Review: Rebel of The Sands by Alwyn Hamilton


Title: Rebel of The SandsDSC_0285_Fotor
Author: Alwyn Hamilton
Series: Rebel of The Sands
Release Date: March 2016
Retail Price: $17.99
Overall Rating:  7.5/10
Genre: Romance, High-Fantasy, Adventure

I believe that Rebel of The Sands is one of the most hyped up stories of 2016. Therefore, coming into this novel I expected the best of the best. Just like my expectation, what I found inside this magical novel was a carefully woven, beautifully written Persian adventure and fairy-tale. Rebel of the Sands follows the story of a girl, Amani who wants nothing else but to escape her village and she will do whatever it takes to get out. When she ventures out she meets a new boy and together they travel across the Arabian desert to a new place. However, with every step, she takes Amani questions whether or not she is taking the right path.

The novel starts off with a fast-past scene that definitely got me into the story. The pacing of the book was something that brought it down a little. It definitely was fast-paced but because of how quick some moments where I felt like some character development was lost on the way. Amani and Jin’s development were perfect as the novel revolved around both of them and I found that I just wanted to know more and more about both of them. However, characters such as Amani’s brother and Shazad were not as developed and I found it difficult to understand their characters. Furthermore on character development, I thought there were a few too many characters which made it difficult for the author to go in depth with every character. Before I started this novel, I was in a major reading slump

Amani and Jin’s relationship was cheesy, yet adorably cute at the same time. Their relationship was very stretched out, which means more cuteness in the next novel. I actually am so pumped to see where their relationship is going because at times I see them teetering on a beam and sometimes it seems like they are perfect for each other. It pained me to see that Jin tricked Amani and I really hope they are together by the end of the books.

Now on to the plot line, I have a major love for Persian and Arabian fairytales. There is just something so uniquely magical that I love about them. I thought Rebel of The Sands was perfect. Although The Wrath and The Dawn will always be my favourite Arabian fairytale novel, I believe Rebel of The Sands was an enthralling novel. I was surprised when I discovered that Amani was a Djinni and that Jin was a prince. I am so excited to see more of this Arabian story in the next book. I was expecting a retelling of Arabian nights but instead what I found was a unique storyline that had woven bits of the Arabian nights fairytale.

Before I started this novel, I was in a major reading slump and upon finishing it, I think I have saved myself from the slump. I loved so many parts in this novel and I absolutely can’t wait for the next one. If you haven’t read this recent release I highly recommend it, it’s magically and wonderfully exciting and it will keep you up at night!

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5 Reasons Why You Should Stop and Read Wrath & The Dawn Right Now !

Hey guys!

I recently read Renee Adeliah’s The Wrath & The Dawn! Yes, I know I am a bit late to hop on the bandwagon of this series but if you haven’t read this novel it is hands down one of the best novels I’ve read in the past three months. Normally, I would write a review for a novel but I decided to spice things up and I am doing five (non-spoiler) reasons for why you need to pick up this book right now!

  1. For Those Who Love Fairytales and Legends…
    One of my main reasons for why I loved this book was because I definitely got Aladdin and Prince of Persia vibes! The Wrath & The Dawn is loosely based off A Thousand and One Nights and so it isn’t a surprise that there are a few parallels to some of these classic fairy tales and legends. When I was younger I had a little obsession with Arabian stories and legends and when I read this novel, I absolutely loved following this magical story. This novel is a twisting tale set in Arabia and Persia, which follows a rich girl who marries a king to avenge her best friend.
  2. The Main Character Is One Hardcore, Beautiful and Tough Heroine
    Shazrad is the main character in The Wrath & The Dawn and whilst reading the novel, one thing that stuck with me was that Shazrad wasn’t your stereotypical “damsel in distress”. She was beautiful and so courageous, which is honestly a character trait I try to look for in books and this book definitely had a character with these traits.
  3. Khalid is another book character to add on your list of favourite male charactersKhalid is honestly a character I am more than glad to add onto my list of favourite characters. He is dark and had this mysterious past. Even though this typical dark character is used a lot, I still love it. I love how he fell in love with Shazrad and by the end of the novel you could clearly see how much he cared for her! #goals 🙂
  4. The plot will leave your eyes glued to the page
    The plot was just thrilling, there was so much happening and it wasn’t very often where I found myself extremely bored. I am excited to see how Shazrad’s magic will turn out and I throughout the novel I was dying to find out about Khalid’s motive behind killing his wives. There are just so many questions I had whilst reading the novel and my hands are itching to read the next novel.
  5. Who doesn’t like a love triangle?
    Ahhh…the typical love triangle, but seriously you must be lying if you don’t like a good love triangle once in awhile. The Wrath and The Dawn had a love triangle that will definitely squeeze your heart! I don’t know about you but I am definitely Team Khalid and reading about their love triangle was very much like watching TV! (but better) 🙂

I hope I have given you more than enough reasons to start reading this thrilling novel! I honestly can’t wait to start the next book! Comment below what you thought about this book or if you are going to start it soon!

Merry Christmas,