“Caramels + an contemporary” Teaser Tuesdays | August 16th



How is everyone? Today I am finally back with a Teaser Tuesday as I know I haven’t done one in ages. I love updating you guys with my last finds and my current read. As I mentioned a while ago, I have fallen into a reading slump but I’m trying to curb that this week as I haven’t really received much homework. What have you guys been reading lately? Anyway, I’m currently reading:

caramel hearts by e. r. murray


I’m currently reading this adorable contemporary titled, Caramel Hearts, which is by E.R. Murray. I haven’t really gotten into the book yet as I only just started it but based on the blurb it sounds adorable. I am hoping that it won’t be too immature because I’m getting “Everything, Everything” vibes! However, it is a romance and I need a good break from fantasy:

“I spin on my head and head down the corridors towards Science, pretending I can’t hear Sarah when she calls my name,”
– Caramel Hearts, E.R. Murray

what do you think? have you read caramel hearts? don’t forget to let me know about your current read down below!


One extremely long #tbr list…



Winter has struck here, where I live and it has been frigid cold every day. I’m hoping every day that I won’t catch a cold and every day consists of warm blankets and toasty heaters. However, another important thing that warms me up on a winter day is a good book. I haven’t been reading as much as I would like. (Blame it on Gossip Girl) This means that my TBR list is piling and piling with books. Today I decided to show you some of the many books on my TBR:

romance contemporaries

Contemporaries are vital to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside because the romance in them fills my heart with joy. I’ve been craving contemporaries for a very long time and I can’t wait to fall in love with the characters in these books!

series and trilogies

I need to find a good series ASAP because I’ve been in a mini reading slump for ages. I miss jumping into exciting new worlds and having my heart wrenched from various plot twists. Which series do you think I should read next?

plus more:

I don’t just have contemporaries and series on my TBR I also have other stand-alones and upcoming releases that have been sitting on my TBR for ages!

So that is my tbr!!! Hopefully, I’ll get around to some of these books soon! Collecting and reading the synopses of all these novels have just gotten me so so excited to read them!

What is are some novels on your TBR? ūüôā


Reading Slumps…Teaser Tuesdays 22/06/16


Hello Guys!!

I AM FINALLY BACK. I know, I know. I have taken a very long break from this blog because I’ve been lacking a bit of motivation due to a reading slump. I guess I really had an overdrive of motivation at the start of the year, which has now died down. However, I am determined to find that motivation again. I will definitely have some exciting posts coming up in the near future because it’s the holidays and I can’t wait to write some exciting posts. Anyway, let’s get back to the subject…Teaser Tuesdays. I have a very exciting current read:

rebel of the sands by alwyn hamilton

DSC_0287_FotorWords can not express how excited I am to read this novel. I’ve heard so many good things about this book and I can’t wait to jump straight into it. I have heard many comparisons of this novel to The Wraith and The Dawn, which is one of my favourites. Have any of you guys read this novel? I only just started so I’m¬†on chapter five. I love it already! Here is a little teaser:

“I looked and a bullet was embedded ¬†in the wall a hair to the left of my skull. Only then did I start to shake,”

what are you reading this week?


The Get To Know Me Tag!


Hello guys!! Today I decided to do another tag! What I love about tags, is the fact that I can express a little bit more about my opinions on certain books and I can introduce myself and my personality through my answers! I have never actually done the “Get To Know Me Tag” but I decided to do it today, as I love the concept of the tag! Thank you to Denise over at The Bibliolater ¬†for tagging me! Everyone should definitely go check them out! They are some of the nicest bloggers out their and their blogs will definitely not disappoint you!

basics about alicia

IMG_2245Name: Alicia
Nicknames: A lot of people call me leesh, leeshy or a leesh! ūüôā A know quite a lot of Alicias and they all tend to hate the name Leesh but I’ve grown accustomed to it.
Birthday:¬†May! ūüôā IT’S SO CLOSE!!!!
Star Sign: Gemini. Yes, the twins star sign. When I was younger, I used to be obsessed with horoscopes and birth gems but nowadays, I never read them and when, I do I never take them seriously.
Occupation: Student. I am a high school student and homework is basically my current occupation. When I’m older I would love to be doctor or a dentist but being a blogger or a vlogger would be an amazing job as well!


