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If you have been following me on Instagram (@hashtaglovebook.alicia) you would have probably seen my latest obsession with bullet journaling. I adore it! Every week whenever I can find five minutes for me to journal, I will seize the chance. There is just something so satisfying and calming about creating a personalised planner and organising your upcoming weeks and months.

I honestly can’t believe it already is December, this year has been a whirlwind of adventures and it has flashed before my eyes. Since it is nearing the end of November, I decided to draw up my monthly bullet journal for December. I filmed a little quick montage of a most of my planning. (I realised I wasn’t recording the last part of it so I don’t have all of the footage 🙂 ) I also am going to show you some of my stationary I use for my bullet journal as well!

bullet journal essentials:


 bullet journal plan with me: december 2016:

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you want more bullet journal posts let me know! I had so much fun creating this one! Do you bullet journal as well? Send me some pictures, I would love to see yours!

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19 thoughts on “december bullet journal + essentials

  1. I absolutely love bullet journals too!! I just bought me a new journal so I can finally start doing some organising now since my last one got a bit full!! I love the video and your bullet journal is gorgeous, I’d love to see more videos!! 😁❤️

  2. Such an interesting post and really quite interesting 😀 I’ll be starting my own soon and I’ve really gotten into watching videos of people setting up their bullet journals, so I’ll definitely be watching your video!

  3. I haven’t started my bullet journal yet, but I hope to start this upcoming year! This video was both incredibly helpful, with ideas but also really fun to watch! I love it <3

  4. Bullet journalling seems to have been making its rounds across the book blogosphere and bookstagram because I keep seeing it. I haven’t caved just yet though. 😉 Also, your spreads and handwriting looks so nice!

    Hope you had a lovely holiday, and happy new year, Alicia!

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