Ruin- Review

Title : Ruin
Author: Rachel Van Dyken
Series: Ruin Trilogy
Release Date: August 11th, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 8/10

Ruin is the first book in Rachel Van Dyken’s Ruin Trilogy. The Trilogy revolves around a group of close friends who meet in University and each book is based on the romance on one of the couples in the group. This story, Ruin is about Kiersten and Wes. Their love story is one that will leave you laughing and emotional. If you loved Lux and Stephanie Perkins novels you’ll like this.


Out of all the books this one was my favourite, I loved the characters and it kept me hooked throughout the book. It may have had a cliche plot but I still loved it. Wes was such a perfect guy and he probably ticks every box on the list of traits for a perfect guy. Kiersten went through quite extensive character development and by the end of it you could clearly see the changes of the characters.

Finding out Wes had cancer was a surprise, as I came into this book not knowing a single thing about it. The list Kiersten wrote of things she wanted to do was really cute. Wes’s quotes throughout the book are on point and I loved how it was a happy ending for both of the characters.

I loved Gabe and Saylor’s story and loved Lisa’s and Tristan’s story. I loved how they all linked to each other and that they were a close knit of friends. The final epilogue (in Shame) was a perfect ending and I wouldn’t have asked for more.

Just like Stephanie Perkins, Rachel Van Dyken’s romance stories are experiences we all want to write on our bucket lists. I wanted more after reading the book so I read the other books, which I also loved. The series is a great series of contemporary romances- the stories are not to plot twisty, so they are a great read.

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