Hair color:¬†Black! It’s such a boring color. I do get brown streaks in the sun and some people think my hair is a really dark brown, but no, my hair is black.
Hair length: Long. I only ever have my hair long as I think it suits me a lot better than short hair.
Eye colour:¬†Dark Brown. Yes, another boring color! ūüôā
Best feature:¬†I don’t know!! I love my hair and I guess I love the looks and skin color of my ethnicity! ūüôā
Braces:¬†No. I don’t need braces and I don’t think I’ll be needing them any time soon!
Piercings:¬†I only have my ears pierced. I don’t think I would want other piercings!
Tattoos:¬†No. I’m not old enough!
Right or left handed: Right Handed! I used to be obsessed with being ambidextrous but I have come to the realization that I am only right handed!


Best friend:¬†My first best friend was one of my friends, Kaitlyn. However, sadly I moved and we have been apart for nearly five years. We still keep in touch and hopefully, I’ll see her again soon!
Award: I don’t actually remember! I do remember getting a writing award when I was younger and so I’ll have to say a writing award!
Real holiday: When I was about two years old, I went on a real holiday to Paris. Unfortunately, I do not really remember it, I only have one memory from the actual trip!
Concert:¬†Sadly, I have never been to a real concert because I have never been a true fan for many artists. Except for Selena Gomez and Shawn Mendes!!! However, I have never been to any of their concerts before. I plan on ticking off “going to a concert” on my bucketlist soon!


Film: I guess, I don’t really watch many movies because I am a restless person and I can’t make myself sit down for two whole hours to watch a moving image on a screen. However, I love any chic flic!¬†Especially, Mean Girls! I love it and it’s one of my favorites!
TV Show: Teen Wolf!! Is anyone a Teen Wolf fan? I absolutely love it and I love the characters and action throughout the series.
Color:¬†Mint Green! I have loved this color for such a long time and I don’t think I’ll be changing anytime soon!

Song:¬†I couldn’t just choose one song! I love so many at the moment. UGH! I CAN’T CHOOSE!! I’m loving Ariana Grande’s latest songs, such as Dangerous Women, Let Me Love You and Be Alright! Her latest songs are definitely under-hyped and I definitely recommend them! Of course, I am absolutely loving Shawn Mendes’ and Selena Gomez’s songs but I think that’s pretty obvious! I am also loving Justin Beiber’s Company! Just like Denise, here is a spotify playlist you guys can click play on:

Restaurant: I love healthy cafes and restaurants! I am loving a shop called Top Juice which has some amazing salads! I also love a health cafe called Combi, which has some of the most amazing raw deserts.
Shop: I am going to give you some of the most typical answers but I love H&M, Nike and Forever 21! They are the best!
Books:¬†You can’t ask a book lover what her favourite book is, because you are literally pulling me apart by asking this question. I think my top two series are The Infernal Devices and Lux!
Shoes: This is going to sound superficial but SHOES ARE MY LIFE! I just love buying shoes but I am very picky with my shoes! I love my Nike Roshes and I love some suede ankle boots from Windsor Smith that I adore!


Feeling: A little bit frazzled and mostly happy! I don’t really have anything to be upset about at the moment and I try to keep a positive mindset to most things. I am feeling a little frazzled because I have quite a lot of homework and upcoming tests!
Single or Taken: Single as a pringle!
Eating: Well I’m not really eating anything but I might have a smoothie later on tonight! I had a pretty light dinner.
Watching: I‚Äôm not watching anything¬†because just like movies, I don’t really watch many TV shows! I’m waiting for Teen Wolf to come back! I have had a lot of people who have told me to watch Gossip Girl so I might try to squeeze in an episode this weekend!
Wearing:¬†Pyjamas, which are just a pair of yoga pants, a NY T-shirt and a hoodie! I know…an interesting choice but I’m going to sleep in a few hours anyway!


