The Bone Season
Release Date: September 2015
Retail Price: $16.99
Overall Rating: 7.5/10
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama, Adventure, Dystopian

Hey guys! So, I just finished The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon and if you didn’t see my first post about The Bone Season, I have been reading this thrilling series by Samantha Shannon. It is filled to the brim with twists and turns and has the perfect little recipe for a really good high-fantasy novel. Reminiscent to novels, such as Sarah J Maas’ stories, The Mime Order had a respectable female heroine, romance and a huge adventure. It sure won’t disappoint fantasy enthusiasts.

The Mime Order picked up right where The Bone Season left off, Paige is getting pulled into another adventure back in her world of Scion, London. She must deal with her Mime Lord but along the way she encounters an opportunity to expose a dark secret about their world and she will do anything to save London from going slowly backwards. Torn by her heart Paige much make decisions that will decide the fate of her and London.

If you haven’t already (even though you probably should), you must grab this book and series the next time you visit your local bookstore or library. It is the perfect concoction for a fantasy novel that will keep you up for nights reading it.


The Mime Order had me hooked for the whole roller-coaster ride. The Bone Season was so good and so was The Mime Order. There is something about the complexity of this novel that just gets to me. Yes, the writing is absolutely poetic but the development of the world and it’s faults just seems unreal. Samantha Shannon’s writing style makes it sound like the world of Scion truly exists; she has it all planned out in her head and isn’t afraid to translate all that into a book that literally grabs the reader from their chair and immerses them into this fantasy, black-market world of scion. That is only one of the reasons for why I like this book.

Not only that but the main character, is so much more mature than your average 19 year old who hosts a rebellion against their criminal world. Paige Mahoney doesn’t get on my nerves, which is a great thing because if you have seen my previous reviews you will find that I find characters extremely annoying. Yes, Paige has her faults but they do not annoy me and they are so much more unique to your average “too reckless” and “too rude” flaws. Her flaws, such as  not being able to harness her power, is so much more interesting to read about as it gives the reader more insight to this complex world.

Ahhh…now let’s talk about the romance. My feelings are torn about the relationship development of Warden and Paige. I am glad that Paige got over Nick in the first quarter of the novel as it gives us less to worry about and more focus on the plot. However, throughout the novel I felt that Paige and Warden’s relationship began to weaken as Samantha never mentioned it. When Paige began to question her love for Warden it seemed slightly shallow and their relationship never really strengthened for the rest of the book. Hopefully, it will begin to tighten again in the third book, which I am super excited for.

The plot for The Mime Order was one big roller coaster. It was similar to Divergent and The Hunger Games, yet totally different in its own ways. The world is built on a dystopian with a heroine who wants a rebellion against the government but this novel took a sense of maturity as she made decisions based on the opinions of the people. I really enjoyed reading about her plotting her ways and weaving through the society. I loved when they had the showdown of the lords at the end of the book and that for me was definitely a highlight. I am super excited to find out more about the Grey Market and how she copes with Jaxon. Overall, the novel was a great read and I am itching to get my hands on the second book. I can tell the books will keep getting better and better and the series will be one that will be left embedded in my head.