Review: There Will Come A Time by Carrie Arcos

Title: There Will Come A Time
Author: Carrie Arcos
Release Date: July 2015
Retail Price: $17.99
Overall Rating: 7.25/10
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Friendship, Coming of age and Drama

Carrie Arcos’ There Will Come A Time is a thoughtful, somber novel which splashes with an underside of romance and courage. A short novel yet Carrie Arcos packs a once in a lifetime journey, which we all will enjoy reading about. There Will Come A Time lies a story of a troubles boy, Mark, who goes on a journey to make sure his sister does not die in vain. If you are a big fan of Jennifer Nirven’s All The Bright Places and Morgan Matson’s Since You’ve Been Gone, this book will definitely be for you!

Mark Santos is stunned by his sister’s death and reacts negatively. He wants to turn things around to save his sister, Grace, and since her death he has been hidden by shadows. Hannah, Grace’s best friend, has also been troubled by her friend’s death and tells Mark she understands him but Mark does not believe her. As Mark reads Grace’s diary and notices that he doesn’t really know his sister as much as he thought he did. Mark and Hannah honor Grace by completing her list of “Top 5 things to do before you die”.

There Will Come A Time is a perfect contemporary if you are craving a journey of finding one’s self. Carrie Arcos brings a truly unique and fresh novel, that young adult authors don’t really touch. Pre-order it in your local bookstore today.


There Will Come A Time was a fairly easy read for me and it was a very unique story, told by a very unique voice. Mark, the main character, underwent intense character development and the main purpose of the story was to show how Mark dealt with the grief of the death of his sister and turned it into a big stepping stone in his life. I loved watching both Hannah and Mark grow closer together, over the activities. I haven’t read many novels in the perspective of a male character and I really enjoyed this new change whilst reading this novel.

In the beginning, Mark’s personality was very vexatious and it really frustrated me how much he was cutting himself off from the world. He would flare up easily and would always think about how nothing would ever be the same, like when he got super mad at Sebastian and Hannah-I was cringing 🙂 However, I could understand why he would act like that- through this phase and throughout the book. Mark’s thoughts really seemed authentic. It felt like it truly came from a character who was going through the death of a close one.

His character wasn’t too extreme and was not a character at the end or the start of the spectrum. He would always talk about how his feelings felt so overwhelming that he wouldn’t believe it when others said that they could understand what he was going through. He was pessimistic but not in a very depressed manor. I really liked how he dealt with the concept that he thought about suicide but never went through it. I liked how he would talk to Greg and how his stories helped him to cope.

The whole story line was such a fun journey to watch. One by one they were crossing off the list of Grace’s top 5 things to do before you die. My favorite was the bungee jumping scene, that was super cute and I also really enjoyed how it ended on a positive mood because of the 5K marathon. It was dark but still had the undertone of fun, as Hannah, Mark and Sebastian completed the activities. The fashion show was a great activity to implement because it gave Mark another goal to complete throughout the novel, and through it we really got to see more of Mark’s normal life.

Towards the end of the novel, Hannah fell into a diabetic attack and Mark started to panic. Honestly at this point, I started to panic and I was worried that Mark would have to go through another death but this really showed how much Mark recovered from Grace’s death as he dealt with Hannah’s near death really well. I loved watching their romance bloom. Romance wasn’t the main theme of the story and that was a really good choice as it didn’t disrupt the story line.

I really liked Hannah’s character because she had her faults and it was nice watching her deal with her best friend’s death. She was like Mark’s anchor and I really enjoyed the presence of her character. Sebastian was the “funny guy” in the story and I loved how much he lightened the mood in the really dark times. Lily was a great minor character as well and even though she was minor, she really helped with Mark’s journey. I loved their little inside joke which followed through the whole novel.

Overall, I highly recommend There Will Come A Time if you are looking for a really good, easy contemporary read. The writing is very sophisticated and you will definitely love watching Mark’s journey and watching his friends slowly bring him back to a new and better person after the death of his sister. Thank you to Simon & Schuster for sending this to me.


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