How To Make Your #bookstagram Pictures Look Amazing! (How I edit my Insta-Pics! ❤ )



Okay, first of all, let me establish this, I am no professional when it comes to taking photos and my photos aren’t really perfect. I mean I only started my Instagram about a month or two ago but I have been getting lots of questions about how I edit my bookstagram photos! Thank you to everyone who always comment the nicest things on my photos because lets be real, my photos aren’t anything that amazing! But your comments always rock my day! Anyway, today I thought I’ll give you a little run down on how I edit my instagram photos! I’ve learned so much over the past month on photo-editing, photography and lets not forget all of you guys on the #bookstagram community because you guys are amazing! BTW: If you want to follow me I’m @hashtaglovebooks.alicia !

First things first (I’m the realest), I take most of my photos on my DSLR, Nikon D3200. Obviously, you do not need to take photos using a DSLR, before I had my camera I used my phone for the longest time and the photos turned out amazing. However, after a long time of getting frustrated with the exposure and quality of some of the photos taken by my phone I got a DSLR. I’m still learning how to use it and I’m pretty sure I don’t even know how to hold it properly but I like the way I have a bit more manipulation and control over the photos I take.

This Is Me (Trying) To Look Professional. :)
This Is Me (Trying) To Look Professional. 🙂

Usually, I’ll take all of my photos on the weekend because that way I can ensure that I’ll edit it all on time and that I can edit it without having to rush and worry about taking more photos again. Also, the lighting is usually the best on the weekend because I’m actually at home from about 8am to 9am which is when there is the best lighting! Normally, I’ll take about three photos of the same type of layout because that way, I can actually choose from a wide range of photos. I’ll then upload my photos all onto my computer where I’ll choose the best ones to edit. I use  Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos, which is one of the most popular programs out there! I like how easy it is and it usually keeps the quality of my photos. Here is an example of an original photo I took that hasn’t been edited:


Here are a few examples of how I edit my photos. I first crop it to the size of a square so I can see how it’ll look on Instagram and so I can get the proportions of my photo to a correct ratio. To make my photos stand out I like to turn up the vibrancy and saturation. I also expose my photos because usually my photos are little bit darker than how I would like and then I’ll turn up the highlights as well, just to get rid of unnecessary dark shadows. I also like to sharpen my photos so that the title or words on books will look a bit clearer because it sometimes gets lost in the photo.

vb uyhmo

For me, I like my feed to have bright vibrant colors, with a white background. I like having a white sheet as my background as it adds a nice background to all my photos. However, I’m super choosy when it come to photos so finding the perfect white balance between the photo will take a while. Once I finish editting photos  I save the photo and export it to Google Drive, where I’ll download the photos onto my phone and then I’ll save it onto my phone to edit it on apps like VSCO Cam.

I like to put a filter on my photos because it just keeps my Instagram feed a bit more unified, even though, I have to admit that my feed is a little bit messy but I put a filter on my photos anyway. Usually I’ll put the F2 or A5 filter because it keeps my photos white and crisp. I also like to use A Color Story and for that I’ll use the Ice Ice filter. A Color Story has various editting features and it is a great alternative to programs like Light Room. Here are a few examples of how I use these two apps: (The first one is A Color Story and the other two are VSCO Cam)


Then I’ll post it on Instagram at around 6:45pm everyday! I love using the app Crowdfire because that way I can actually schedule my posts because if you know anything about me it’s the fact that I forget to do things, a lot. Anyway, besides the whole making your feed aesthetic I think another major maybe even more important facet about bookstagram is the amazing people you meet! Okay that was a little cheesy but seriously I love all of the lovely people you meet on Instagram!

ps: if you want to follow me i am @hashtaglovebooks.alicia ! comment your instagram account names i would love to see your pics.

Back-To-School Bookish DIYs

Hey Guys!

I have a DIY post, today and since it is back-to-school soon for some of us, I thought it would be a great idea to do two easy DIYs that are book related but are super useful for school. I am doing this in collaboration with Coffee Book Love, who is also doing a “back-to-school” post which you can check out here! Her blog is awesome and so is her! I am super pumped to show you guys the two DIYs because they are quick, easy and super customisable!

Here are the two DIYs I’ll be doing:
– “Perfect Boys Only Exist In Books” Tumbler
– “Eat, Read, Sleep” Notebooks

“Eat, Read, Sleep” Notebooks

This notebook is super cute and definitely has a “bookish” vibe! They turned out super well and they actually look store bought!

