How To Make Your #bookstagram Pictures Look Amazing! (How I edit my Insta-Pics! ❤ )



Okay, first of all, let me establish this, I am no professional when it comes to taking photos and my photos aren’t really perfect. I mean I only started my Instagram about a month or two ago but I have been getting lots of questions about how I edit my bookstagram photos! Thank you to everyone who always comment the nicest things on my photos because lets be real, my photos aren’t anything that amazing! But your comments always rock my day! Anyway, today I thought I’ll give you a little run down on how I edit my instagram photos! I’ve learned so much over the past month on photo-editing, photography and lets not forget all of you guys on the #bookstagram community because you guys are amazing! BTW: If you want to follow me I’m @hashtaglovebooks.alicia !

First things first (I’m the realest), I take most of my photos on my DSLR, Nikon D3200. Obviously, you do not need to take photos using a DSLR, before I had my camera I used my phone for the longest time and the photos turned out amazing. However, after a long time of getting frustrated with the exposure and quality of some of the photos taken by my phone I got a DSLR. I’m still learning how to use it and I’m pretty sure I don’t even know how to hold it properly but I like the way I have a bit more manipulation and control over the photos I take.

This Is Me (Trying) To Look Professional. :)
This Is Me (Trying) To Look Professional. 🙂

Usually, I’ll take all of my photos on the weekend because that way I can ensure that I’ll edit it all on time and that I can edit it without having to rush and worry about taking more photos again. Also, the lighting is usually the best on the weekend because I’m actually at home from about 8am to 9am which is when there is the best lighting! Normally, I’ll take about three photos of the same type of layout because that way, I can actually choose from a wide range of photos. I’ll then upload my photos all onto my computer where I’ll choose the best ones to edit. I use  Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos, which is one of the most popular programs out there! I like how easy it is and it usually keeps the quality of my photos. Here is an example of an original photo I took that hasn’t been edited:


Here are a few examples of how I edit my photos. I first crop it to the size of a square so I can see how it’ll look on Instagram and so I can get the proportions of my photo to a correct ratio. To make my photos stand out I like to turn up the vibrancy and saturation. I also expose my photos because usually my photos are little bit darker than how I would like and then I’ll turn up the highlights as well, just to get rid of unnecessary dark shadows. I also like to sharpen my photos so that the title or words on books will look a bit clearer because it sometimes gets lost in the photo.

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For me, I like my feed to have bright vibrant colors, with a white background. I like having a white sheet as my background as it adds a nice background to all my photos. However, I’m super choosy when it come to photos so finding the perfect white balance between the photo will take a while. Once I finish editting photos  I save the photo and export it to Google Drive, where I’ll download the photos onto my phone and then I’ll save it onto my phone to edit it on apps like VSCO Cam.

I like to put a filter on my photos because it just keeps my Instagram feed a bit more unified, even though, I have to admit that my feed is a little bit messy but I put a filter on my photos anyway. Usually I’ll put the F2 or A5 filter because it keeps my photos white and crisp. I also like to use A Color Story and for that I’ll use the Ice Ice filter. A Color Story has various editting features and it is a great alternative to programs like Light Room. Here are a few examples of how I use these two apps: (The first one is A Color Story and the other two are VSCO Cam)


Then I’ll post it on Instagram at around 6:45pm everyday! I love using the app Crowdfire because that way I can actually schedule my posts because if you know anything about me it’s the fact that I forget to do things, a lot. Anyway, besides the whole making your feed aesthetic I think another major maybe even more important facet about bookstagram is the amazing people you meet! Okay that was a little cheesy but seriously I love all of the lovely people you meet on Instagram!

ps: if you want to follow me i am @hashtaglovebooks.alicia ! comment your instagram account names i would love to see your pics.

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  1. This was a great post!! It makes me want to take some photos now! I always love seeing how other people take their bookstagram photos, I am only just learning how to make my feed beautifully aesthetic. Thanks for sharing! My instagram is @amongthepages5!

  2. Love this, Alicia!! It was really helpful! I love seeing how other bookstagrammers edit their pictures! I just started using my DSLR to take my pics and I’ve started taking all of them on the weekends as well so I can just upload them during the week! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for such a great post! It was super helpful considering I have such basic knowledge and I always take my pictures on my phone and use IG to filter them. I’ve always wondered how people get such beautiful pictures! I can’t thank you enough for mentioning the app you use to schedule posts, I’ve been keeping an eye out for one for ages as I also always forget to do things 😉

  4. I love how bright your photos are, it always make the colours pop! 🙂 That’s a lot of dedication, I don’t even bother using my DSLR for Instagram photos because transferring it to my phone is a royal pain 😛

      1. I feel you, I get all my blogs ready on the weekend because there would be no way for me to get them written and published throughout the week! Thank god for weekends right? 🙂

  5. This is actually so helpful thank you!! I’m new to bookstagram as well and I’m still learning! My accounts @bookenthral btw. I haven’t had a theme since starting bookstagram, I’ve kind of been doing whatever but I’m starting to realise (from trolling so many amazing people’s feeds) that having a theme unifies all your photos and makes your account super pretty. I’ve been tossing up on the kind of theme I want to try, idk if I want to do the white background, or like cluttered or whatever! Decisions are hard!! Haha!! But totally did just go give you a follow and will take the tips to heart 🙂

  6. This was such a good, informative post!

    You underestimate yourself; your photos are always so lovely! I just got myself a camera (Rebel T5i) for my birthday, so I’m currently riding around with my training wheels on trying to learn all the things. It’s intimidating…but oh, so exciting!

  7. I love this post so much!! I envy your pictures… but maybe this will help me take better ones!
    You mentioned quite a lot of apps there; is there on that will let you insert text?

    Squee!! I’ve been looking for something to help me schedule my pictures!! Yay!!


  8. Wow! This post was very much needed every time I liked your picture on Instagram I kept wondering how you make them look so pretty! I am surely gonna try it! Great advice!

  9. Thank you for doing this, I have been a bit lax when it comes to posting on my blog’s instagram, this has helped a lot, I definitely want to make mine look a bit more professional and you have helped somuch! My instagram is terabithia94

  10. This is a very helpful post! I have a canon t3i and when I used it to take photos I did a similar process as you. Lately I’ve been super lazy so I’ve only been using my phone to take photos. I want to start getting back in the groove again and actually post more often. I didn’t know about this Crowdfire app. I think if I have that it will help me since I can schedule ahead of time. Great post!!! 🙂

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