Book News- 12/04/15

Hey Guys!

There have been quite a few exciting things! Just as a blog update I’ll be writing two new reviews and as you may have noted there have been a new change to the layout of my blog- hope you guys like it.

Jennifer L. Armentrout’s novella to the Lux series, Oblivion, has a new snippet released:

Also, Every Last Breathe received a cover reveal and plot synopsis! The whole Dark Elements series’ covers are being revamped, which I am so grateful for because I hated the previous covers. There will most likely be a #mythoughts on that soon! Check out the cover and synopsis here at:

A new scene of the Paper Towns movie will be released tomorrow at the MTV awards! Cara, Nat and John Green will be there to release it! The trailer for Theo James’ new movie with Dakota Fanning, Franny, was released.

That’s all this week on book news!


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  1. OMG dying for Oblivion, and that snippet is just hurrying the process! Totally excited for the book to be released!
    And I also love the new covers for The Dark Elements! I’m glad they re-did the covers for the first two books as well since I like series’ book covers to be the same style. Can’t wait ’till it’s released! 🙂 And cool! I didn’t know Theo James was making another movie, gotta check out the trailer. Have a nice day! <3

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