Review: The Sunlit Night by Rebecca Dinerstein

Title: The Sunlit Night
Author: Rebecca Dinerstein
Release Date: June 2015
Retail Price: $27.99
Overall Rating: 5/10
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Family and Drama

Rebecca Dinerstein’s The Sunlit Night is a new contemporary romance, which just came out. The quirky novel revolves around the love story of Yasha and Frances, who meet one day in Lofoten. Sometimes when you are reading a novel do you ever wonder- This is too different and unusual? I was asking myself this once I got a few chapters into the book. Perhaps the novel just didn’t suit the type of things I look for in a book or maybe I just couldn’t relate to the story, but it just wasn’t my kind of book.

Set on an island on top of the world, the Sunlit Night follows the tale of Yasha and Frances’ love through both eyes. Both have unique back stories and they meet unexpectedly when Yasha has been hit with the death of his father and when Frances’ is still yet deciding what she wants to do with her life after being suffocated by her every-day life. They both travel to a beautiful island in the Norwegian Sea, on top of the world. Even with all the chaos around them, they both fall in love.

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After seeing the cover of The Sunlit Night, I assumed it would be a cutesy romance like a Cathy Cassidy novel (Remember them?:)). I was super pumped to read it, the first part of book definitely did shed some light but after that it was a downhill battle. It definitely was a cute romance but it was awfully bizarre. The Sunlit Night definitely sealed the notion of “Don’t judge a book by its cover” because it definitely was not like the story I assumed after seeing the cover.

The setting and writing of the story was highly well thought out and you can see Dinersten’s heritage and research come through the setting and the Norwegian language used by the characters. This gave the novel a really genuine feel because you can tell based on the attention to detail that the author really put enough effort into it. Rebecca Dinerstein’s writing is beautiful and she has the potential to write more young-adult contemporaries. However at times, the novel did drag on with too much extra information. I think the extra information was meant to be for entertainment but it didn’t feel like that too me. It was really interesting to see Yasha’s perspective in third person but Frances’ in first-person. I thought I wouldn’t like it but by doing that it really showed the character’s personality in both the main characters.

The novel for me was too hard to relate to. Yasha, the main character, grew up in a very unique family to the typical American family and Frances’, Yasha’s love interest, grew up in yet another unique family- with her Dad working in peculiar jobs and her sister, who is about to marry a guy that her family does not approve of. Perhaps because of how unique they are it was hard for me to click with the characters. Relating to the main characters is something I really look for in books and it was unfortunate that I couldn’t find it in these books.The characters were much more mature than the characters I normally read about in young-adult novels, so it was really hard to find out where the characters were coming from. The novel probably just wasn’t for me and is targeted to a more mature audience than the normal young-adult contemporary novel.

Yasha and Frances’ relationship development was really hard for me to judge as it was left a bit too ambiguous. The ending really let me down. I saw their love blossom three-quarters into the story which was a little late. It was really instant love, they met by chance on the mountain and they saw each other and immediately fell in love? I was seriously confused. They fell in love instantly I saw there love immediately blossom which was way too fast. Rebecca Dinerstein spent too much time focusing on the back story of the two characters, that there was no time for the love. I could see Yasha fall in love through his eyes but it all felt too rushed. It didn’t help either that Frances had to leave for her sister’s wedding leaving them torn apart. I didn’t see Frances or Yasha really miss each other but that could have been left up to the reader to imagine.

Overall, I think the novel was just wasn’t for me. The characters were too foreign and the romance relationship did not feel right but the writing was definitely alluring and distinctive. I did read it quite fast but I just didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to. Special thank you to Bloomsbury for sending this to me!





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