Review: L.A Candy by Lauren Conrad

Title: L.A. Candy
Author: Lauren Conrad
Release Date: June 2009
Series: L.A. Candy
Retail Price: $16.99
Overall Rating: 7.25/10
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Friendship, Fame and Drama

Take a dip into the dark side of T.V, Hollywood and celebrity gossip with this superficial yet highly intriguing novel. I’ll admit, after reading the blurb and discovering that it was written by a rising celebrity actress, who is highly into fashion, I had a strong premonition that the novel was going to be trashy. We all know what happened when the Jenner’s wrote that, so called, “one of a kind,” dystopian novel. Yep they wrote a Young-Adult novel and, trust me on this, the writing was horrible. So, it wasn’t really my fault I already had my negative predictions about the novel. It was the simple eye-catching cover and short but sweet title which won me over- and so I purchased it. Surprisingly, my opinion was completely switched and I actually really enjoyed it and couldn’t put the book down.

L.A. Candy follows mainly Jane Roberts and her journey to fame. Jane and her best friend Scarlett are new to LA and as they try to step out of their comfort zone they get dragged into the midst of what will become a number one hit reality TV show- L.A. Candy. Both are super stoked to start the filming. However , with fame comes danger and it isn’t a surprise that when typical ordinary girl Jane becomes famous ,after the TV show really becomes a one hit wonder, people are slowly trying to pull the chair out from under her. She realizes that she can’t trust anyone and that she is going to fall hard any ticking second.


The book was one epic journey- it started at 60mph but then I was blazing through the book and I was driving at 100mph. I never thought I would like such a “chic-flic” like book but here I am writing about how much I really liked it. All of us as teenagers and children all want to star in a reality TV show L.A. Candy was like a behind the scenes on the whole Hollywood life and sets a haunting message that everything in the fame-world is not what it seems.

Lauren Conrad was very smart and stuck to her own stuff- the life of a celebrity and therefore the story felt very real and genuine. She didn’t bother to step out of her comfort zone to do a fantasy and because of that we got to see the real side of the celebrity world. I had lots of fun reading it but the writing was not perfect. It was very straight to the point kind of writing which made the book slightly choppy but easy to read.

L.A. Candy really reminded me of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and also a novel I used to read when I was younger- “Star Screen”. I was expecting something really unrealistic, considering we were talking about Hollywood but because of Jane’s complaining and fall- it felt more unsettling than unrealistic. I really like how each chapter had their own title name because we don’t find a lot of that in Young-Adult fiction.

Jane was a typical teenager with her crazy, outgoing best friend and that stereotypical character really fit well with the story. Her normal personality didn’t annoy me like it would normally would. She didn’t really do anything cringe-worthy but it was more people did cringe-worthy things to her. I really liked how we find out what the characters were planning on doing before the plan went to play because often we find out what happens to the main character when it happens to her. In L.A Candy we discover that Madison was already going to take photos and send them to the magazine before it actually happened to Jane.

I hated Madison and it was frustrating how Jane didn’t notice how evil she truly was. It was very cringe-worthy watching Jane slowly get manipulated by Madison. Scarlett really annoyed me as well. She just started having this really mean nature to everyone in the TV show, which I thought was really unfair since the TV show is such a great honor. Braden was such a cute guy, who I really liked because of his down-to-earth personality but Jesse, on the other hand, annoyed me because of his history and you could just feel that something bad was about to happen to Jesse and Jane’s relationship. Trevor, the TV producer, had these ambiguous chapters throughout the story and that was really interesting because by the end of the book we still didn’t really understand the chapters.

I can’t wait to read the second book and see how that plays out! L.A. Candy, despite my predictions was a really eye-opening book to the celebrity life. If you are craving an easy, chic-flic novel this novel will definitely won’t disappoint!


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