“Caramels + an contemporary” Teaser Tuesdays | August 16th



How is everyone? Today I am finally back with a Teaser Tuesday as I know I haven’t done one in ages. I love updating you guys with my last finds and my current read. As I mentioned a while ago, I have fallen into a reading slump but I’m trying to curb that this week as I haven’t really received much homework. What have you guys been reading lately? Anyway, I’m currently reading:

caramel hearts by e. r. murray


I’m currently reading this adorable contemporary titled, Caramel Hearts, which is by E.R. Murray. I haven’t really gotten into the book yet as I only just started it but based on the blurb it sounds adorable. I am hoping that it won’t be too immature because I’m getting “Everything, Everything” vibes! However, it is a romance and I need a good break from fantasy:

“I spin on my head and head down the corridors towards Science, pretending I can’t hear Sarah when she calls my name,”
– Caramel Hearts, E.R. Murray

what do you think? have you read caramel hearts? don’t forget to let me know about your current read down below!


One extremely long #tbr list…



Winter has struck here, where I live and it has been frigid cold every day. I’m hoping every day that I won’t catch a cold and every day consists of warm blankets and toasty heaters. However, another important thing that warms me up on a winter day is a good book. I haven’t been reading as much as I would like. (Blame it on Gossip Girl) This means that my TBR list is piling and piling with books. Today I decided to show you some of the many books on my TBR:

romance contemporaries

Contemporaries are vital to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside because the romance in them fills my heart with joy. I’ve been craving contemporaries for a very long time and I can’t wait to fall in love with the characters in these books!

series and trilogies

I need to find a good series ASAP because I’ve been in a mini reading slump for ages. I miss jumping into exciting new worlds and having my heart wrenched from various plot twists. Which series do you think I should read next?

plus more:

I don’t just have contemporaries and series on my TBR I also have other stand-alones and upcoming releases that have been sitting on my TBR for ages!

So that is my tbr!!! Hopefully, I’ll get around to some of these books soon! Collecting and reading the synopses of all these novels have just gotten me so so excited to read them!

What is are some novels on your TBR? 🙂


“Love Letters + Pretty Covers” Teaser Tuesdays & Exciting News


Hello guys,

This is a very late Teaser Tuesdays  but I am back again to share with you my latest read! If you didn’t know teaser Tuesdays is where I share with you a teaser from a current read and my current thoughts on the novel. Lately, I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump (it sucks 🙁 ) but I’ve been reading:

whisper to me by nick lake!


Recently, Bloomsbury sent me a copy of Nick Lake’s Whisper To Me and I just started it a few days ago but because I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump, I’m only on page 25. Whisper To Me is a long love letter from a girl called Cassie who has messed up her relationship with her boyfriend. She hears voices everyday and she doesn’t know who they are from but she just wants her boyfriend to come back. I like to go into novels without knowing much. Hence, I’m predicting that this novel will be a mix of a cute contemporary that deals with mental illness. Whisper To Me is unlike any novel I’ve read before. It really is a love letter and it feels like I’m reading someone else’s journal. I’m really enjoying it so far!

exciting news:

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what are you guys currently reading? i would love to know!

A Happily Ever After or A Heartbreaking Miserably Never After? #bookishtalks


Hello, guys!

Something that’s been on my mind lately when it comes to books is the ending. Whenever I start a new novel the first thought that pops into my head is: “How will this book end?” For me, what makes or breaks a book is the ending. If ends horribly, I’ll end up not enjoying it but if it ends really well, I’ll end up loving it so much. However, recently I’ve noticed that so many people prefer a happy ending and many others prefer that heart-wrenching, “feels” provoking ending. Each book ends so differently and at times, I’ll prefer an ending over another but I never can predict which one I prefer better. Each ending has their own satisfaction and happiness that I can never guess whether I prefer a happy one or an eventful one. *Also, just to let you know there may be a few subtle spoilers but don’t worry their only spoilers to really popular books, which most of you have probably read!

so what do you like: a happily ever after or a miserably never after?

A happily ever after for me is one where not many of the main protagonists die and every character has resolved all the main issues. This ending usually belongs under the contemporary section.
DSC_0197Most contemporaries end with your fairytale ending, both the main characters fall in love with each other, after multiple events and they both live happily ever after. There is just something so satisfying when you close one of these contemporaries and you get this fluttery feeling in your chest that makes you want to explode in cuteness. One of the main reasons why I love happy endings is because of the cuteness it drowns you in and the happiness that you get surrounded in. You don’t have to worry about main characters dying (*cough* Allegiant *cough*) or you don’t have to worry about drowning in tears and feels. All in all, a happily ever after usually makes me super happy, despite it’s cheesiness and at times can make me feel bad because I’ll never have a perfect life or love story as those in contemporary novels! (Anna and St Clair. are #goals!! I will never find someone like St Clair.) However, sometimes a happy ending can mean one thing: cliché. One of my reading pet peeves is a really cliché ending. I’ve read enough happy endings to the point where if it’s pretty much your typical contemporary with an insta-love, a stereotypical main character and a super cheesy ending, I’ll end up having mixed feelings about the novel. Sometimes, I don’t really know what I can label as cheesy as most contemporary novels are cheesy but there are a few endings where I’ll be unphased because the ending was just too typical. I like happy endings that stick with me forever and happy endings that make me feel that bubble of happiness and excitement.

