#goals: Literary Collection

Hey Guys!

Sorry, for not posting all weekend, I have been awfully busy but today I have a fun post about my dream literary collection! As a bookie, all I want is the #PERFECT #GOALS literary collection! Honestly, I would like every book possible to the world but that is impossible. I have an obsession with any books and vintage books definitely catch my eye. If you want a few vintage, extraordinary novels, check out Invaluable, an auction site for anything vintage to exciting! After an intense session of browsing through a thousand books on Invaluable, I’ve decided to choose five books I want in my #goals literary collection!

  1. Vintage Classic Children’s Books
    FotorCreated1 Children’s books, such as, Goldilocks and The Three Bears and The Story of Peter Pan always make me feel nostalgic and they always give me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Who remembers the bedtime stories we used to always tell when we were younger? I do not have any vintage Children’s books but I would love a copy for my perfect book library! My favorite children’s fairytale is Sleeping Beauty and it would be a true “dream come true” to own a vintage copy of my favorite princess. I also am a huge fan of Dr Seuss and his quirky storylines and characters! What was your favorite children’s books?
  2. English Charles Dickens’ Classics Set!
    FotorCreated2Ever since I’ve read The Infernal Devices, I have been wanting to read an English classic, such as Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. So this Charles Dickens’ classic set really caught my eye! The set would be a beautiful compliment on my bookshelves and these books will definitely be read and passed down from generation to generation! I am actually currently reading Pride and Prejudice and it is a pretty good book!
  3. Signed Young Adult Books
    FotorCreated3Unfortunately, they don’t have any young-adult books on the site but it would be a dream to collect signed young-adult books. I have no signed young adult books…nada! I really want at least one signed book in my life and I would love a young-adult novel! I have never come across a book-signing where I knew the author! I would love a trillion signed young-adult novels on my book-shelves!
  4. Vintage French Books
    FotorCreated4 France, is known as the literature, vintage and love city, the mix of everything France is known for sounds amazing! It would be extraordinary to have a vintage collection of French books, such as the famous “Les Miserables”. Even though, I do not speak French at all, except for a little here and there (Je m’apple Alicia 🙂 ) it would be awesome to flick through a beautiful language, such as, French and to embrace the culture!
  5. Poetry Collection
    FotorCreated5I have been a lover of poetry for a long time, they remind me of a puzzle that you slowly uncover to discover deeper and thought-provoking philosophy. They can be relatable, reminiscent and they can make you feel solitude and wanderlust! I would love a collection of anthologies that I can pick out of my shelf and read a poem, which will definitely light up my day!

These are just some of the books in my #GOALS library and you can get some of these books from Invaluable! Have a browse around because it will not disappoint and you will discover a new love for vintage items from books to dresses to decorations! Thank you to the lovely people at Invaluable for helping me set up this post! If I ever got these books I would be taking a million #shelfies! 🙂

What are some of the books in your #PERFECT literary collections?