r3ji2peChildren:¬†This is an interesting question…because I love the concept of raising a child until they grow up but I don’t know if I will ever be mentally prepared to carry a child in my stomach and raise it for the next 20 years of my life! Does anyone else understand me?
Marriage:¬†Hopefully one day! I think it’s a life goal, I definitely have! However, I am very choosy when it comes to boys but it’s still ages away until I’ll be able to marry and so I rather not dwell on it at the moment!
Careers:¬†Like I said earlier, I would love to do something in the field of medicine and science because I’ve always had that passion. I would love to be a blogger or vlogger too! Who knows what I’ll become?
Where you want to live:¬†Toronto or LA! I’ve loved both of these cities from when I was young! I’ve visited LA a few times and I love how it’s the centre of everything but the only problem is, LA is a very crowded city! I love Toronto as well and I think I would love to live in the city
of Toronto one day!


d32ed23God: No! I guess, I have never really believed in the concept of there being an upper person in our world. I have grown up with the knowledge of many religions but I have never really believed in one.
Miracles: Not really but sometimes it’s nice to think that their are miracles in our world. However, I don’t really believe in it from a religious point of view.
Love at first sight:¬†I don’t really know! I think I’m still too young to make a proper judgement but I don’t really believe in it. How can you love someone when you first see them? It’s kind of similar to judging a book by it’s cover. Just because they look amazing doesn’t mean you’ll fall in love with them.
Ghosts: No! I read ghost stories but I think it’s childish to believe in ghosts.
Aliens:¬†You never know! I think that it’s kind of egocentric if we think we are the only beings in our universe! The possibilities are endless in this vast universe and for all we know there could be aliens out there!
Soul mates: I’ve always loved the idea that love is fate and since I’m too young to really fall in love, I would like to think that we have soul mates!
Heaven/hell:¬†No. I don’t really think we have a heaven or a hell. My point of view is that, “Afterlife is just something we made up to ease the pain of loss,” (Any Looking For Alaska Fans?) I think that afterlife and heaven/hell is just something we have made up to ease the pain of death and loss. Who knows though?
Kissing on the first date:¬†Sure…I guess! I mean, if you have known your boyfriend/girlfriend for all a very long time before you were officially together, ¬†then if you want to kiss on your first date then go ahead.
Yourself:¬†I think this is something we all struggle with. I believe that all humans are born with the same clear slate and capabilities, and as we grow older we experience different things which causes all of us to be individual. Therefore, if someone else can do something, you can do it yourself. That’s the kind of motivation I give myself. So, if someone else asks if I believe that I can do anything, I like to prove it to them and say that I can do anything!

i tag:

Sammie at Bookshelves and Biros
Jenny at Monica Book Lover
Among The Pages
Sakina at A Forest of Books and Memories
Whitney at I Love Books Girl 

what are some of your answers to these? i would love to read them and get to know you more, down below!

#tagthursday The TBR Book Tag


I don’t know about you but I have way too many books on my TBR pile. I think if I were to pile all the books I have on my TBR list, it would reach the top of Paris! ūüôā I think that it’s only right that the tag I do this Thursday is the TBR Book Tag! I saw this tag on the blog Bookshelves & Biros and thought this was a very fitting tag! I would love to hear some of the books you have on your TBR down in the comments below!

how do you keep track of your tbr pile?

Confession time: I actually don’t! (hehe) I just have heaps of book titles swimming around in my mind. If I am looking for a book, I do have an abandoned shelf on my Goodreads or I’ll go to Bookstagram and recognise a book that was on my TBR. There are just so many books out there that look so intriguing and I know that I’ll never run out of books to read

is your tbr mostly print or ebook?

