Book News 8/07/15

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This week on book news lots of exciting things have happened! Jennifer L. Armentrout has released a sneak peak of the first chapter of Every Last Breathe, which you can find on her website! I am super stoked for the last book and I am totally team Roth!

Paper Towns is coming out soon and recently Australia premiered Paper Towns, in Sydney! Cara Delevingne was there and apparently the movie was a huge hit! The Shadowhunter’s TV Show released its official website and has released photos of what the silent brothers will look like in the TV series! The next book in Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter Academy will be narrated by The Maze Runner’s Ki Hong Lee.

Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen series has gotten an eye-catching cover for the second novel- The Glass Sword:

The cover and first chapter of Rick Riodan’s Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer was also released:
Here is the first chapter of Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer:

Also, Mockingjay Part 2 has released a short clip promoting the upcoming movie:

That’s all this week on Book News!



Major Book News!!!


Yes, I know, I’ve missed about two weeks worth of book news. Today, I’ll be giving you a major book news post, informing you guys on any information you’ve missed out in the young-adult bookosphere!!! I’ll start with the Shadow hunters TV Show and other Mortal Instruments TV Show!
The first episode is nearly finished and heaps of photos of the cast and set have been posted all over the actors’/actress’ Instagram and Twitter. Since the legalization of same-sex marriage in America (Yay! for that), the Mortal Instruments fandom bursted into a flurry of excitement for Malec scenes but Cassandra Clare kept herself hush hush and instead announced that Helen and Aline will have a wedding in the coming Tales of the Shadowhunter Academy series. You can check out a snippet for that here! Recently the latest novel of the Shadowhunter Academy series came out- The Evil We Love! If you loved Sizzy, you must definitely check this novel out!

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Book News- 11/05/15

Hey Guys,

It has been just a tid late but here is book news for the first half of this week and last week. First lets start of with the most exciting, THE MOCKINGJAY PART 2 TRAILER CAME OUT YESTERDAY!!!! Yes, I know how exciting!!! It was the first trailer of the extremely anticipated movie and it certainly caused a buzz between the young-adult community.

Of course, as expected, many behind the scenes stills of the upcoming Shadowhunter Tv Show and videos (Of Jace, Alec and Magnus) have been released. Lots of excitement is generating and I am super pumped for this TV Show! I want it to be out now!

The first look of Allegiant Part 1 was released, which shows Ansel, Shai and a few others on set!

That’s all this week on book news!


Book News- 1/06

Hey Guys,

Sorry for not posting last week’s book news, I just wanted to take a break for a while! So this weekend and last weekend on book news, Cassandra Clare released the new covers for all The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices, which I will be writing a #mythoughtson as well as the new cover for the second installment in The Iron Trial series, The Copper Gauntlet. I still haven’t read these novels yet but I really want to!

More on Cassandra Clare novels, there have been many new behind the scenes stills to the Mortal Instruments TV Show which has caused a large spark of excitement among fans of the series. Includi Ling me!!! A new snippet for the next book in The Shadowhunter Academy Novella series has been released and you can check that out here!

Cover reveals for the next book in Miss Peregrine’s Home For Perculiar Children has been released. It will be called “Library of Souls” and as the name already suggests the cover for the new book is certainly haunting. The new cover for Lauren’s Kate Unforgiven which is the next book in the Fallen series has been released. I haven’t read this series either but after reading a few thoughts about this upcoming book it seems like she is really milking off of this series.

An Ember in The Ashes by Sabaa Tahir is a debut Young-Adult novel which has skyrocketed in terms of popularity and it is official- there will be a sequel.

As for my blog this week, I will be writing a combined review of the first two books in Wendy Higgins’ Sweet Evil Trilogy. I am currently reading the last book- Sweet Reckoning. I may write a review for Half Bad by Sally Green which I have finished soon in the future. This week, I’ll also be writing up my post about the Love/Hate tag which I was tagged by A New Food Blog. Her blog is great- I really recommend it. It’s filled with recipes and books! 🙂 I will also be writing up my thoughts on the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices covers!

That’s all for book news!


Book News-19/05/15

Hey Guys!

Sorry I did not update you guys on the latest book news last weekend but today I have new book news! As for the Shadowhunters TV Casting here are the latest cast members:
-Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.)
-Valentine (Alan Van Sprang)
– Jocelyn (Maxim Roy)
Production for the TV Show will start on May 25th! Nothing But Shadows (the fourth novella in the Shadowhunter Academy series) by Cassandra Clare is coming out tomorrow and I can’t wait to get my hands on it because the characters from The Infernal Devices will be in it! The new Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices book covers have been released and they are, in spite of my previous thoughts, stunning. I have previously written a #mythoughts on the covers but I can honestly say that after seeing the full set of the series- they look amazing!

The first trailer for the upcoming movie, The Scorch Trials was released. Dylan O’Brien and Thomas Brodie Sangster are bringing together a new sequel for the fans of the first movie- The Maze Runner. For fans of Jennifer E. Smith’s Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight, Robbie Sheehan will co-star with Hailee Steinfeld in the new movie adaptation!

That’s all this week on Book News!

Book News- 10/05/15

Hey guys,

This week on Book News, there have been many new castings for the upcoming Shadowhunters TV Show. Clary has been casted and she will be played by Katherine Mcnamara. Alec and Luke have also been casted and they will be played by Matthew Daddario and Isaiah Mastafa. Nothing But Shadows, the next book in the Shadowhunter Academy Novella series, is coming out in ten days!

