I’m Absolutely Loving Rose Society! Teaser Tuesdays! (16/02/16)



It’s Teaser Tuesdays again! Woohoo! Teaser Tuesdays is basically where I tell you guys what I’m currently reading and give you a short teaser of from the novel! It’s Tuesdays and you know what that means… Shadowhunters and Teen-Wolf!! Does anyone else watch theses shows? I love Teen Wolf but I haven’t watched the latest episodes of Shadowhunters. (blame school, ahaha jks. ) Anyway, let’s get onto my current read!

I’m Currently Reading:
The Rose Society

When I finished The Young Elites, I was left with a minor book hangover because the ending just left me gaping! I immediately jumped into The Rose Society and have literally been transported into this new world! I haven’t read a book this fast in February! Marie Lu is truly talented and I have so many thoughts about this novel. (I’ll definitely be putting a review soon) What I love about this novel is how complex her characters are, each one has a bit of good and a bit of bad, very much like a ying-yang. Often writers, create one-sided characters and it’s hard to find characters which are as complex as Adelina and Teren. I don’t want to give too much away, so, here is a little teaser:

” To bind us together,”
“I pledge myself to the Rose Society,” I begin, “Until the end of my days,”
One by one the others call out the same things, murmurs at first that turn into firm words.
– Marie Lu, The Rose Society

I hope you enjoyed this little teaser and I highly recommend it if you haven’t read it yet! What are you currently reading? I would love to know!!

23 thoughts on “I’m Absolutely Loving Rose Society! Teaser Tuesdays! (16/02/16)

  1. I still haven’t read The Young Elites, so need to get on it. Also YES TEEN WOLF AND SHADOWHUNTERS TUESDAYS!! I’m all caught up on Shadowhunters but not TW… apparently there’s some Stydia though so πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh! I finished the Young Elites way back before the Rose Society came out and have yet to get my hands on it. The ending of TYE left me in tears and looking for a loophole to what happened, which I’m still trying to find… I’m hoping to read it soon! Right now I’m reading Passenger by Alexandra Bracken! πŸ˜€

    1. Ahaha yes!! You have to read Rose Society (I look forward to your thoughts πŸ™‚ )! It’s equally as good as Young Elites and I totally understand you- TYE was just heartbreaking! Passenger is so good! You have to tell me if you like it!

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