Review: Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines

Title: Until Friday Night
Author: Abbi Glines
Series: The Field Party
Release Date: September 2015
Retail Price: $17.99
Overall Rating: 8/10
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Drama, Chic-Flick

This book was a life-saver for me and it definitely dragged out of my partial reading slump! Don’t judge me but I am a huge fan of your average cute romance book with heightened drama! 🙂 This book definitely delivered that! The characters were your typical jockey and shy girl but there was something unique about the “cliche-ness” that I really enjoyed in this book.

Until Friday Night is a dual-perspective novels that drags you into the world of two vastly different personalities but two incidents in their lives brought them together. Maggie, the new girl, is given the second chance at life but she doesn’t want to step out of her comfort zone; until, West comes into her life. Both are dealing with tragedies and together they learn to cope and enjoy what you have even if it feels like the end of the world.


I am a very unpredictable person when it comes to books I love. Sometimes cheesy books gets on my nerves but sometimes really unique novels gets on my nerves. However, Until Friday Night, despite its cliche characters, was a hit for me. I dashed through it, I couldn’t put it down and I definitely went through a book hangover after this novel. I was telling my friends, who are chic-flick enthusiasts, to pick this novel up. Sometimes sticking to your typical chic-flick plot is better than reaching too far from the mainstream storylines.

West was a character I absolutely adored! He was your typical shady boy who has a dark background. I really enjoyed reading from his point of view because it isn’t often we get to do that in contemporary novels. Often we really purely from one perspective, the female protagonist’s point of view but in Until Friday Night we delved into the thoughts of West’s characters which was a definite highlight.

Maggie’s character was someone who really interested me. I have never read about a mute individual and this really sparked an interest in me. I was constantly asking questions about her character- I desperately wanted to know what exactly happened to her and I wanted to find out more about her history and past life. Unfortunately, we never got a chance to get some of my questions answered but perhaps that was intentional, considering the theme of the story was to “not look back”. I loved watching her character development, which blossomed slowly throughout the novel. However, the only issue with her character was the how she resolved her “mute” disability. When she began to talk to other people, it felt unrealistic. I liked the idea about how she opened up to West but when she suddenly began to talk at the end of the novel it felt really unrealistic. It would have been more reasonable for her to slowly open up instead of just suddenly rushing to open up.

You have got to admit… the romance was terribly cute. I needed a cliche romance after all the fantasy I’ve been reading and I loved the romance in this novel. I loved how West, the popular guy had a soft spot for the new girl, Maggie and I loved the little secrets they shared. For me, that always put a smile to my fast. The storyline, was your typical “she saved me” plot, which I surprisingly enjoyed. I would have loved it if we got an epilogue at the end about where they would be in ten years but we never got that! However, I really enjoyed the final chapter which brought a hint of fate into the story’s themes. It tied the story together with a nice little bow and it made it seem like a disney fairytale.

Overall, I loved the novel and highly recommend it if you love cliche chic-flick novels because this one definitely won’t disappoint. West and Maggie are characters you will love reading about and the storyline is one you won’t regret reading about. I am super pumped for the next books in the series because I love reading about this world!



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  1. I read it a week or so ago and while I did enjoy it, I didn’t love it as much as you did.
    For me the cliché was a bit too much and it annoyed me that everyone was in love with Maggie because she was hot. Also, apparently all the girls in that town were either beautiful but with terrible character or not worth mentioning at all. The average girl didn’t seem to exist …
    Aside from that West and Maggie were cute.

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