Popular: Vintage Wisdom For A Modern Geek

Before I start this review, I just want to mention a small change you’ll start to see. Starting from this review, all the photos of books used in my review posts will be my own photography! Hope you like the photo I took,above❤

Title: Popular: Vintage Wisdom For A Modern Geek
Author: Maya Van Wagenen
Release Date: April 15th, 2014
Rating: 7.5/10
Genre: Biography, Contemporary

I discovered this book through other blogs and it seemed really interesting. However, I searched everywhere for it but I couldn’t find it, until I went overseas and found it sitting on a shelf in a book store. I was so excited and started reading on the day I bought the book. It is different to the mainstream YA books, as it is a real biography based on a social experiment carried out by the author of the book. 14 year old Maya Van Wagenen, decides that Year 8 is the year to start a social experiment, where she takes up the advice of Betty Cornell’s 1950 Teenage Popularity Guide for the whole year. The results are hilarious and astounding as she discovers the true way to become popular.I can’t believe she is only 15 years old. It is definitely a great and easy read, it’s different and it is relatable to all teenagers that are currently living in today’s society.


I really liked this book. It was inspiring to see how Maya could go from such a quiet “low-profile” girl at school to a girl who just wants to make everyone happy. I loved the whole idea of this book, where she follows the popularity tips of Betty Cornell and applies them to her own school life.

It was really emotional when she went through the death of her english teacher, Mr Lawrence and we discovered that this book is written for him. I am so happy for her as she used her gift of writing to write this inspiring book. Everyone who is not happy because of their popularity status should read this book as she explains that we can all become popular by being proud of yourself and being nice and social to others.

It was really funny to find out the mixed reactions of her friends and schoolmates when she wore the 1950s outfits to school. Wearing things such as panty hoses, pearl earrings and necklaces, pilgrim shoes and long khaki skirts to school, is definitely something that would take guts. She was so brave throughout the whole book, she is an inspiration to everyone.

The ending was really good as well. When she moves, she keeps in mind all the advice Betty Cornell gave to her and she uses them in her new school.

The only thing I know right now as I walk up to this girl sitting alone in the cafeteria of my new school is what Betty Cornell taught me to say last year:
“Hi, I’m Maya,”

Hope you guys like the review!

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