Percy Jackson and The Olympians & Heroes of Olympus- Review

Hello! These books are one of my favourite books. I read The Lightning Thief in 2nd Grade and fell in love. I’ve read every single book (other than Blood Of Olympus) twice or more. I read Mark of Athena five times. It was so good. I definitely recommend it to anyone, it is a simple read but at the same time the world is complex like a large puzzle. It’s great for those who are just entering the YA Fiction Fandom. If you haven’t read any of the books, you should leave because the next part contains spoilers:

Okay, so let’s do this review book by book:

Percy Jackson and The Olympians:
The Lightning Thief- OH MY GOD! This book means so much to me. It was the book that brought me and both of my best friends together. It got me through 2nd Grade. Percy and Annabeth immediately became my Idols. I couldn’t put the book down. When he discovered he was a demigod, I immediately wanted to become a demigod as well.

The Sea of Monsters- When I picked up this book, I soared through it! It was really good. Obviously, not as good as The Lightening Thief and my heart did a little dance when Annabeth pecked Percy’s cheek. It was also so adorable when Percy turned into a little hamster and I burst out laughing when Grover was “getting married” to the Cyclops.

The Titan’s Curse- This is one of my favourites in the Percy Jackson and Olympians series. I loved  Zoe,  she was so Clueless. It was such a DAM (you see what I did there) problem when Annabeth was kidnapped, I was so worried. One of my favourite parts, was when Percy and Annabeth held the weight of the world.

The Battle of The Labyrinth- This was a great book! When Rachel Elizabeth Dare entered the scene, I immediately felt the tension in the air! I learnt a lot about Greek Mythology in this book, especially about Daedalus and the Labyrinth. I loved it when Rachel hit Kronos in the eye with a blue plastic hairbrush! It is now so iconic in the PJO Fandom.

The Last Olympian: This was pure gold. I could not put this book down. It was amazing! The Battle of Manhattan was so intense, and I was so upset when Charles died. It was a major plot twist  when Silena turned out to be on Kronos’s side but then she turned out to be a hero. I nearly started crying when Luke died and Annabeth was like I only ever treated you like a brother. My favourite part was when Percy and Annabeth had the underwater kiss.

Heroes of Olympus:
The Lost Hero- I entered this book and was like WHO IN THE WORLD ARE THESE PEOPLE?. I soon learned to love them, especially Leo. I was a bit annoyed with Jason because he reminded me of a Percy Jackson wannabe. My heart broke into shreds when I discovered Percy was missing and that Annabeth was so upset. I loved the whole thing where Jason was actually Thalia’s little brother.

The Son of Neptune- I was so excited when Percy was back- except for the fact that he lost his memories. My heart melted when he only remembered Annabeth. I loved Hazel’s dark history and Frank’s stick. I loved the final battle, it was so epic and filled with so much action.

Mark of Athena- THIS IS MY FAVOURITE BOOK OF THE WHOLE SERIES. There were so many cute Percabeth moments. I loved their reunion. This was one of the first books where it was all centered around Annabeth. I loved the Mark of Athena and Annabeth was so smart when she asked Arachne to recreate the Chinese Handcuffs. I would never had thought of that! I hated the Plot Twist- You don’t just throw my two favourite characters down into Tartarus! I loved this book so much I read it FIVE TIMES and never got sick of it!

House of Hades- The wait for this book was painful and agonizing! When this book came out, I spent five whole minutes screaming and jumping, up and down! When I read it I couldn’t stop, I loved reading Percy and Annabeth’s adventure! I was so upset when Bob and Damasen were left behind in Tartarus. It was a surprise learning that Nico actually had a crush on Percy! I ship it in an alternate universe, because Percabeth is my OTP!

Blood Of Olympus- OMG OMG OMG I cannot wait any longer! It comes out in two weeks! I hope Percy and Annabeth don’t die! I want this book now! However, at the same time I do not want one of my favorite books to end!

I love this series and rate it 9/10! It makes me so happy when I see young children reading Percy Jackson! I love this book so much! You guys should definitely check out my Percy Jackson Buddy’s blog at! Next Review: Divergent Series

Hope you guys likes my review!

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