“Maths + Romances” Teaser Tuesdays April 19th


Hello everyone!

Yes, I didn’t post all weekend or on Monday and I am sorry!! I posted way too much last week and I have been quite busy as it is the start of the term but I have a Teaser Tuesdays today *ques to confetti* 🙂 ! I will definitely have some reviews up later this week as well as I have read some amazing books lately. School has started again and that means I can say goodbye to fast reading. Every single time school starts, I will literally go through a book a month but I am trying to manage my time well this month. Hopefully, it will go well for me! Also, I hope you guys liked my last post, it was a bit different it was kind of a fashion/lifestyle post but I hope you guys enjoyed it. I don’t want to completely limit my blog to just books because I will for sure, burn out one day (although, I could probably talk to you about books all day long.) but I just would love to share some other things rather than just my bookish life. Anyway, let’s get into the actual post…Teaser Tuesdays.

currently reading: the square root of summer by harriet reuter hapgoodCapture

I am reading The Square Root Of Summer, which is a contemporary romance that I received from Pan Macmillan. I am loving it at the moment and I am currently, halfway through it. However, it is a bit slow, which is annoying. I love the main character, Gottie, she is such a unique and fresh character and I really enjoying reading from her perspective. I am excited to see how the story plays out but at the moment it is going awfully slow. Hopefully, it’ll escalate soon as I have high hopes.

“When he drops his hand, stepping away, all the stars ripple back. The whole thing only lasted for a moment- a fluorescent light on the fritz, spluttering in and out”
-Square Root Of Summer, Harriet Reuter Hapgood

what are you currently reading?


One thought on ““Maths + Romances” Teaser Tuesdays April 19th

  1. Ohh, I am SO excited to read that book, it sounds so good, the cover is gorgeous, and I fell in love with the synopsis. I’m a bit sad to hear you’re finding it slow so far, but I hope it’ll pick up soon! Thank you so much for sharing this teaser, and as always, a gorgeous picture! 🙂 Good luck for the start of school again, you can do this! 🙂

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