Alicia’s Time Capsule…What makes me, me?


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I am finally back with another post and I promise that I’ll be posting more soon. I’ve been so busy lately as it is the end of the term but when the holidays arrive (In less than three weeks! YAY!) I will be writing some pretty cool posts! It was my birthday recently and I have recently finished reading The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Reuter Goodman. Since Gottie and Thomas compiled a time capsule when they were younger, I decided why not dedicate a post to what I personally would put in my time capsule.

what would you put into your time capsule?

Before I get going with what I would post in my time capsule, I’ll tell you a bit about the novel. The Square Root of Summer revolves aroundย Gottie, who has had her past summer ruined by a chain of events. This novel tells the story of how Gottie is coping this summer, which leads to the new but old boy coming back into town. I really enjoyed this novel although I found it hard to connect ith some of the characters, it was a cute and easy read. It wasn’t my personal favourite but I did enjoy the concept of the novel. Have you read The Square Root of Summer yet?

my time capsule:

Book. Books. BooksDSC_0265_Fotor

Let’s start with the most obvious thing I would put into my time capsule! A novel, most likely one of my favourites. As you can probably tell, books are one of the most significant things in my life and so it isn’t a surprise that I would obviously put books into my time capsule. I think I would either put What We Saw or one of Shadowhunter Chronicles into my time capsule because I love these novels so much and it’s only fitting to put them into my capsule!



I love photography and taking snapshots of my life. So, to remind my older self of my many memories from when I was younger, I decided that I would place some of my favourite photos into my time capsule! Photos are something that literally speaks a thousand words to me and I know that I would definitely put many photos into my time capsule, especially happy photos.


Something I love wearing with everything is bracelets. Putting bracelets into my time capsule is a definite must. I feel like bracelets can tell you a lot about someone’s personality. Not only that but bracelets are super cute and they add a nice touch to everything. Stacking bracelets is something I also love doing and so why not put in some bracelets into my time capsule!

A Letter To MyselfDSC_0263_Fotor

Although this is probably the most cliche thing to put inside a time capsule, I think it’s one of the most important. I want to be able to open this time capsule to be transported back to when I was younger. If I were to write a letter, I would write one which includes my current favourites and my daily life at the moment. I would love to read this letter late on and remind myself of where I am currently. Maybe I might write about some of my latest obsessions and little achievements, so I can look back on them.

Bucketlist and Goals

The last little things I would put into my time capsule would be little paper scrolls of my goals and bucket lists. I would write at least twenty and so when I’m older, I can open them all to see if I have completed anything off my bucket list. I would write goals, such as, live a happy life, travel the world and volunteer in a third-world country. I have so many things I have yet to check off my bucket list and so I think that it is fitting that I put a bunch off these little scrolls in my time capsule.

These are some of the things I would put into my time capsule! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and don’t forget to tell me what you would put into your time capsule and your thoughts on The Square Root of Summer!

I am so sorry for not posting at all lately for the past week, I’ve been so busy with school since the holidays are drawing near. ๐Ÿ™‚ YAY! I am in a little bit of a slump but hopefully I can get out of it soon!








6 thoughts on “Alicia’s Time Capsule…What makes me, me?

  1. Great Idea. I should do a post like this ๐Ÿ™‚ I really need to read What We Saw. I have seen it mentioned a couple of times by bloggers but I am yet to read it. All the best with the final weeks of school and enjoy your break thereafter.

  2. I love this idea! We did a thing at uni orientation where we addressed a letter to ourselves, and put it in a box. Our uni emailed it back to us a few months later. So cool! And I’d love to dig out a time capsule after a few years and see how I’d changed ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I haven’t read the book but now I’m curious! Mine would include books, pictures, letter to my future self, and my fandom merch. I think it’s a nice reminder of how I spend my teenage years xD

  4. Oh, this is a lovely idea! That book seems really great as well! I’d probably put a letter and some knick-knacks from around that time in my own, if I were to make one.
    Thanks for stopping by Adventuring Through Pages!

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