Definitely, mostly print because if there is one thing I do not enjoy about reading its ebooks. I just started wearing glasses (Oh boy do I hate glasses…I actually have so much respect for those who wear them all the time,) and it’s most likely because I used to read books on my Ipad all the time and that was definitely a horrible¬†decision. Now, I try to read printed books, which is why my TBR pile is mainly printed books.

a book that has been on your tbr pile the longest:

Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Store. I have been eyeing this book before it’s release date and around the time, I started this blog, which was about a year or so ago and for me that is a long time. I loved the blurb and storyline. I’ve only heard very good reviews for this book and I have to get around to it soon!

a book you recently added to your tbr pile:

I recently added, Yellow by Megan Jacobson to my TBR pile. I loved the idea and concept for this book and it’s a mash with supernatural and contemporary! How good is that? This is definitely one of my recent additions to my list!

a book on your tbr strictly because of its beautiful cover:

A Thousand¬†Nights by E.K Johnston. Both the hardback and the paperback are gorgeous and that is definitely a win-win situation. Not only that but I love any book that has a story inspired by a fairytale. I definitely have this book on the top of TBR and I’m actually flailing while I write this! ūüôā

a book on your tbr that you never plan on reading

Truthwitch. I’m sorry guys but the blurb doesn’t seem that amazing andI’ve heard mixed reviews about it. I probably won’t be reading this anytime¬† soon¬† at all.

an unpublished book that you are excited for

I don’t really know because I don’t read anything that hasn’t been actually put on the list as potentially published. However, I am super excited for The Rose and The Dagger!! OMG! OMG! I actually can’t wait! I fell in love with this book last year and I desperately need the next one!

a book on your tbr that everyone has read but you

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard. Everyone I know has read this. I swear. I enjoyed Red Queen but to me, it was nothing extremely special. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed this book but I just didn’t feel motivated to pick up Glass Sword. Hopefully, I’ll read it soon!

a book on your tbr everyone has recommended to you that you are dying to read:

This would definitely have to be Aristotle and Dante¬†Discover the Secrets of the Universe! I’ve only heard very positive reviews of this book and apparently it is an adorable book! I am definitely up for anything that is super adorable! I am dying to read this and hopefully, I’ll read it this month!


Here are the five people I nominate! If you want to do this tag, feel free to do it! I would love to see your answers! (So, definitely link your tag post down below)!

Geraldine @Corralling Books
Jina @Ember books
Kat @Kat reads a lot
Adhvika @Books and Fiction
Isabella @youthbooks

How To Make Your #bookstagram Pictures Look Amazing! (How I edit my Insta-Pics! ‚̧ )



Okay, first of all, let me establish this, I am no professional when it comes to taking photos and my photos aren’t really perfect. I mean I only started my Instagram about a month or two ago but I have been getting lots of questions about how I edit my bookstagram photos! Thank you to everyone who always comment the nicest things on my photos because lets be real, my photos aren’t anything that amazing! But your comments always rock my day! Anyway, today I thought I’ll give you a little run down on how I edit my instagram photos! I’ve learned so much over the past month on photo-editing, photography and lets not forget all of you guys on the #bookstagram community because you guys are amazing! BTW: If you want to follow me I’m @hashtaglovebooks.alicia !

First things first (I’m the realest), I take most of my photos on my DSLR, Nikon D3200. Obviously, you do not need to take photos using a DSLR, before I had my camera I used my phone for the longest time and the photos turned out amazing. However, after a long time of getting frustrated with the exposure and quality of some of the photos taken by my phone I got a DSLR. I’m still learning how to use it and I’m pretty sure I don’t even know how to hold it properly but I like the way I have a bit more manipulation and control over the photos I take.

This Is Me (Trying) To Look Professional. :)
This Is Me (Trying) To Look Professional. ūüôā

Usually, I’ll take all of my photos on the weekend because that way I can ensure that I’ll edit it all on time and that I can edit it without having to rush and worry about taking more photos again. Also, the lighting is usually the best on the weekend because I’m actually at home from about 8am to 9am which is when there is the best lighting! Normally, I’ll take about three photos of the same type of layout because that way, I can actually choose from a wide range of photos. I’ll then upload my photos all onto my computer where I’ll choose the best ones to edit. I use ¬†Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos, which is one of the most popular programs out there! I like how easy it is and it usually keeps the quality of my photos. Here is an example of an original photo I took that hasn’t been edited:


Here are a few examples of how I edit my photos. I first crop it to the size of a square so I can see how it’ll look on Instagram and so I can get the proportions of my photo to a correct ratio. To make my photos stand out I like to turn up the vibrancy and saturation. I also expose my photos because usually my photos are little bit darker than how I would like and then I’ll turn up the highlights as well, just to get rid of unnecessary dark shadows. I also like to sharpen my photos so that the title or words on books will look a bit clearer because it sometimes gets lost in the photo.

vb uyhmo

For me, I like my feed to have bright vibrant colors, with a white background. I like having a white sheet as my background as it adds a nice background to all my photos. However, I’m super choosy when it come to photos so finding the perfect white balance between the photo will take a while. Once I finish editting photos ¬†I save the photo and export it to Google Drive, where I’ll download the photos onto my phone and then I’ll save it onto my phone to edit it on apps like VSCO Cam.

I like to put a filter on my photos because it just keeps my Instagram feed a bit more unified, even though, I have to admit that my feed is a little bit messy but I put a filter on my photos anyway. Usually I’ll put the F2 or A5 filter because it keeps my photos white and crisp. I also like to use A Color Story and for that I’ll use the Ice Ice filter. A Color Story has various editting features and it is a great alternative to programs like Light Room. Here are a few examples of how I use these two apps: (The first one is A Color Story and the other two are VSCO Cam)


Then I’ll post it on Instagram at around 6:45pm everyday! I love using the app Crowdfire because that way I can actually schedule my posts because if you know anything about me it’s the fact that I forget to do things, a lot. Anyway, besides the whole making your feed aesthetic I think another major maybe even more important facet about bookstagram is the amazing people you meet! Okay that was a little cheesy but seriously I love all of the lovely people you meet on Instagram!

ps: if you want to follow me i am @hashtaglovebooks.alicia ! comment your instagram account names i would love to see your pics.

#tagtime: Secret Life Of A Book Blogger Tag!

gui n0mpi


Sorry for not posting as much as I normally would, I’ve been a bit busy and so I haven’t had much of a chance to sit down to do something I absolutely love: Blogging‚̧! I don’t really do tags that often but on the topic of blogging, I decided to the secret life of a book blogger tag! I got this tag over at the amazing blog over at Rattle The Pages¬†(Hi, Cyra!!)! I hope you find yourself agreeing to some of these and here is just a little insight into my life as a blogger! Comment below if you have any answers to these questions! I would love to see them!

how long have you been blogging?

You know what, I’ve actually been blogging for about a year and a half but it honestly doesn’t feel like that! The year has gone by so quickly and with all the new tips and tricks I’m learning along the way it only feels like I’ve been blogging for about five months!


at what point do you think you’ll stop blogging?

This actually scares me so much, my blog has actually grown into something I love! Knowing that one day, I’ll grow up and forget about this seems scary and unreal. I’ve met so many people and friends through this and to think that one day I’ll just leave this community scares me. So, like Jace once said, “Some things are too unlikely to dwell upon,”

what is the best thing about blogging?

Does everything count as an answer? Hahaha, jks. One of the best things about blogging is the amazing community (this sounds so cheesy) but honestly, the amount of super nice bloggers out there who actually take the time to interact with me, comment and chat with me is unreal! It honestly makes my day so much brighter!

what is the worst thing about blogging? what do you do to make it okay?

I don’t know what to say but there is one little thing that I find slightly annoying- the formatting. It takes so long, I remember when I first moved to this new layout and it honestly took me two days or so to get into the swing of things, finding design inspirations, searching for how-tos and setting up the move from my old website to this new one. The formatting is hard to get right and there is so much trial and error. One thing that I do to make it more tolerable is by thinking ahead. If I think to myself that when I finish this my blog will look amazing, I’ll be a lot more motivated.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

how long does it take you to create/find pictures to use?

Well, I try to use all of my own photos and I try to edit them myself because it gives a much more personal look to my blog and not only that but I would hate to get caught out on copyright issues. Normally, I have photo shoots on the weekends and reuse them later on in the week for various things, such as my blog and Instagram. Then, I’ll edit them and add text and banners for my blog on website platforms like Picmonkey and Fotor. So for all the photos on one post, it’ll take me about five to ten minutes (not including photo shoot time).

who is your book crush?

