Review: Boy 23 by Jim Carrington

Title: Boy 23
Author: Jim Carrington
Release Date: January 2016
Retail Price: $15.99
Overall Rating: 7.5/10
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Dystopian

When Boy 23, arrived on my doorstep. I gladly picked it up, after being dragged in by the mysterious cover and title. The storyline of Boy 23 kept me up, I’ve never really read a novel quite like this one. There were little flaws here and there but it was a light easy read. If you are looking for a little read after reading something that’s hardcore and intense, Boy 23 if a pretty good novel.

Boy 23 follows the story of a young boy, who has lived his whole life inside a room which provides him with all of his necessary amenities, called My Place. The voice, is Boy 23’s only interaction with a human. One day, he mysteriously wakes up in a dark place and is thrown outside into a new world with only a backpack filled with little supplies and a note from the voice, which tells him to run far far away. However, along the way he discovers that many want him dead and he can only learn to trust himself and the people that really know him well.


After finishing this novel, I was conflicted. On one side, I really liked the storyline and believed it could have great potential. However, on the other, the writing wasn’t amazing and some of the characters were slightly cliche. There were some good parts and some negatives but the novel wasn’t horrible and I enjoyed reading it.

Boy 23, also called Jesper, was the most three-dimensional character in the story. You could tell that Carrington put a lot of thought and effort into his personality. The fact that he didn’t really know much about the world, could easily be flawed in stories but based on Jesper’s actions and situations you could tell he didn’t have much prior knowledge. Not only that but Jesper’s young and immature personality slowly develops throughout the story and you can really see that at the end of the novel. At the start of the novel, Jesper was easily manipulated, especially by Father Frei but as the novel progresses Jesper begins to understand trust and he begins to put up barriers.

I also really enjoyed discovering that who he really is. Keeping this question unanswered from the start of the novel, really pushed me to continue reading the novel. Not only that but I love dystopias, where the world has been stricken by an epidemic. Jesper, unsurprisingly is the “special-one” who has mysteriously developed a cure from the Marsh Flu and I really wanted to find out more about his mysterious history. Towards the end of the novel, we discover he is a hybrid, which seemed slightly cliche and despite the major lead-up to this moment, I was disappointed.

The novel was written in three different point of views, which I found unnecessary. Both Blake and Carina’s chapters were written very similarly. Jim Carrington’s writing is very plain and simple: “I push and pull,” and unfortunately, this brought the book down. The simple writing made both Blake and Carina’s chapters very similar. Not only that but if it was purely in Jesper’s point of view, there would have been more unanswered questions which would have made the novel more mysterious and intriguing. Jesper’s perspective had more of a distinction due to the fact that he didn’t know much about the world and his thoughts really reflected that.

The ending was the best part of the novel, as many secrets were uncovered and there were little plot twists here and there. When I discovered that Blake was Boy 23’s father I wasn’t very surprised but I did enjoy discovering about the “aliens” as it added a new dimension to the story that I was excited about. I can’t wait to read about them in the next novel. Hopefully, he will get to meet his siblings one day. I also enjoyed reading Carina and Jesper’s friendship develop. I was surprised when Blake died and watching Jesper get upset was heart-breaking.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this light read and I’ll definitely have my eyes open for the next novel. Jesper’s character was intriguing and I’m excited to see how his story plays out.


Taylor Swift Book Tag

Heya! I haven’t done a book tag in ages… so, I am doing one today. I recently got tagged by Famtaq to do the Taylor Swift tag, she has a great blog and you should definitely check it out! Lets get started on the tag:

  1. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together- pick a book series that you were pretty sure you were in love with, but then you wanted to break up This would have to be the Harry Potter series. Now before you all butcher me, I used to “try” to be obsessed with the Harry Potter series because everyone else used to be “OH MY GOD! It is the best!” but internally I used to despise it. I guess I don’t really like the layout of the plot where all the boring stuff, like going to school, would happen in the beginning making it really hard to get through and then in the last quarter of the book we would get this really big scene with Voldermont. It followed the same routine throughout the series and that is probably why I don’t really like it.
  2. Red- pick a book with a RED cover. The first book which popped into my head was… you guessed it, Vampire Academy but I also really like House of Hades!
  3. The Best Day- pick a book that makes you feel nostalgic. That would have to be the Percy Jackson series because I read it when I was quite young and I’ve pretty much grew up with the characters!
  4. Love Story- pick a book with forbidden love
    SOOOOOOO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM. I recently read Amanda Hocking’s Kanin trilogy and there is definitely forbidden love in there! Oh! The! Pain! A review will definitely be coming soon.
  5. Innocent- pick a book that someone ruin the ending for
    Allegiant, I learnt about the ending before because I had a friend who told me as I didn’t think I would read the book. I started the book a month after, but don’t worry I still cried so much! 🙁
  6. Everything Has Changed- pick a book character that has gone through extensive character development
    This is honestly one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs but anyway back to the point, Lara Jean from the Two All The Boys I’ve Loved Before duology goes through really extensive character development and you can clearly see that towards the end of the two books.
  7. I Knew You Were Trouble- pick a bad character you couldn’t help but love
    I really don’t know… I’m one of those people where if the bad guy is a bad guy, my view won’t change for the entire book. For example, I hated Warner (Shatter Me Series) from the start to the end and I was still on team Adam at the end of the book. Roth in the Dark Elements series was bad for about a book- does he count?
  8. You Belong With Me- pick a book you are highly anticipating
    7 MORE DAYS TIL EVERY LAST BREATH!!!! Wooooo!!! I am highly anticipating this series! I can’t wait! I am also waiting for the last book in the 5th Wave series to come out, as well!
  9. Forever and Always- pick your favorite book couple
    This is too hard!!! At the moment, since I just finished reading the series I am really shipping Ridley and Bryn but my favorite book couple of all time has got to be Will and Tessa.
  10. Come Back, Be Here- pick the book you would least likely let anyone borrow, in fear that it will be returned in a ruined state.
    I have a fair share of “book-borrowing” stories and they do not go down well. I still lend out my books, but my favorite copy of City of Bones was destroyed by one of my best friends and I have been much more careful, nowadays. I would probably never lend out my Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods book because it is too fragile and beautiful and also my Infernal Devices trilogy because of how much it means to me!

That’s all for the tag!!! I hope you enjoyed my answers and I will tag anyone else who wants to do this!   #lovebooks❤

Book News- 22/02/15

Hello!! It is 2015 but I am still writing 2014. Sorry for a really late Book News post but I’ve been awfully busy❤. However, lots of exciting things happened this week and last week!

First of all, the first novella in the Shadow Hunter Academy Series was released and here is a short snippet of the book:
“Oh,” Jace said carelessly, as if he hadn’t been waiting out here for the express purpose of seeing Simon off. He looked up, golden gaze casual, then looked away. “You.”
Being too cool for school was Jace’s thing. Simon supposed he must have understood and been fond of it, once.
“Hey, I figured I wasn’t going to get the chance to ask this again. You and me,” Simon said. “We’re pretty tight, aren’t we?”
Jace looked at him for a moment, face very still, and then bounded to his feet and said: “Absolutely. We’re like this.” He crossed two of his fingers together. “Actually, we’re more like this.” He tried to cross them again. “We had a little bit of initial tension, as you may later recall, but that was all cleared up when you came to me and confessed that you were struggling with your feelings of intense jealousy over my—these were your words—stunning good looks and irresistible charm.”
“Did I,” said Simon.
Jace clapped him on the shoulder. “Yeah, buddy. I remember it clearly.”
“Okay, whatever. The thing is … Alec’s always really quiet around me,” Simon said. “Is he just shy, or did I tick him off and I don’t remember it? I wouldn’t like to go away without trying to make things right.”
Jace’s expression took on that peculiar stillness again. “I’m glad you asked me that,” he said finally. “There is something more going on. The girls didn’t want me to tell you, but the truth is—”
Unfortunately, it is only accessible by E-Book, but if you wait until all the short novellas are released. Cassandra Clare will release a bind-up book with the whole collection. The Whole Shadowhunter Chronicles will be re-vamped with a new cover that you can check out on Cassandra Clare’s tumblr. I might have a “My thought on…” post about it soon!

The Insurgent tickets also went on sale for pre-order, recently. It comes out on the 18th of March and it can’t be missed. Colleen Hoover has generously created an organisation that will definitely appeal to us, readers. It is called the Bookworm Box and it is where Colleen Hoover collects signed books and goodies into a box and sells them, monthly. With the money earnt she will donate it to charity. Her first batch of Bookworm Boxes sold out almost immediately and she raised over $11,000 for her charity. Find out more at The Book Worm Box. Rick Yancey has also released the title of the third installment of the 5th Wave series and it will be called, “The Last Star”.

That’s all this week on book news and I hope you enjoyed it!