Here is what you’ll need:
– A notebook
– Chalk
– Sponge Paint-Brush
– Chalkboard Paint ( You can try using black acrylic but it won’t have the same effect)

Step 1) Using your sponge and the chalkboard paint, generously sponge on a coat of the chalkboard paint until you can’t see the notebook’s original color. Wait til dry.

tep 2) Once it has finished drying, use the white chalk to write, cursively, on the words “eat, read, sleep” separating the words into a different line. Then you are done!

This notebook literally took me five minutes (excluding drying time) and it only took two steps! They would look super cute with any other quotes and it will definitely stick out from the boring mono-colored notebooks, you get for cheap. This is a really inexpensive way to make your notebooks seem expensive.

“Perfect Boys Only Exist In Books” Tumbler

Coffee tumblers have definitely become so popular but everyone usually has the plain old white or glittery one whenever they arrive to school. This tumbler spices up the boring tumbler with a cute little zing. You can make this “bookish” or not but either way it is super inexpensive and easy to make.

Groceries List:
– Tumbler
– Scissors
– Paper
– Glue Stick

IMG_0683 IMG_0685
Step 1) Unscrew the inner tumbler out and use it as a measuring tool. Measure and trim some patterned paper around the tumbler, to get the right size. Then glue the two ends of the paper together around the tumbler so that it comfortably sits on the tumbler.

Step 2) Trace a circle on a separate piece of paper and then write your desired quote inside the circle and cut it out.

Step 3) Glue it on to the originally measured pattern paper and place the tumbler back into the glass case. Then it is ready for you to bring back to school.

I hope you loved the two DIYs and if you ever recreated any of these I would love to see it in the comments! Don’t forget to check out the posts at Coffee Book Love’s blog!


Room Decor DIY❤: Chalkboard Discs

Hey Guys! I haven’t done a DIY in a while and I recently found this really cool DIY on Pinterest. I modified it slightly to make it fandomy! You can see the finished product above. They look like chalkboard discs, with really cool designs. I made three discs in total: two of them were doodles and one of them were book themed. They make really cool room decor and you can put them anywhere- on your door or hanging from the ceiling on a string. So let’s get started:
Diy Disc Materials What you’ll need:
– a plain disc
– a paint-brush
– black acrylic paint
– pencil

How to:

  1. First, you want to paint one coat of black paint on the disc. Then let it dry over-night. After that re-coat it to make it an opaque black. You can re-coat it as many times as you want.
    DIY Disc 1
  2. Once the disc is completely dry. Use a pencil to etch the design you want into the disc. I found some inspiration by searching up “doodles” and “fandom, doodles” into pinterest.
  3. After that you are done!! They are super easy and fun to make

    That’s all you have to do to make this chalkboard disc DIY. I loved making them they are cheap and they are a great edition to your room. Have fun making them! If you did try them out, comment below how they turned out for you! If you have pinterest you guys can follow me at Alicia❤

Book Mug DIY

Another DIY as promised and this time it’s a DIY Sharpie mug you can give as a gift or use yourself this chilly Christmas. It’s simple and cheap to make and you can put anything on it- book quotes or fandom symbols. It is a way to make a mug really personal and cute.

Things you’ll need:
photo 1 (2)
1) A printout of the quote or drawing you want on your mug- to make things easier, I recommend printing out a mirror image of the quote or drawing you want.
2) Sharpies
3) Mug- I purchased one from the thrift shop for about 75c.
4) Pencils, Rulers and Erasers
5) Oven

How to:
1) Trace the mirror image of your desired quote or drawing, with a pencil. Trace really hard because you’ll need the lead to show on the mug. Don’t forget only trace the mirror image- so this means that if you printed the quote or drawing correctly then flip the page over and trace that.
photo 2 (2)r
2) Then tape the piece of paper to your cup in the desired position, with the mirror image facing toward the cup. This means that once you tape the paper you should only be able to see the correct size (as shown in the photo above). Then using a pencil shade the piece of paper- like above.

3) Then tear the paper of and you should see a light outline of your quote or drawing. Using your sharpie, trace or color over the light outline.
photo 3 (3)
4) Then take your mug and bake it in the oven, so that the sharpie doesn’t smudge and wash off easily. Bake it for about 20-30 minutes at 180C.
5) Then let it cool and make yourself a hot chocolate!