Isle of The Lost by Melissa de La Cruz has come out this week.

Surprisingly, that is all that has happened this week on Book News!


Book News- 5/05/15

Hey Guys,

I am so sorry for not posting book news this weekend but I do have a late one today! A lot of book releases have happened and also very exciting news about the Shadowhunters TV show was released.

Today A Court of Thorns and Roses and The Heir was released. Magonia and The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey was released last week! Also, Maureen Johnson’s novel 13 Little Blue Envelopes has been optioned to be on the big screen!

Now for The Shadowhunters news, Isabelle and Simon has been casted and will be portrayed by Emeraude Toubia and Alberto Rosende.

That’s all this week on book news!


Book News- 26/04/15

Hey Guys,

Lot’s of exciting things have happened this week but I think the most exciting thing that happened this week was the fact that Dom Sherwood was casted as Jace!!!! Also, Whitechapel Fiend came out and I recently read that! It has Clary, Jace, Simon and Will and Tessa, which is extremely exciting because we rarely see the characters from The Infernal Devices working with The Mortal Instruments characters.

For The Selection fans, you may be excited to hear that it is officially been picked up by Warner Bros. and is being made into a movie. We all remembered when The Selection Pilot came out and it failed. Hopefully, this one will be much better. Honestly, The Selection wasn’t my favorite series and I am not as excited.

The first official trailer for The Scorch Trials movie came out and there is Dylan O’brien in it :). It was released at Cinemacon, which was where the Paper Towns movie crew and cast attended this past week.

That’s all this week on Book News.


Book News- 19/04/15


Lots of exciting things have happened this week! First of all, the MTV movie awards were on and The Fault In Our Stars won a dozen awards. It won movie of the year and Shailene Woodley, who plays the main role of Hazel Lancaster, also won many awards due to her role in this film.

Jennifer L. Armentrout has released that she will be writing a free book for everyone to read on Wattpad: It is a Young-Adult Romantic Suspense. It is just for a little fun! I don’t know about you guys but I’ll be following this story!

The covers for the next books in the Welcome to the Shadowhunter Academy was released. They will be called The Whitechapel Fiend and Nothing But Shadows. A snippet has also been released for the new TLH:

“Who’s the boy tripping over his own feet?” Cordelia asked as the boy in question, a slender, ink-stained young man with spectacles and tousled brown curls, nearly careened into Lucie and Matthew.

“That’s Christopher Lightwood. My cousin. Alas, Christopher is far more at home with beakers and test tubes than he is with female company. Let’s just hope he doesn’t pitch poor Rosamund Townsend into the refreshment table.”

“Is he in love with her?”

“Lord, no, barely knows her,” said James. “Charles and Daphne are engaged, and  Barbara Lightwood has an understanding with George Hayward. Beyond that, I’m not sure I can think of any romances brewing in our set. Though having you and Alastair here might bring us some excitement, Daisy.”

Her heart leaped. “I didn’t realize you remembered that old nickname.”

“What, Daisy?” He was holding her close as they danced: she could feel the heat of him all up and down her front, making her prickle all over. “Of course I remember it. I gave it to you. I hope you don’t intend me to stop using it.”

“Of course not. I like it.” She forced herself not to move her gaze from his. Goodness, his eyes were startling up close. They were the color of golden syrup, almost shocking against the black of his pupils. She had heard the whispers, knew people found his eyes odd and alien, a sign of his difference. She thought they were lovely: the color of fire and gold, the way she imagined the heart of the sun. “Though I don’t think it suits me. Daisy sounds like a pretty little girl in hair ribbons.”

“Well,” he said. “You are at least –”

He broke off. She heard the click as he swallowed: he was looking past her, at someone who had just come into the room. Cordelia followed his glance, and saw a tall woman, thin as a scarecrow and dressed in the black of mourning, with gray-streaked auburn hair done in the style of decades ago piled on her head. Tessa was hurrying toward her, a concerned look on her face. Will was following, and goodness, what did they both look so worried about?

As Tessa reached her, the woman stepped aside, revealing the girl who had been standing behind her. A girl, dressed all in ivory, with a soft waterfall of white-gold curls gathered back from her face. The girl moved forward gracefully to greet Tessa and Will, and as she did so, James dropped Cordelia’s hands.

They were no longer dancing. Cordelia stood, frozen in confusion, as James turned away from her without a word and strode across the room toward the girl.

That’s all this week on Book News guys!


Book News- 12/04/15

Hey Guys!

There have been quite a few exciting things! Just as a blog update I’ll be writing two new reviews and as you may have noted there have been a new change to the layout of my blog- hope you guys like it.

Jennifer L. Armentrout’s novella to the Lux series, Oblivion, has a new snippet released:

Also, Every Last Breathe received a cover reveal and plot synopsis! The whole Dark Elements series’ covers are being revamped, which I am so grateful for because I hated the previous covers. There will most likely be a #mythoughts on that soon! Check out the cover and synopsis here at:

A new scene of the Paper Towns movie will be released tomorrow at the MTV awards! Cara, Nat and John Green will be there to release it! The trailer for Theo James’ new movie with Dakota Fanning, Franny, was released.

That’s all this week on book news!