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I recently read Maria Reichardt’s Underwater, which I really enjoyed. Underwater is about Morgan, who before the big accident had an almost perfect life. However, now all Morgan does is confine herself to her house. She will never dare to step out, she misses the water and she can’t forgive herself. When the new boy next door moves in, she is reminded of the happiness of her old life. Morgan gets to meet this new boy next door and when she gets to know him, even more, she feels like she now has the courage to step out of her comfort zone and back into the real world. The theme of pushing your limits and stepping out of your boundaries have always been something important to me. From when I was young, I would always try and test every single little thing. Maybe that’s why I have a little bit o

The theme of pushing your limits and stepping out of your boundaries have always been something important to me. From when I was young, I would always try and test every single little thing. Maybe that’s why I have a little bit of a dare-devil streak; I just love to take a chance and try everything even if it means stepping out of my comfort zone. I’ll admit, it scares me to try new things sometimes but sometimes thinking of the positive outcome pushes me through it. Roller Coasters are a thing I absolutely love but they can scare me so much too but I know that if I push myself to my limits I can conquer the fear and I’ll end up loving it the ride. Anyway, I decided to dedicate this post to three things I want to try that will really push me out of my comfort zone.

travelling alone

large (15)The concept of travelling alone has always excited me but is also extremely terrifying. Going to a country completely alone. All by yourself. With only you and your bags. To say it scares me would be the least but I know that it’s something that people say is really rewarding. Wandering down streets with no final destination, meeting new people and learning about their lifestyle and just reflected on what your life was and what it will be like in the future. I love the idea! Perhaps I should go with a friend but I do know for sure that when I’m older I want to travel to destinations that I have always dreamed of visiting.

bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is terrifying. Propelling yourself of a twenty-metre tall building is pretty scarylarge (16) and is way out of my comfort zone. However, there is something that is so satisfying about overcoming a fear you never thought you could conquer. Instead of bungee jumping, it could be climbing a building. I never nothing against heights but going too high and looking downwards is unbearably scary. Bungee jumping is knee-wobbling but I want to try it one day and I can officially say that I have conquered something that is way out of my comfort zone.


large (17)Driving doesn’t scare me as much as the other two but it’s pretty scary. I am not old enough to drive yet…thank god but at the same time I am super pumped to start driving myself everywhere. However, driving a vehicle that could potentially kill me in one turn and go scares me. I know that one day I will start driving and I will conquer that fear. Driving will definitely push me out of my comfort zones and let’s just hope that I will not be a horrible driver…




These are just three of the many things I want to do that will make me step out of my comfort zone. Reichardt’s Underwater is amazing and will really provoke your thoughts. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a good contemporary. I know that I loved it and I am sure you will too. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is only one of the themes discussed in the novel. I can’t stress how good this novel is and you honestly have to pick it up!

what is something you want to try that will push you out of your comfort zone?


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16 thoughts on “Stepping Out of Comfort-Zones + Underwater by Marisa Reichardt

  1. All these three scare me! But I want to try them one day. Another fear I want to overcome is dating! I know it sounds absurd, but it’s true. I want to date and have a significant other. Maybe not today, but when I’m older.

  2. I love what you’ve done with this review! I’d love to go bungee jumping. And as for travelling, I get to live overseas for a year as part of my degree – so that’s HUGELY terrifying but I can’t wait! Driving is so good, though. I don’t know what I’d do without good old Rudolphus (because normal people name their car…).

  3. Ok but driving is pretty scary! I just became old enough to drive a few months ago and the first time I drove, it was terrifying. Almost crashed into a tree because I’m that cliched first time driver. I totally agree with travelling alone too, it just seems confronting to not have anyone who plans the day for you. What’s your dream destination?

  4. Lovely way of writing a review! The book sounds really interesting and gosh, those three things you mentioned are out of my comfort zone too….Actually, I don’t think I can even gather enough courage to do bungee jumping with my fear of heights and all 😅 Nevertheless, I hope you’ll be able to try them when you can!

  5. Great place to take this review! I’ve traveled by myself (not out of the country, but across the US to live for the summer without knowing anyone), I’ve never been bungee jumping (but I had spine surgery when I was younger, so I probably shouldn’t), and I’m quite a bit older than you, so I’ve been driving for half my life (it’s great, you’ll love it!). Honestly, I think starting a blog/bookstagram was out of my comfort zone. Putting something of myself out there for others to judge has always been scary to me.

  6. I’m glad you enjoyed this title and that it’s inspired you to consider trying new things, like travelling alone! ❤️ I’ll look out for this one in my local library.

  7. This is a great way to review a book, I love it! 🙂 I have to admit, I was just like you about driving, SO scared and I really didn’t want to. And right now, getting my driver’s licence is one of the things I’m the proudest of, because it was so hard, definitely something I was scared to do, and now I’m okay 🙂
    Travelling is SO, so rewarding. I don’t travel alone -except from the way back home to the city where I currently live, 600 miles away-, but I have to say it’s so exciting to wander new streets and discover new places 🙂
    I hope you’ll get to do all of that 😀

  8. MWAH! I LOVE YOU FOR THIS! It’s so unique and scrumptious! I’ve always struggled with stepping outside my comfort zone, pushing my boundaries. But I’ve loved the idea of it too! In 8 months I can start driving (woohoo), so there’s one thing. Honestly you make me feel so inspired!

  9. I love this post! Pushing boundaries are both awfully scary yet amazingly awesome! I want to do ALL of these things and I can’t wait to do them all! I’m really nervous but so ready to try something new. Really love this post!

  10. You are incredibly awesome, brave and courageous! 😉 At such a young age, it’s inspiring to read your plans to conquer your fears 😉 Driving was one of mine too but to my surprise the hardest thing about driving isn’t the actual bit, it’s meeting your parents expectations. But I know you and I can do it!

    Once you start doing stuff out if your comfort zone, you’ll be hooked and do things that you never inagined you can do 😉 ‘Life’s a journey not a destination’

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