Series Review: Sweet Evil and Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins

Title: Sweet Evil and Sweet Peril
Author: Wendy Higgins
Release Date: May 2012,
Series: Sweet Evil Trilogy
Retail Price: $16.99 (Digital Copy Only)
Overall Rating: 5/10
Genre: Fantasy, Drama and Supernatural

If you didn’t know, I have been reading the Sweet Evil trilogy, many might know this series from Lux where it was mentioned in the second last book. After knowing the big book lover Katy is in Lux, I decided to pick up this book hoping that it would be just as good as a typical young-adult “fallen-angel” story. Hush, Hush, a famous young-adult “fallen-angel” series was a series I have loved since I read it last year. Sweet Evil proved me quite wrong. I thought it would be similar to Hush, Hush, in its quality and story-line but no matter how hard I tried to like Sweet Evil I just couldn’t do it. To me it was just, “Meh.” but if you really love Angel type stories this one may be for you.

Sweet Evil and Sweet Peril tells the tale of “goody-two shoes” Anna Whitt who falls into the classic case of Bad-Boy Syndrome. After meeting, the mysterious and stunning Kaidan Rowe all Anna wants to know is her past and her strange sense of connection with the boy but as she dives further into her past she gets dragged into the dangerous world of angels and demons.


Okay first of all, I just want to say how badly I really wanted to like this book, not like it love it. Jennifer L. Armentrout loved it , it’s rated 4.2 on Goodreads and I’ve seen it pretty much everywhere but honestly I couldn’t bring myself to like it. The whole two books felt like a joke- overused plot devices, lines and characters. It may have been the most ridiculous book I have read this year.

The whole story is pretty much based on the whole “Nephilim side” of the young-adult genre. Anna meets an Angel- Kaidan Rowe who drags her into a whole new side of the world she is living in. Why does that sound familiar? Oh that’s right the plot is pretty much every popular young-adult fantasy novel. I would have reconsidered the low rating if it was at least unique with her characters or writing but no. The only reason why I kept reading this story was because I was clinging on to the hope that it would get better. The complication was slightly unique with discovering that Anna would avenge all the nephilim on the earth and she was somehow the “chosen-one”. I like the idea of the angels each responsible for a different sin- that was really interesting.

It was written quite poorly and the lines were so over-used in books and straight forward: “I pulled into the dusty parking lot. The sun glared bright and hot as I climbed out of the car,” 10 year old me could have written that in my sleep. However, I did like the cultural references that were weaved into the storyline. Each scene of the story was over-used, the fight scenes, the “mother in shock” scenes and the “I’m new to this angel world, please explain to me everything” scenes. Sometimes the plot twists and the embarrassing things Anna does was so cringe-worthy , I had to groan and bury my face into my hands. For example, she does the cardinal sin that somehow every girl character does in books- the “I know you love me and I did mean something to you ” speech. Every young-adult reader is familiar with these situations and Sweet Evil and Sweet Peril definitely had many of those scenes. In Sweet Peril, Anna is like a drug addict and perks up whenever she hears the name, “Kaidan”. When Jay, Anna’s best friend, tells her that he knows where Kai will be she goes up to Kai even though he told her to stay away from him.

I do not know what Kaidan sees in Anna but her character frustrated and annoyed me. I was pulling my hair out by the end of it. Anna showed no character complexity whatsoever. Anna was just too perfect and was way too cliche. She doesn’t hate anything, sees the light in everything, does anything to make new friends and is just so weak. She wants to see new change in the Nephilim world but she doesn’t help at all. I am going to change the world because of who I am- is pretty much Anna’s whole philosophy. Her meeting with her dad was so perfect! When she meets her dad he calls him Daddy and ends up talking to him like they have known each other for years, when Anna has only just met her dad. It annoyed me so much. She is just too perfect.

Kaidan, on the other hand, was an okay character but was the typical mysterious hot boy that readers are supposed to swoon over. I certainly didn’t- Kaidan is a tiny ant against my Daemon Black and Will Herondale. The way he acted like he was too cool for everyone was so annoying. I think the only character that had proper character depth was Ginger. The rest were all too shallow.

Maybe I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I would like because I just wasn’t in the mood for something so cliche. I usually like Nephilim and Angel stories but this one just wasn’t for me. Who knows? I might pick it again sometime and find that I actually do enjoy it. Right now, I craving something unique and am nearly done with the last book in this series. I feel obliged to finish it as it was something important in the Lux series.

I hope you liked this review!


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