On the other hand, miserable and heart-wrenching endings are something that makes me really excited. It may sound like an oxymoron but I love books that break my heart into shattered pieces of glass, books that make me cry rivers of tears and books that make get hit right in the feels!

Yep! This is pretty much me^^^

I saw this post recently on Paper Fury about why we enjoy painful endings and after reading her post and reflecting on it: I literally had this revelation! What she said was so true. One of the things she mentioned was the fact that everyone loves feeling all the feels, whether you are the least likely to read tragic endings or the most likely. Feeling all the feels and all the heart-wrenching emotions is something we all enjoy. For me, it feels like magic. How can a book filled with only the 26 letters of the alphabet make you feel so much? Every book that has hit me square in the chest is like magic and it’s one of the many reasons why I love reading. The fact that the novel is so thought provoking yet so enjoyable just makes me want to fangirl all day. Let’s take The Infernal Devices for example, it was a rollercoaster of feels, excitement, fangirling and sadness, yet, it still stands as my favorite series of all time. Any novel that is a rollercoaster of emotions just gets me so excited and because it has impacted me so much it will always stay with me. Not only that but like Paper Fury has mentioned it give you the excuse to talk and chat with all these other people about the pain the book or series has given you.

However, sad endings and miserable endings are not always the best and sometimes, you finish a book and you just go: “What kind of ending was that?” Every once in a while, I’ll read this heart-breaking novel and it’s just so obvious that the author put in a tragic ending for the sake of a thought-provoking novel.
You can get sick of sad endings too, many novels usually end in a somewhat sad ending and you just get sick and tired of it. Killing off main characters is one of my pet peeves, to all authors: DO NOT kill off the main characters if it is unnecessary. Allegiant for example, killed off the main character for no reason what so ever and for me, it didn’t feel like she was trying to be selfless, it felt like it was trying to ruin a perfectly good novel. All The Bright Places, on the other hand, had this tragic ending that was cunning and well-thought out, it didn’t feel abrupt and it didn’t really feel like it was placed in the book for the sake of having a sad ending.

Sometimes it’s all about the balance my favourite kinds of endings are the ones where they can both be sad yet hopeful and happy at the same time. Complex endings are my favourite because you get the best of both worlds. Both the Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments provide perfect examples of these kinds of ending because they both end on a sad note yet they both end happily. These are my favourite kinds of endings.

i would love to hear from you guys! what do you prefer: a happy ending, a tragic ending or an ending that gives you the best of both worlds?

Sorry, for not posting much this week! I’ve had quite a few exams which I have conquered and slayed (If I can say so myself)! Don’t worry the holidays are approaching (Thank god!) and I’ll have lots more blog posts up soon!





Top Five Contemporaries!

Yes, it is another one of my top five posts and today I have my top five contemporaries that I absolutely adore! By the way, these aren’t in order because I can never decide which ones are my favorite! What is your favorite contemporary? Comment below!

1. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
By far this has been my favorite contemporary since I first read it ages ago when I was in my first-stages of becoming a bookie. I love how this novel explores themes that are so hard to find in not just contemporaries but any young-adult book. I loved how it is set in a retro America and I love how realistic the novel is. It doesn’t sugar coat our society, our people and love. Even though the ending is *cough* tragic *cough*  I love how it isn’t your typical “happily ever after” story!

2. Anna and The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
More like the cutest novel on this universe, I absolutely loved this book. It had everything needed for a perfect contemporary- a cute boy, a city of love and a relatable main-character. The writing is perfect and it leaves you aching for an amazing love story like Anna’s and Isla’s and Lola’s. I love how at the end of each of her novels it ends in a cute and satisfying way! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE FIND ME A ST. CLAIR?????

3. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han
This book is one of my most loved books on my shelf! It is filled to the brim with your typical teenage drama and is told by a girl, who was relatable in ways that is different to your normal relatable girl. I really don’t know what it is about this novel that stands out. However, I absolutely love how page-turning this book is! Every scene is tension film it keeps you wanting more and more. It is a really different contemporary romance that gets you sucked into a love story that everyone will enjoy reading!

4. Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen
Similar to the way To All The Boy’s I’ve Loved Before left me feeling, I love finishing a good book that leaves you warm on the inside. Saint Anything definitely did that for me. The romance was really cute but not over the top cute and the main character was not cliche. She had a lot of depth to her that is not often found in contemporary romances. She had her problems and I loved watching her grow into a person that was a better her.

5. All The Bright Places by Jennifer Nirven
Similar to Eleanor and Park, it is a more realistic and truthful contemporary that really explores the dark side to a teenager’s mind. I love how it is a cross between Eleanor and Park and The Fault In Our Stars. However, it is still vastly different and unique to the two novels. I loved the themes this novel explores and it really made me feel feelings that I never usually feel. I cried so much by the end and I highly recommend it!

These are my top five contemporaries! What are some of yours?