This question… well, if you want me to list ¬†hundreds¬† I mean a few book crushes I have here are some of them: Will Herondale, Jace Herondale (Yes, I love both of my Herondales #sorrynotsorry ūüôā ) and DAEMON!!!

what author would you love to have on your blog?

Hands down, Cassandra Clare! I actually want her on my blog one day! I’m going to meet her and get her to sign my twelve books written by her. (okay, maybe that is a bit too excessive)

what do you wear when you write your blog posts?

I don’t really have a definite answer as I’m one of those bloggers who will find any little space in my day to squeeze in a little blogging. However, I am currently wearing my pyjamas, which are just a t-shirt and pyjama shorts and I guess I wear them a lot. So, pyjamas are my answer!

how long does it take you to prepare?

Who would have known that a blog post can take three whole days to post? Sometimes, when I’m really motivated and it’s a pretty short post, like this one. It’ll take me about thirty to forty-five minutes. However, for reviews where I really have to compile everything and double edit my review, it’ll take me about forty minutes to an hour and usually about five to ten minutes for formatting the next day.

how do you feel about the book blogging community and nature?

I LOVE IT! Like I’ve mentioned before everyone on here is so nice to me and it takes me by surprise all the time! I get so many kind words and I feel like I can never give enough back! I’m so lucky because to me the book blogging community is like my second batch of friends.

what do you think one should do to get a successful blog?

The golden question- I think if someone found the answer to immediately creating a successful blog- they would be swamped with questions. For now, I think one of my main tips is to get out there and like, comment and chat with other bloggers. It’s one of the only ways to put yourself out there in the community- I mean, how else would they find you? Don’t be afraid to say hi or to compliment other bloggers because they love it just as much as you would!


So, what do you think? Comment below if you found yourself agreeing to any of these
or if you want to share a bit about your secret life as a book blogger!

who do i tag?

If anyone else wants to do this tag feel free to post it! I would love to see your answers! Here are some of my nominees:
Kristen @simplybookishthings
Emily @foreverliterary
Rae @loquaciousbibliophile
Maha @yourunicornreads
Denise @bibliolater

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Re-reading: Yay or Nay ‚̧ Bookish Talks


Hello, Lovelies!! Re-reading. It’s something we all love to do but it’s something that we can all find a little tiresome. Don’t get me wrong re-reading a book a thousand times just expresses how much you love that series or novel but sometimes, I just can’t stand it when I have to put myself through the process of re-reading a ten book long series just to relieve the joy that will never be as joyful as the first time you read that novel. Does anyone understand what I mean??


Why Re-Reading And I Have A Little Bit Of A Love-Hate Relationship!

Re-reading is something I rarely do and if I do re-read a novel it’s usual backed up by a strong motivation and itch to re-read the series. When I was a lot younger, I would re-read the Percy Jackson series all the time. (Yes, I have actually re-read Mark of Athena five times and I’ve read Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief so much, I’ve memorised the order and names of the chapter titles) Everyone has¬†re-read a novel before, whether it be a childhood one or a series you still love to this day. Re-reading is one of those things which tells someone else exactly how much you loved that book.

¬†However, noProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetw that I barely have any time and the fact that there are, “So many books but so little time,” just pulls me away from¬†re-reading. Not only that but I hate putting myself through a book when I can already anticipate what’s going to happen next. What is the point of re-reading a book if you already know what’s going to happen next? Nevertheless, I still love my favourite books and it pains me that I can never read them again without going through the same emotional rollercoaster I rode on the first time I read the series.

There are so many books I wish I could re-read- The Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments, All The Bright Places and many more but knowing that I’ll never witness the same excitement and joy I felt when I first read the book is such a disappointment, which is one of the reasons why I don’t really re-read books. I’m also slightly afraid of not loving a novel anymore. When you reread something, sometimes you’ll discover that the book wasn’t even that amazing or it was actually a horribly written novel. I would hate to feel that dread in my stomach. There are so many negative reviews out there, of some of my favourite books and I don’t want to re-read a novel to discover that it was actually a novel with a shallow and cliche plotline with shallow characters.