I hope you like the tutorial on how to make your own personalized book mug- it’s easy, affordable and it turns out amazing. I would love to see how yours turned out- comment below your experiences! Have a Merry Christmas!

3 Simple and Fun Fandom DIYs

Hello Bookboys and Fangirls,

In this post I’ll be showing you three simple DIYs, to “fandomfy” your room and phone, so your book-loving personality shows more! This is my first ever DIY post and I hope you enjoy! All the materials in these DIYs are really cheap and easy to find! So the first one is an Phone case DIY!

DIY Favorite Quote Phone Case
photo 1 (1)
So this tutorial is a really simple phone case that looks cute and personal and as you can see the one above is the one I made. I love it so much because its so easy to make and you can give it to your friends as a present. They spice up your normal boring phone case!
What You’ll Need:
1. Colored Sharpies- I used a Silver and Gold Sharpie as they contrast well against the black case
2. Phone Case- I used an Iphone5 black case, which I already had
3. Your Favorite Quote
4. Washi Tape

How To:
1. So first, find a copy of your favorite quote from your favorite book. In my case, I used the quote, “My big books bring all the boys to the yard and I’m like: No, shut up, I’m trying to read,”. You can use any quote, if you want you can even draw a fandom symbol, such as Runes, The Mockingjay Symbol or The Deathly Hallows Sign.
2. Then you grab your Washi-Tape and then tape underneath the camera line and then another line of tape at the bottom of the case. This way you can create a cute border and boundary for your quote or drawing.
3. Then you write your quote or drawing in the space created by the washi tape:
photo 2 (1)
4. Then you let it dry for at least ten minutes.

They are so easy to make and they turn out cute and personalized.

DIY Rune Bunting!
photo 2
So this DIY is a room decor one, where it is a bunting filled with runes. You don’t have to use runes, you can also put your favorite books on the flags or you can spell out the name of your favorite character. They are also really simple to make and they make your room really book-themed.
What You’ll Need: 
1. Colored Paper- The quantity depends on the amount of flags you need but I had seven flags which meant I used 4 pieces of paper, as you make two flags on one piece of paper.
2. Twine or String.
3. Tape
4. Color pencils, markers, Sharpies or photos of your favorite books.
5. Scissors

1. So cut each of your papers in half and create identical triangle on the half pages, suiting your style but you must create a little flap at the end (see photo below). The height of mine was 7 and a half inches and the base was 5 and three quarter inches. It was an isosceles triangle. I made 7 flags but you can make as many as you can. Once you make one you can use that as a tracing shape for the rest of your flags.
This is the template of one of the flags on the bunting.
2. Then draw your runes on the flags. I drew one rune on each flag but you can draw fandom symbols, photos of your favorite books or quotes. It’s all up to you.
3. Then set your flags aside and cut out about 2m of twine. Lay the twine out in a straight line.
4. Then place the flags on top of the string like shown:

photo 3 (1)
4. Then fold the flap back on the string and stick it down with tape.
5. Hang it up wherever you desire. I put mine in front of my quotes board.
They are really easy and you can hang them up anywhere!

DIY Magazine Quotes
photo 3
So this next DIY is practically free and they are easy but can be time consuming. They are a great addition to your room. I wake up to my quotes everyday and they really inspire me. They act as little reminders and you can put as many quotes as you want in your room. You can make it prettier by adding glitter around it or decorating it with fairy lights.
What You’ll Need:
1. Magazines
2. Scissors
3. Blu-tack

1. Find a copy of your favorite quotes and count out the number of letters in your quote. I had 22 letters in mine.
2. So tear out pages of your magazine and then using those pages cut out rectangles, that are 8cm x 9cm. If you had 22 letters then cut out 22 rectangles.
3. Then sketch out in bubble letters each letter in your favorite quote on each rectangle. Then cut it all out and lay the letters out in order on the floor.
photo 4
4. Then using blu-tack stick up your quote on your wall and Voila! your easy DIY Magazine Quote is up!
You can put any quote from any of your favorite books. My quote is from Looking for Alaska by John Green.

Those were the three easy, fun and cheap DIYs I have. I hope you liked them! Comment below your favorite ones and tell me how they turned out! Stay tuned for more DIY Fandom projects!