Until recently, I discovered I was re-reading so much more than I would normally. I reread The Infinite Sea after watching The Fifth Wave and I also recently reread Lux. It was crazy, who would have thought, that someone like me, who isn’t a re-reader, was reading some of her favourite novels again. Maybe it isn’t actually too bad? However, to be fair, I did have a lot of motivation to read these books.

I read the books, fell in love with them again and I was completely amazed that re-reading a book you haven’t read could pretty much match the excitement you felt when you first read the book.

Okay so maybe I’m still slightly on the nay side for re-reading but I think if I find some motivation around the book community, I can finally find some time to sit down and re-read The Infernal Devices. I mean, I love flicking through a book and re-reading little moments but re-reading a ¬†book could just be taking a bit far! I haven’t read Jenny Han’s The Summer I Turned Pretty since I was like 13 and I plan on re-reading it soon! ¬†I’m still a little conflicted… should I really spend some time re-reading books or should I read some newer books and discover some amazing new ones?

Do you like re-reading books? Or are you like me, a person who would rather spend their time reading and discovering newer novels to add to their favourites list? Share your thoughts below!

Also, I have some super exciting news! I’ve just joined an awesome book club called The Reading Rebels, up on good reads!¬†I’m so excited because I’ve met some other amazing book bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammers! I’m the new moderator for this club and you guys can join us in reading our Book Of The Month for March!! I’ve had so much fun with this group and I hope you’ll join us!





‚̧Emoji Tag‚̧

Hey Guys!

This is another fun little tag, that seemed like a lot of fun and I decided to try it out! I was nominated by The Lit Mermaid to do this tag (Thank you so much!) and if you haven’t checked her blog out you are seriously missing out because it is a truly amazing blog, that you won’t regret checking out!

For this tag you have to choose five of your most used or recent emojis and pair them up with a book:

Heart = The Infernal Devices
   Finish 1
¬†If you have been on my blog a lot, you would know that I love the red heart emoji and so it mustn’t be a surprise that my most used emoji is a heart. I decided to pair up my favorite series to my favorite emoji and that series will have to be The Infernal Devices. I absolutely love this series and I swear I use this series for every tag, but that doesn’t matter because this series deserve lots of praise!

  Laughing Crying = Lux
This is another popular books in my tag posts but I can’t help that I love this book so much. This books always makes me laugh so hard that I could probably start crying and ¬†so, it is a perfect fit for one of my favorite emojis! This book has so many jokes and witty lines that I guarantee will crack someone, even if they don’t laugh a lot!

Heart-Eyed Emoji = Angelfall 
finish 3
I recently finished the Angelfall series and it was so good! I really needed your typical cliche “angelic fantasy” and this book really delivered that to me! The heart-eyes really convey my feelings and emotions about this book. Raffe. Raffe deserves all the heart-eyed emojis I can give! I highly recommend this book, if you are hesitant to pick it up because it seriously won’t disappoint! A review will be coming soon!

Hysterically-Crying Emoji = Eleanor and Park
This book deserves a crying emoji because I cried an awful lot for this book. I am a sensitive person and have a list of books, which made me cry. This book really stood out to me because I vividly remember using tissue after tissue, once I finished this book. If you are looking for a book that will make you cry… a lot, you need to pick up this book because you will cry a river as big as the Nile!

Heart Kissy Face = Anna and The French Kiss
finish 4
Whenever someone mentions Anna and The French Kiss, the first thing I think of is romance and Paris. The heart-kissy face definitely has this young, parisian romance vibe, which is why I chose Anna and The French Kiss. All Stephanie Perkin’s novels are reminiscent and they leave you with this longing for a love-story as perfect as the ones she writes. Anna and The French Kiss, by far, is my favorite and if you haven’t read this, don’t be fooled by the name, it is a perfect read for contemporary enthusiasts!

That’s all for this Emoji Tag! I know I haven’t been posting a lot of reviews and I lot will be coming up in the future and a “currently-reading” post! What is your favorite emoji and what is a book that remind you of that emoji?

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